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Don’t Use Paddles for Triathlon Swim Training

– [Taren] I don’t even
care if we have kick in the set today, I’m kicking. (wooshing) Antithetical, how’s that
for a five dollar word? (wooshing) Fabulous evening, so much romance. (wooshing) Morning, Trainiacs, gotta
sneak in a very, very quick, quick, quick swim
this morning because gotta get to the office. We got a shoot with a client in the studio with the brick background out. Contraband pool box. At, whoops, eight o’clock, it is currently six o’clock that means that I torture
myself with a Coach Pat workout for exactly one hour and then go soap up. That might’ve been TMI. Check this out.
(laughs) I don’t even care if we
have kick in set today, I’m kicking. (big, loud splash) (splashing) Funny story about that swim
that’s a little antithetical to what you thought might be happening while I’m training for a marathon swim. Antithetical, how’s that
for a five dollar word? Right there was a lot of
speed, a lot of steady work, a lot of strength work,
might be saying to yourself, “Taren, why would you do
that while you’re training for a steady, long 10-hour marathon swim?” Good point! However, I’m not going to
be doing marathon swims for the rest of my life and the last time I did the marathon swim training, all I did was the long, slow steady work. After the swim was
done, my speed was gone. I literally could not turn
my arms over very quickly so Coach Pat, being the
wise man that he is, every now and again he
throws in workouts like that. Kick that cadence up a notch, reminder our body how to move quickly. I threw all the hand
paddles in the backpack so that we can talk about
that at the office because I use hand paddles but I don’t know if you should be using hand paddles. I’ll talk about hand paddles. Okay, I gotta ride now, safely. There we go. While we have this all
fancy and set up and here, that shoot was, do you remember, uh? There we go. A few weeks ago, when I said there was something
really exciting to share, by the time you see this,
I can talk about it. That is the new Blackberry and I abandoned Blackberry about (stuttering)
five to six years ago. Never thought I’d go back. This is the key one, we got a
bunch of these in the office because we’re doing a
lot of client work on it. Kinda makes me wanna go back. It’s nice. So I brought these little
beauties to the office because I had to get here for that shoot, but I figured it was at
least worth talking about. I mentioned hand paddles before
but we don’t use them a ton so I haven’t ever
explained more thoroughly how often we use them, how
we use them, why we use them, and probably why you shouldn’t use them. So I didn’t want to just
show them off this morning and then have a bunch of people be like, “Oh yeah, gotta go get me
some hand paddles because Triathlon Taren uses them.” We, in our group, have
two types of hand paddles. We’ve got these contoured paddles and these freestyle paddles from FINIS. Now the differences are these
paddes, if you can see there, there we go. THey’re curved so they
scoop in a lot of water, they’ve got all these holes throughout so it’s not just a flat piece of plastic. You put your whole hand in here
so that it’s nice and stable whereas these, you only have
one hand so it’s unstable, you’ve got that nice keel under the water, and you’ve got that little scoop for your hand to go like this. This is way harder on your body than this. These are used to build
strength in your stroke and ideally, in your lats because you’re gonna scoop a ton of the water and you’re gonna have
to pull back your lats. These are meant for refining your stroke, making sure that you’ve got
a nice, straight hand entry and a straight pull back. The reason that these are
better for technique is because if you’re going at an angle or sideways, the keel is gonna throw it way off and you’ve gotta make sure that your hand is in a straight position. Also, if you’re going back, to the side, it’s gonna throw itself off. Basically, if you have an inefficient, wonky stroke, at any point, this is gonna start going
like whap, whap, whap. This is still gonna let you do that inefficient, wonky stroke so this is far safer than this. So this I have no problem
recommending to beginner swimmers because it’ll help you develop
that nice, efficient stroke and it’s not gonna do
it with a ton of risk. I’m very cautious about recommending these to new triathletes because
these put a ton of stress on your body when you have
an inefficient stroke. In my case, I can’t use
these for any more than, I think, maybe, at the top
end, I’ve got up to 800 meters using these paddles in a set. Have I been calling them
fins this whole time? And at around six, 800
meters, I can start telling that my stroke is trying to compensate, so things that I compensate with, as I try to set the catch, I’ll
raise my shoulder to do that because my lats are tiring
out too much from this. This is really risky
because those little bits of extra movement that aren’t
part of an efficient stroke are what is going to lead to injuries so what I would recommend
is, yes, you can use this to develop a good swim stroke. You can also use this to develop
a little bit more strength without the risk of hurting yourself. Down the road, if you
wanna step it up a notch, you can step it up to this,
but do it really gradually. One, 200 meters, maybe, see
how hour body reacts to it. If you start feeling little
bits of aches and pains, you can go to something that
isn’t contoured like this, but it’s just flat or a
really small hand paddle. And then in addition to that,
when you start using this, also assume that you’ve
gotta increase the amount of strength work that you put
into maintaining your body. So the reason that I was
confident in throwing these on right now is because I’m
doing a ton of hanging, a ton of core work, a ton of
shoulder stability and mobility and I knew that my body was
gonna be able to handle this, but like I say, even at
600 meters, I was like, “Okay, done, that’s enough of that.” Disclaimer of the hand paddles done. Look at this, it’s got keys.
Keys. You can type on it.
What are these things? (tapping) Day of work, home, and
then that stability work. Alright, you wanna to seven
minute halves with me? Kim has four computers
within an arms reach and I’m the social media dude. Alright Gracie, you gonna
do seven minute halves? Do dogs have abs? The answer is please. – [Taren] We’re trying Core
one routine on 19 seconds. Haven’t done that in a while. (shuffling) (beeping) (shuffling)
(beeping) Hey Pete, come on, come say hi. Trainiacs haven’t seen
you guys in a while. These guys, you always
smell their audio input. And Gracie, you just stare at me. Somebody noticed that you look at me like my face is made of meat. Let’s say you and me watch some Survivor and I finish up the rest
of my strength routine? – [Kim] That sounds
like a fabulous evening. Fabulous evening. So much romance. Bye Trainiacs.

Reynold King

31 Replies to “Don’t Use Paddles for Triathlon Swim Training”

  1. Speedo bio fuse finger paddles, not to much stress on the body as they are really small but you still know that you've had them on.  As with the finis paddles I only use the middle finger strap to indicate hand entrance imbalances.  Ive got the full hand paddles to but never use them as just vex the hell out of me.

  2. I hate paddles. I didn’t buy another set ever since I lost mine. I find my shoulders build up lactic acid quickly and I don’t gain strength from it. Whenever we have a set of pull buoy/paddle set, I just go in last without paddles.

  3. hey T. I'm looking for a used wet suit. What it's the difference between a tri wet suit and a scuba wetsuit and should I be looking for 3mm or 4mm or something else . what's the difference w all this wetsuit jargon? ?

  4. Hi from France.
    Blackberries are for Canadians only. Seriously the only guys I've seen using those thingies with keys are my Canadian colleagues from CF.
    As regards paddles, I used the Finis ones to help me correct my beginner's mistakes. Lent them to a friend from the club 2-3 years ago and completely forgot about them. I also own a pairof regular paddleswhich I never use: a very goodold swimmer at the pool once told me: "you want good technique? Drop all the fancy triathlete stuff.All you need is a band and a buoy!" Which I did.
    Piece of advice: Taren; you should take the dogs on your back to spice up your home workouts😉

  5. You are also able to smoothen your stroke with the speedo paddle, put only your middle finger in the strap. Try it!

  6. Hey Taren! I enjoy watching your videos each day. I just finished my first sprint triathlon this weekend in Las Vegas, thanks in large part to your advice. Keep up the good work!

  7. People you have to subscribe to this channel. Every blog makes me laugh; as well as teaches me something new. Thanks again Taren

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  9. I'm a professional swimmer and when you said you should have your hand entering the water flat is slightly misleading. Your hand should enter the water with a slight angle so your thumb and forefinger enter first. Love the videos though

  10. Taren, These paddles (also by finis) are great for refining technique!

  11. I have the speedo paddles and I now only use them for shorter sets. Fatigue and unfortunate drop in technique during a 6×400 session woke up an old shoulder injury. I use with caution now. I might try the finis paddles,look good for focussing on technique rather and endurance/fatigue

  12. got one of the yellow fin like paddles, the other ones were sure hurting my shoulders as my core isn't all that strong, neither is my technique. Thanks for the tip!..PS: any thoughts on how to insert that bloody rubber thingy on? mine ripped as I tried the first time and it just seems impossible, I improvised with the rubber from a pair of goggles I no longer use but it does get a bit loose during swim lol

  13. The best explanation of those 2 swim "toys" I have seen or read about. A competitive local peer has got his pace down to 1:45 or less / 200y with combining paddles with swimming. I will start using these after my full in Chatty. I dont want to start anything new until after that race.

    Thank you for sharing this video.
    Star City, Roanoke, Va tri guy.

  14. Even at that speed, I could recognize core level 1. I got to 30 seconds last summer. Sadly nowhere near that now.


  15. My hands are so big they are almost as big as the small-sized hand paddles, and I have noticed my shoulders becoming quite sore after swimming for 4 or 5 days successively.

  16. Hey Taren,
    I've just started to do swim workouts in the past weeks, doing 2 sessions a week. I've already knew how to swim, like holiday pool style you know 😀 , now I want to do it efficient, fast, while staying injury free, so I've watched several drill, technique etc. videos, but no swim coach (yet).

    By recommending the Finis Freestyler Paddles for "beginners", do you mean beginners like me, or beginners who already into swimming for a year or so?


  17. I want to develop muscle only, not worried about actually swimming correctly. I'm not training for anything, just want bigger lats and more calories per swim. With that in mind, could I use the scoop style? Solely for strength, I do not want to swim efficiently, just build strength (to an extent, I get the benefit of technique, just not interested) … What's your 2 cents on that. (I mean this totally respectfully just inquisitive) Good luck at your next and following events!

  18. I recomended to use a FlexPaddles from Arena – different (much better than a plastic paddles) feeling of the water and no shoulders pain

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