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Ellen Remembers Teaching Kids Technology

– You’re here on a good day. It’s a very special episode
of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” We’re gonna talk about
our changing bodies. Yeah. No, I’m being told no.
That is not correct. This episode is about kids. I love talking to kids. I don’t know
where they come from. I don’t know
how you make ’em. I know–
I know what they eat, and, uh–
I think I do anyway. Anything really. I love talking to them.
There’s a lot we can teach kids. Like, they should believe
in themselves and be kind to one another. And there’s a lot
that kids can teach us. Like how to break vases
and get gum in your hair. And earlier this year
I decided to teach some kids about old technology. I brought in some items that
they had never seen before, and I showed ’em
how it works. So, Rebecca and Tre, I brought an item, and I would like you
to tell me what this is. Do you know what it is? – Oh, a phone.
– I know what it is. And it’s not
any ordinary phone. It’s an olden time phone. – Yeah, they used that
back in the day. – Back in the day.
When you say “back in the day” and you say “an old time phone,” how long ago do you think
this was used? – Oh, 100. – A hundred years ago? – Yeah, it doesn’t even have
no FaceTime. – No. I mean, you could do it, but then no one would see it. You’d just be talking
right into the phone. – And, like,
if somebody walked in, they would be like, “Why are
you talking into a phone?” – Right,
and then they’d haul you away and put you in the loony bin. – Yeah.
– Loony bin? – Yeah, you know. Do you know what this is? Both: Um… – First you have to find
the on button. – Uh…
– This? I don’t see… – No. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. – All right,
you don’t have to turn it on. Just put that in.
I’m just kidding with you. Okay.
Do you type a lot? – Yeah.
– What do you type? – I work on scripts. – You write scripts?
– Yeah. – What, like a movie script?
– Yeah. – What’s the name
of the movie script that you’re working on? – “The Lost Island.” – “The Lost Island.”
What’s it about? – Well, it’s about– I got inspired
by Indiana Jones. It’s about these
two archaeologists that have to find
the lost island. The lost island
is where you can get the power of mother nature
itself. – Archaeologists are–
they’re– – Trying to find
the lost island. – I need that typewriter
real quick. – And if you find the temple
of the lost island– – [gasps] – They’re trying to find what? – They try to find the temple
of the lost island. – Slow down. Slow down. Temple of the lost… – Island. And when they–
and they will get the power of mother nature if they– – They’ll get the what? – The power of mother nature
if they find the temple, but the Jewish are planning
to take over the world. The Jewish are planning
to take over the world if they find it. – The Jewish are planning
on taking over the world? – Yeah.
If they find the… – I don’t know about that. Tell me what this is. – It’s like a radio,
but it has a speaker so you can talk through. – It was a recording machine, so if someone called
and you weren’t home, they would leave a message. Like, here,
you’re calling me, and then
I’ll leave the message. Hi, It’s Ellen. I’m not here right now. Leave a message,
and I’ll call you back. – Okay.
– Beep. Oh, it didn’t–
I didn’t give you enough time. Okay, let me try it again. Hey, It’s Ellen. I’m not home,
but if you leave a message, I’ll call you back. – Hi. Call me back
when you get a chance. – Beep. [laughs] I didn’t leave enough time. Okay. Hey, it’s Ellen. I’m not home. Leave a message,
and I’ll call you back. – Um… – Beep. Hi, it’s Ellen.
I’m not home. Leave a message,
and I’ll call you back. – Hi.
Call me back when you can. – Beep. You didn’t say your name. Try it again. Hey, it’s Ellen.
I’m not home. Leave a message,
and I’ll call you back. – Hi, it’s Rebecca.
Call me back. – Beep.
[laughter] – This is Ellen. Leave a message,
and I’ll call you back. – Hi, it’s Rebecca,
and call me back. [laughter] – Beep. You had a lot more time. – [sighs] – You had so much more time.
All right, let’s try– Let William try it. Hi, this is Ellen. Leave a message,
and I’ll call you back. – Hi, this is William–
– Beep. – And I–
– Beep. – Oh, really? – Hi, this is Ellen. Leave a message,
and I’ll call you back. – Um…
– Beep. – Really? – Hi, this is Ellen.
I’m not home. Leave a message,
and I’ll call you back. – Hi, this is William,
and I’ll call you back. – If you’re gonna call me back,
why’d you leave a message? – [laughs] – Oh. [all laugh] – This machine
is so complicated. – I know.
It’s just so complicated. That’s why they got rid of it. We have to wrap it up,
because I have to get going. You have a microphone. Go ahead and say
whatever you want to say or sing
whatever you want to sing. – Um… – Beep.
Oh. – [groans] – What? Okay, this thing
doesn’t work. – What do volcanoes
eat for dinner? – Is it “ashed potatoes?” – Nope.
Paint drops. – [chuckles] – Beep. – Awkward. – [laughs]
Okay, you two kids. It’s been lovely
talking to you. I’ll walk you out. – Okay. Bye, everyone. Nice seeing you. – Bye.

Reynold King

28 Replies to “Ellen Remembers Teaching Kids Technology”

  1. "The Jewish are planning to take over the world." LOL
    It really sounds like the kid had a premonition about the fine bros.

  2. wow. this says a lot about the finebros. the ONLY similarity here is that she shows kids old technology. there is nothing similar about the "format." what greedy douchebags. she doesn't even asks them questions about it. it's mostly joking around. such a ridiculous claim.

  3. The fine bros really have to right to claim that Ellen is ripping them off. Her format is slightly different, and unlike the fine bros who just ask kids questions while hiding behind the camera, she is actually adding in the element of her personality and making it funny. Wish Ellen would continue to do these!

  4. Really? The fine bros said that THIS is copying their format? Everything about this is different! It only similarities are that it involves reacting and old technology… Seriously the fine bros look like idiots these days…

  5. 2:46 We got ourself a 6 year old Hitler (ironically the Nazis are the main villans in the Indiana Jones movies)

  6. if you really think about its all Ellen's fault why the fine bros are in turmoil she had kids react to technology of the past and that forced the fine bros to trademark the term react thus causing react world and causing the fine bros to lose subscribers and having the entire Internet to hate them

  7. Fine Bros were always creepy to me cuz their icon is of half their face! TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE MUCH?!! They're sell outs at its FINEst. Also, REACT REACT REACT REACT REACT REACT REACT REACT REACT REACT. Quit censoring unnecessary words! Just cuz React is BORING, don't mean you have the right to buy it!

  8. This is good for Philippine teachers and parents to follow because this is the age of technology. Thanks for sharing. God bless!!

  9. I don't really believe this is going to be read by Ellen but
    I just saw this video with the two little children and the typewriter and "how to turn it on" and Ellen taking dictation.
    The small boy starts to talk about how he types all the time.
    He writes scripts.
    He has one about "The Lost Island" and Indiana Jones and getting the "power of mother nature".
    Sounding familiar?
    The child then goes on to say how all this is necessary to save the world because
    "the Jewish are taking over".

    At this point Ellen removes the piece of paper she was typing on and tears it up.
    Okay. As far as it goes.
    The screen then cuts back to Ellen onstage on her show.
    I am APPALLED!!!
    Ellen then makes a joke about the child having a "Jewish friend"

    Suppose the child had dropped the N-bomb?
    Would THAT have ALSO been funny?
    Would it have aired?
    Would Ellen be laughing about it onstage afterwards?
    Would she have made a "some of my best friends are black" joke?

    This is antisemitism, plain and simple, and because it's so widespread and acceptable so many places in the world right now
    does NOT mean that it IS acceptable;
    or laughable,
    or fit to be broadcast.
    who is supposed to be so fair and just.

    Suppose the slur was against people of color (as I asked above)?
    or Catholics?
    or lesbians?
    or same-sex marriage partners?

    I don't believe ANY of those would have aired.
    Why is "bashing the Jews" then considered to be positively acceptable?

    Ellen needs to make a sweeping apology:
    -on the show
    -on the air
    -on her website
    -on whatever other media is necessary.

    I am available for questions, comments, reactions and any other type of response.
    It is currently hard to reach me by phone but
    the Ohio number is 330-931-8859
    for best results,
    to reply to this e-mail:
    [email protected]

    Very sincerely but
    Very disappointedly yours,
    -Reuven B. Frank
    US SS#: 171-44-6841
    other details and references are available upon request.

  10. BTW, clearly the boy is quoting something he has heard.
    Are his parents, relatives and teachers willing to stand up for teaching the child this antisemitic hate-slur?
    Way to raise the next generation free of prejudice and hate, people

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