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Elements for Practising Jazz Piano by Karel Boehlee

Hi, my name is Karel Boehlee, I am piano teacher
at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. When I was starting to play music with other
people I concentrated a lot on the harmony. I was interested in playing nice harmonies And later I found out that in the harmonies there are so many melodies moving, which are really essential. Now you can also see everything.
other transcriptions from my playing, a lot of texts, you can see extra information
like what specific elements you have to practice. I give you a lot of assignments and a lot
of music to develop, to work on. How to build voicings from the start,
from the most elementary level. And I try to build them to a really high level
so you start with only a few voices, two or three, then you go to four, five, six voices.
Work on the Triads you can play on the chords, all kinds of different types of harmonies. To take out one chord for instance and practice on one chord or practice on one kind rhythm or phrasing, that is a necessary
thing to do. You can watch it but you can also read it,
you can listen to it, we have this audio play alongs
so you can also practice with that material. Also the soloing is transcribed
so you can also read that. We have video exchange so you send videos to me,
I give you a video response. It’s resembles the lessons I give here
in Amsterdam at the conservatory. With those extra features, you also get a certificate. I’m looking forward to work with you and I hope you have a lot of fun with these videos and that you have a lot of inspiration
from my music and information.

Reynold King

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  1. where can I get ore info on this Online Jazz piano? Is this a certified certificate from the Conservatory?

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