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Download My GMP to access our guidance on the go

My GMP is a new app for doctors giving you offline access to ‘Good medical practice’ and all our ethical guidance on your phone or tablet. When you open My GMP you can navigate through our guidance to the information you need. Clicking on ‘Good medical practice’ will open the sections within the guidance, so you can quickly drill down to the
information you need. You can use the search bar to look
for topics by keyword and go directly to the paragraphs where
they are mentioned. Save a section as a favourite for easy reference later by clicking ‘Add to favourites’ at the
top of the paragraphs. The star icon at the top of the screen
takes you to all of your favourites. As well as all our guidance for doctors you’ll find links to hot topics, case studies, and contact details to get in touch. We hope you find My GMP useful and that it makes it easier for you to access our guidance. You can find the app – and other interactive
tools to help you apply our guidance in practice – online at and please let us know
what you think.

Reynold King

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