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Hi my name is Rosa. I’m from Manchester
in England and I am a qualified English teacher with over 10 years of experience
teaching English to Spanish and Latin American people. This YouTube channel is a project that I have just started and my goal is to offer you a way of
improving your English for free and to create a community of like-minded people
who are not only passionate about improving their language skills but also
passionate about personal and professional development and lifelong
learning in general. I just have to say, I am a complete beginner when it comes to
making videos and everything involved in starting a YouTube channel. Technology
and social media is not exactly my strong point. But I have made it my
mission to learn and improve to the best of my ability. And I want to do this for
various reasons. One of which is that I regularly meet a lot of people who want
to improve their level of English but who just don’t really feel motivated by
conventional methods of language learning. I can completely relate to that
because when I started learning Spanish I quickly realized that conventional
methods of language learning are not for me. I found it quite boring tiring and
demotivating so I decided to experiment with other ways of language learning
that we’re more engaging and more suited to my needs and interests. And this is
what I want to offer you with this channel I want to offer you something
different. If you are one of the many people who find that your life style or
personality just isn’t really suited to the more traditional ways
learning English, like going to group classes, following a boring course book
doing grammar exercises and homework, exams and all that, then this channel is
for you. In future videos I will share lots of tips about what you can do to achieve
language learning success; about how to stay focused and motivated and about how to create your own personalized and creative method of self directed study
in order to reach your goals with language learning and very importantly
so that you really enjoy the process. But this channel doesn’t stop there.
In future videos I will also be addressing a range of topics and
hopefully open a dialogue with you guys about personal development. Personal
development is a life long process. It is a way for us to assess our skills and
qualities, consider our aims in life and set goals in order to realize and
maximize our potential. I learned Spanish basically from watching videos and
reading books about personal and professional development, which is
something I am very passionate about. YouTube is such an incredible resource
for learning. It has helped me enormously and I am so grateful to all the
amazing people that post inspiring videos. And so with this channel I want
to give something back. But not for altruistic reasons. For completely
selfish reasons actually. Because it feels good to give back.
That’s my reason. It feels good. I enjoy it. In my previous life I was very
unhappy for many years but now, fortunately, things have changed. Or
rather I have changed. I think I have become a better version
of myself and I feel more fulfilled now than I ever could have imagined possible
just a few years ago. I just seem to feel happier and happier with every year that
passes and I know that it is all down to the things I have learned on my journey
to personal change. So on this channel I would like to share with you guys the
tools and information that has helped me to make those positive changes in my
life. So if in addition to improving your English you would like to improve
yourself and your prospects in life then stick around because in future videos I
will be talking about things that you can do that will take you towards
achieving your objectives in life like: how to find your purpose; improve your
skills and level of motivation; improve your job prospects; be happier; healthier;
increase your intelligence; create wealth; have better relationships; overcome
difficulties; make important decisions; have clarity of mind; greater resilience
and self-esteem; develop your creativity; become the leader of your own life… And
the list goes on and on… I am also very interested in opening a dialogue with
you guys and hearing what you have to say about what you have learned on your
own personal journey. It would be amazing for us to learn together, inspire one
another, create social connections, community and consequently work together towards creating a better society for everyone. That is what I want! So if you
are interested in participating in that then click the red subscribe button
below, watch the following videos on this channel that I post every Thursday and
join the discussion by writing your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below each video. And my apologies if you only clicked on this video because you
were hoping to find some light entertainment or perhaps do some English grammar exercises. You won’t find that here I’m afraid. Deep and meaningful is more my thing. Thank you for watching! Have a lovely day. Bye for now!

Reynold King

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