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(ENG SUB) 웹드라마 디시플린 5-1 : 미안하다는데 왜 자꾸 그래 Korean Web-Drama Discipline EP.5-1

Ah ah, hm. Dear my love. What remains in my heart is thou rose. Good job. That was good, but a little tensed up. Let’s try this. I like you. I don’t remember since when. This is a letter for you. Will you accept my heart? Listen. Add a little detail. A detail. You know it’s SAT season in a few months. Put some effort. I’ll try my best teacher. A detail. Thou my love! Accept it please. Accept my heart please~ This is mom’s, dad’s, …… mine? A summons… Attendance required to the criminal investigation for questioning of damage… Who are you? Your name is Hoo? Yes. We’ve come because he didn’t attend the investigation summons. So. You broke in to a tattoo shop and stole a motorcycle and a tattoo machine? Yes. I did all of that. This guy is not responsible for any of that. Let him go. I was drinking with Sam Duck High kids and did it under the influence of alcohol. I invited my friends who were not even very motivated to go there. I’m sorry. A summons will be issued against you in a few days, Tae-Woo. Hello guys! What’s wrong baby? You need more kissing? Ah! Baby, did I do something wrong? No. No. Then what? What’s wrong? Huh? Tae-Woo covered for all of us. Covered us? What did he cover? When we stole the tattoo machine on Sam Duck High kids’ bike! What about Tae-Woo? What about us? Tae-Woo is the only person who went to smash. But we did it all together…… Hey. Who doesn’t know that! But that dumbass Tae-Woo took all the blame! Baby, we will find a way. Don’t cry. Hm? Sorry. I didn’t mean to…… Oh… God…… I know you’re mad. But for once, just for once, will you speak with me? I came to apologize. What were you going to do? What? Ah… going to the police office? I told them I did it. Why? I didn’t want all of us to go through all of that. It’ll be fine. No worries. EB. ’m really sorry about that day. I didn’t mean any of what I said. I just spat out it because I like you but I felt like you didn’t like me. Can’t we be together?

Reynold King

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  1. Thanks for uploaded ep.5 .. Im happyy ur guys were backk ‼😭😭😭😭💗💙 i think your guys should made more BL's series .. 😊✨🍒

  2. I found this show just today!its well done, actors and actress playing very good, very professional I may say✨ its like they live the characters life. Besides all characters story lines interesting, we know the boy Hoo have problems in school and not well relationship with his mom, his girls still we dont know much about her only that she is Istagram star and want to be a model, EB this character makes me so confuse… So curious what is going on in her life…Tae woo? We know what is happening now.All that thing with police, but am curious about his other life… And last character cute Ji-han's story line makes me worry.. His father seems scary.
    However great work! Good luck👌✨

  3. hoo is the example of “no matter how mad you are, don’t treat your gf like that” lmao they all have problems but they have different kinds of attitude. his character shows that he lacks sensitivity & EQ (refering to the scene when jihan came out to them) men like his character annoy me to the max. oh, and i ship taewoo with jihan lmao but eb is cool. but yeah, those 2 boys would look good together.

  4. I dont get why he likes eb so much. She has cool hobbies but has the personality of a literal wet piece of cardboard especially around him. AND WHEN ARE WE GONNA GET ANY CHARACTERIZATION ON HIM? WE KNOW VIRTUALLY NOTHING ABOUT HIM EXCEPT HE HAS A WEORD OBSSESION WITH TATTOOS, IS NICE TO HIS FRIENDS, AND LIKES EB AND NONE OF THOSE ARE PERSONALITY TRAITS.

  5. this web series is really on track!! it actually applies on todays generation. You'll learn a lot of lessons in life as teenager. 🙂

  6. EB I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU! The actress is so good, like she is so intimidating and mysterous, she embodies the character so well, good job girl

  7. I’m so very excited, but also sad because there are only six episodes, I’m in love with this drama and I honestly don’t want it to end, I’ve fallen for all the characters they are so well fleshed out and relatable, I can’t wait to see more of their story and I will continue to support this drama the best I can.💛🖤

  8. Meilleur web-drama du moment !!! Trop pressée d’en savoir plus sur ces personnages. Gros bisous de Paris 💕🇫🇷

  9. i suddenly remembered that i was almost late this morning since i wanted to leave a like at each episode (because i forgot)


  10. Glad to have the series continue, was really getting into the characters and learning more about them. Can’t wait! Thank you! 고맙습니다

  11. I really like EB's character, so complex and interesting. Her storyline is probably my favorite currently. I'm excited to keep watching this drama! So far it's been really good. 😊


  13. Lolllll when we stole it… I think not you two were the ones hyping us up to take that stuff😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Ps. lol they did it together

  14. Please make another tittle, we need this short movie longer.
    You guys really good, i mean, the cast, plot, editing. Nomu nomu joah 👏👍

  15. 으아아아아아아앙 6분 10분 짧은영상찍으면서왜자꾸ㅜ1달넘게 안나오는고야뻬에에에엑개가아아애게겍0

  16. I'm not sure what to make of EB. We don't know anything about her except what we've seen in the series so far. Does she live alone? On top of that, she doesn't talk much, she not even allows much eye contact with the person who is talking to her. That may make her appear mysterious, she may have some secrets we don't know about but it is also very confusing and makes her come across as cold, uninterested or even rude. I hope we will soon find out and it is worth the whole build-up.^^
    Whatever the motives of the author regarding her character, the actress does a terrific job and is very beautiful.

  17. So Hana is always on her damn phone cuz that's the kind of ignorant bish she is and Hoo is a fucking dickhead and Tae-woo isn't that bad cuz I kind of ship him with Ji-Han not EB who is way too complicated

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