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Enforced discipline or discipline as inward quality importance of discipline in school student life

welcome to another episode of happy
school series if today I asked many of you what is one thing that can change
your life or what is one thing that has changed your life
I will receive many replies different replies but many of you will
reply discipline in life so today my topic is discipline in life and
discipline in school specially why it comes to my mind because few days back I came across along with my child the wrath of so called zigzag discipline of the
school so I thought to make this video to make everyone aware of what is a real
discipline in school and what should be the true colour of the discipline so let’s
start this episode so if I ask you what kind of discipline you want for your
child in school a military strike discipline enforced one discipline or
this means something inculcated or in western tablet mode
discipline or reality check discipline something which is enjoyable joyful or
something which is just another burden in students mind what you want. There
are many options discipline can be in any shape and colour and we so what is the status in your school in my school in everybody school so we have to decide
what kind of discipline we can inculcate in our children and students in school
the reality check of the school. As you know most of the top-notch school in the city are well known for their high order of discipline but not many know that such discipline are just display these are enforced to
look good having military-style discipline is often seen in all top-notch school if not than many of the schools and many follow why is it that these schools go for military-style discipline because we, Indian have determined to see everything or perceive everything under Western template what westerners think or perceive to be right or morally wrong as far they are right and wrong we decide
what is right or wrong for us without knowing the reality check of the fact
and same thing is true in the sense of school functioning all across India
discipline is enforced discipline is just another burden in the head of a
child, so it’s a headache so what do you want another headache for your child or something which he can happily adapt and go along his or her life carry forward the same to next
generation so that next generations will be better than us so if I think why not
instead of a military-style discipline if we go for something where we can inculcate discipline in children is it possible if we can somehow make them
believe that their sense of discipline is true happiness and this will work for
their entire life something they can enjoy and carry forward for future so
basically, my aim to make this Video is to make every school administrator,
principals, teachers, stakeholders aware of the fact that discipline is not
something enforced it’s an inbound inward quality of a student which if you
give proper reason ambience support and your help every student will learn to be
disciplined for the whole life so I think this is the solution of the
current scenario of the discipline and we can think of some changes in
discipline I hope you like this video if you like this video please don’t forget
to share this video with friends and relatives thank you so much thank

Reynold King

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