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Ellen Leaves Three Teachers Hanging

If you have kids or
if you know a kid, or if you ever were a kid, you
probably have heard of Crayola. Their goal for America
is to send one million thank you’s to teachers. And in honor of Teacher
Appreciation Day, Crayola is kicking off their
Thank a Teacher campaign. Of course, the best way to
thank teachers on my show is to play one of
my favorite games. It’s called Don’t
Leave Me Hanging. Let us meet our contestants. Melissa, hi. Hi. You’re a kindergarten teacher
at Alexander Elementary School in Jackson, Tennessee. I am and I love it. Hi, Alexander. What’s the best part
about teaching there? I love having the
opportunity to change children’s lives every day. That’s wonderful. And you do. That’s what you do. [APPLAUSE] Victor, you’re a civics teacher
in Jacksonville, Florida, and you also mentor at risk
youth in your community? Yes, ma’am. Good for you. That’s fantastic. And what do you love about it? Seeing these students
come in one way and seeing them leave another
way is just tremendous. Having the opportunity to change
and shape these young people is what’s amazing to me. That’s fantastic,
and Brittany, hi. Hi. You’re a second grade teacher
in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Tell us about the bus
program that you started. Yeah, so I bought a bus, and– [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] And Colleen, Ryan, and I, after
school and on the weekends, we tutor parents
and their students. Uh-huh. Here’s how you play the game. I am going to say a category,
like types of flowers, and we’ll take turns
naming a flower. And we’ll keep going until
somebody can’t think of one or repeats one. You only have a few seconds. So then you get a strike, and
then something happens to you. Three strikes, you’re
going to have to leave. And you can see
that you’re on cord, so something’s going to happen. Before we play, we have a
surprise for you using Cisco. We are going to check in
with each of your classes. Kids, are you there? Oh, my god. Hey. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. All right. Oh, kids, you’re going to
have so much fun watching your teachers. Let’s play the game. All right, and Melissa, we’re
going to start with you. And the first category
is excuses for why you don’t have your homework. My dog ate it. I didn’t do it. I left it at home. I ate it. I left it at school. It blew out the window. I ran over it with my go kart. I thought it was due next week. I ate it. She already said she ate it. [BUZZER] All right. Brittany, look what
happens to you. All right. [APPLAUSE] Melissa, US states that
begin with a vowel. Arkansas. Alabama. Um, um, Idaho. Iowa. Indiana. Did we say Alabama? Somebody said Alabama, right? All right. [BUZZER] Brittany, that is three strikes. You’re going to have such a
different view in a minute. Oh, gosh. Here we go. No. [SCREAMS] [APPLAUSE] [VICTOR LAUGHING] Ugh. Yeah. Your students are
looking for you. All right, here we go. We’ll start with Melissa. Large bodies of water, go. Arctic. The Pacific Ocean. Yep. Atlantic Ocean. Yep. St. John’s River. It’s really big. It’s really big. It’s really big. Trust me. When we say large
bodies of water, we mean like, you know, like
you said– the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic. So I’m not going to
accept that river. So it’s your second strike. [BUZZER] All right. Oh, my god, that looks
so uncomfortable. All right. Famous parents. Famous parents. Go ahead. Billy Ray Cyrus. Is that what you mean? Yeah, he’s famous. Yes, famous parents. The Kardashian parents? Yes. Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes. The Huxtables. What? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] First of all, they weren’t real,
and second of all, bad timing. [LAUGHING] All right, that means– [BUZZER] –you’re going to
go visit Brittany. All right? Kids, say goodbye to
your teacher, Victor. Oh, my gosh. You know what that means. You are the winner! [CHEERING] Number four. We are going to send you home
with all of the supplies you need for your classroom. And as soon as I
find the other two, I’m going to give
them supplies as well. Oh, yes. [CHEERING] Yes. All right. You have to go see your friends. No. Yeah, you do. No. Don’t hold onto that. OK. Don’t hold on. [SCREAMING] You know what? Let’s lower them all down
just a tiny bit because I want to talk to them. Little tiny, tiny bit. Yeah. All right. Since it is Teacher
Appreciation Day, we do have something
for all of you. You’re each getting a
$10,000 check from Crayola. [CHEERING] Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Yes. Oh, my god. You can post a tribute
to your favorite teacher on social media. Go to my website
to find out how. Everyone in the audience
can shop Crayola with this $150 Visa gift card. [CHEERING]

Reynold King

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