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Employers Talk about Skills Training

Our ability to succeed as a company the total
genesis for success is our staffing is our people. And RCC has been just super in helping
us find the right fit for us. We don’t have to go through all the job interviews and we
don’t have to invest a ton of time into finding that right person. RCC has already done a
lot of that work for us. The advantage that we have here at our hospital
for using RCC to recruit students for us is we have the opportunity to actually work with
the student see their ability to do the job see their work ethics see how they portray
themselves professionally. It works really well for us and RCC staff is amazing to work
with. The motivation to try it was not being able
to find some outstanding candidates. The two most recent individuals that we connected
with through the RCC Skills program have both now become employees of our group.
I thought I’m just going to try it I’ll try it with one student and see how it goes. It
was so easy for me the school made it so easy for me that I don’t think I’ve said no since.
It was really nice to have a professional interaction with the staff. She understood
my time constraints and how busy we are here and it was a fantastic experience.
The thing I really like about having the extra level of the education is you get serious
people. It’s not somebody who is just doing this temporarily and transitioning through
really making a difference in their long term goals as far as career. So you have real serious
students who are really great contributions to the company.
In our particular field, there are technical enhancements that can only be done off-site.
It would just not be practical as an employer to say you’re an awesome person you’re an
awesome candidate however you really need some help with your math skills some help
with your writing skills and some communications skills. It allows us not to spend all that
time with an employee for that kind of development and RCC can just fill those gaps for us.
Well as an employer it’s an opportunity to try somebody out. Somebody off the street
may come already trained with certain skills or not and when they come through RCC at least
I know that the ethics have already been checked and that the students have gone through coursework
to really bring them to an understanding of how important business ethics are today. It’s
a low commitment on my part I know students come to me with a full expectation that they
are going to learn. They come with a great attitude which you don’t always see in the
job force. For me to know that someone would come here already with those basic skills
and those basic ethics and that I’m not going to have to sort that out that really works
for me. I would absolutely recommend it for other
employers. I think it’s critical to have a workforce that has some training and some
education and understands a little bit about what we are doing rather than just hiring
somebody with no experience at all. Go for it. I think it’s one of the best programs
available to employers now. The commitment has been well, well worth it
and it’s not only boosted our business but it’s boosted our impact in our community here
in southern Oregon. Two of the newest members of our team both
came from RCC. They came into the business they worked really hard and they made themselves
so valuable that when their schooling was up we couldn’t let them go. So that type of
quality employee can come through RCC.

Reynold King

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