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Educating doctors and ENTs about tinnitus

I’d like to talk about educating doctors and
ENT consultants about what helps people with tinnitus. Many people with tinnitus know how
unhelpful it can be to be told that there’s nothing you can do about tinnitus. Especially
as it is so intricately linked with the central nervous system. If you are told the bombshells
of doom and gloom that can send you into an orbit of despair and fear of course that can
get your tinnitus to get a lot worse. So when you eventually get better and you’ve helped settle
your system and find symptoms back off because you have gone down the psychological route
or you have had really good therapy that has helped your whole system to settle, you have
come out of reactive overwhelm or fight or flight and your tinnitus has backed off this
is really important information. What I think would be incredibly helpful is for all the
people who have got better to go back to their doctors and go back to their ENT consultants
who may have told them that there is nothing that they can do about it and to educate them
about what actually did help them get better. If was can educate the medical model or the
ENT consultants about the way our tinnitus got better then they are more likely to learn
and as a result of this they are going to start telling other people with tinnitus well,
there isn’t an instant quick fix pill that can get rid of your tinnitus overnight, but
if you get therapy or if you work through things and get your whole system to settle
then tinnitus can get better. The more we tell our doctors and our ENT consultants about
what helped our tinnitus get better the more they can start to tell other people and stop
this absolutely unhelpful behaviour that tips people over the edge. Who in their right mind
is going to say Oh Chinese Water Torture, you are going to have this for the rest of
your life! It’s just so unhelpful. So I just really want send this message out to the community
that if you are getting better or if you have got better or if you are like me and you are
a person who used to have tinnitus for God’s sake contact your GP write to your ENT consultant
and tell them what helped you get better and say maybe it would be helpful for them to
pass this positive information onto other people with tinnitus.

Reynold King

7 Replies to “Educating doctors and ENTs about tinnitus”

  1. It's sad how doctors can traumatize someone with just a few words. A couple of hours ago, I was in a medical consultation with my gynecologist, and she asked me how I was doing, how I was dealing with tinnitus and If my kidney stones were still hurting. I told her that my kidney stones were not a problem anymore, and that I didn't even know if they were still there. 
    I told her something like that: "You see, my kidney stones used to be a lot painful. And now that I don't have them anymore, I can say I would gladly have them back instead of having tinnitus". 
    I don't know if my gynecologist was trying to say something helpful, but she failed really bad. Here's what she told me: "Oh my God, that's it! You are so right! How can someone live with a 24/7 tinnitus!? I would go crazy. And the worst thing is that you cannot do anything about it." And then, she smiled at me. 
    I'm still here, sitting in my bed, wondering what the hell she was trying to do by saying those words to me.

  2. Thanks for this, and all of the helpful positive messages you put out. I am just starting down the road of going to see a doctor next week about my tinnitus, then to an audiologist, then an ENT. I pretty much know already what they are all going to say. I've had tinnitus since I was about twenty, just never so severely as I have it now. I'm 66. In fact, it was barely noticeable until a month ago. Now, I am having up and down spikes but never low enough to be really feel good, shifting from side to side or in the middle. Anything salty sends it through the roof. Anxiety is a chronic issue, so it's tough but I am encouraged by your words of advice and positive attitude. Thanks so much!

  3. Hello, my name is Stephanie Hall and I am from New Jersey in the United States. I am 18 years old, newly graduated and do not currently have a job. I will however be starting a job at a warehouse in a few weeks where I guess I will need earplugs. I stumbled across your videos about tinnitus because only recently, I have started to hear an incessant buzzing sound in my ears. Almost sounds like a fly is trapped in both ears and for days it caused severe anxiety and panic attacks (where I felt as though I was losing grip on reality) and caused me to lose sleep and ability to eat. What made this worse was the realization of the stress I was putting onto my mom who talked me through the anxiety. Finally after listening to one of your videos yesterday in a sleepy state I slept for hours which has definitely helped me feel a little more sane and I ate a little which helped. But the buzzing sound has not gone away and when I realized this my anxiety has started to come back. I have newly impacted wisdom teeth that are getting X-rayed tomorrow and I am also seeing my primary doctor for referral to ENT. Since this buzzing (fly sound) has just recently started (no more than 1 week ago) I am lead to think maybe my tinnitus is a symptom of something else. Either way, I am nervous to hear what the doctors will have to say in case they say there is no probable cause or cure. I have no idea how I am supposed to live with this! I hear it over top of other sounds if I listen closely and when I shower it seems to get louder. Also, when I swallow I hear my ears crackle and pop every single time. I feel a little pressure in my ears and they seem so sensitive to all the sounds around me. It's like I'm listening out to see if I'm hearing things (going crazy) and making sure everything else is alright. I know you are not a doctor but I would love your advice on how to learn to live with this Tinnitus. As in, how to block it out in every day living because the anxiety I feel from it is getting in the way of functioning normally. How did you learn to not dread your tinnitus? If the doctors determine there is no cure I would love to learn how to live in harmony with my tinnitus instead of battling and fearing it. I am sorry for my lengthy message but I am eager to hear back from you.
    Sincerely, Stephanie.
    (P.S. I tried sending you an email but I'm not sure if you will receive it so I am also posting here.)

  4. I started suffering from Tinnitus about 3/4 months ago. It was such a shock to me I went into complete meltdown. I couldn't sleep and suffered from severe panic and anxiety attacks. After visiting my GP he told me there's nothing he could do for me. Eventually after a number of visits to him he sent to the ENT consultant at the hospital, unfortunately he was no help either, he told me to go back to my GP and get some antidepressants.
    I decided to try help myself. I started taking tai chi classes and has some Craniosacral therapy sessions. Although this was expensive it has helped me immensely. The Tinnitus is still there but I'm coping a lot better at the moment. I'm hoping that in the near future the noise will back off. I highly recommend Craniosacral therapy and tai chi as its help me overcome my panic attacks. I have managed to stop taking the sleeping tablets and the anxiety mess which have horrible side affects if taken over a long period

  5. Dear Julian,
    I have had tinnitus for 5 and a half years. I could always cope with it very well in the past since it was rather mild and I did not even notice it most of the time. Additionally, crazy as it may sound – but maybe not to you :), I could reduce it at will by taking deep breaths. This summer, though, new, very annoying sounds were added to the repertoire (curiously, some of these appeared only at night and disappeared by the time I woke up in the morning). My original tinnitus also became much more difficult to handle, which made me a total nervous wreck for some time. But recently, I have recovered a bit (the most annoying sound has already disappeared) and started to look for some new paths of getting better. Apart from going to yoga classes and getting massages, I also decided to try Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. Not long ago, I called one of my friends' boyfriend  because he is a neurologist and I wanted to talk to him about an MRI required by the TRT place. He barely knows anything about my symptoms, and as helpful and kind as he was, he immediately said that if my condition was not ear-related and I have no hearing loss (and 3 ENTs have confirmed that my ears are perfectly healthy), it was very probable that it would never go away. (Which is amazing since – as far as I know – according to most docs, it is exactly tinnitus induced by hearing loss that cannot disappear… * sigh *) Then he uttered those painfully well-known words: "Just get used to it." I know he automatically said what he was taught at the university and just wanted to be realistic (well, realistic in terms of his profession, anyway) but my fragile confidence was shattered by his words. I just wish doctors did not do this… They cannot see into the future – and they can cause so much damage by pretending to be doing just that! Now I am relatively fine again, and I promised myself that if I manage to let go of my tinnitus, he will definitely be one of the first people to know.

  6. I have had tinnitus for almost a month now. Happened after listening to music using ear buds. I wish I could go back in time. I'm 25 and have a long way to go. I was depressed the first few days after non stop ringing. The thought of it alone made me cry. But I had to snap out of it because it was making it worse. I did my medetation and let go Overnight . The next day I was ok and accepted my new reality. It's very mild for the most part and I can go about my day and forget I have it. But alone or at night is harsh. It's all I hear, still mild. I refuse to take any pharmaceutical drugs and so I do marijuana here and there. Although it does spike my T… I am thinking of switching to CBD products instead. I wish one day I can wake up and be healed.

  7. Well said I experienced that and they said there is no cure it’s terrible I don’t think they will tell other people to go somewhere else as they want to make money which I paid thousands of dollars myself keep spreading this knowledge because your the only person on u tube that helps us to recover thank you

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