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Ep 4 Russian Roulette | Top Management

The Best Song Award you have all been
waiting for goes to LJ! Come up, please! -Congratulations!
-Well done. Thank you so much. I’m not sure if I deserve this. I didn’t expect so much love
from overseas. Thank you very much. What did LJ do to get an award? You really seem to like me. Yesterday, my clothes. And now my face? -I don’t like you.
-No kidding? Look at that. I’m so sorry.
I only had it over me for a sec. A textile billionaire’s daughter sent that
to me when I had the flu. I’ll just… Kevin wants you in the studio. All right. Just hand it over. -She must be desperate for a nap.
-But she does nothing. Song of the Year going to that prick? Ridiculous. Wait a second. Did you say something? -I should take that to the laundry.
-Don’t wash it. -No washing?
-Burn it in the back. -You want it burned?
-Don’t let the fans see it. EPISODE 04
RUSSIAN ROULETTE Meeting time, people. Those Google guys are killing me.
Let’s begin. Did I ask for coffee? Do you prefer green tea? I’m sorry. Do I have to tell you
that we bring our own drinks? Even the President gets his own water. Please don’t do this again. Yes, Director Kang. First up, LJ’s mini-album. The official pic is still in progress. If you could check the draft first… What the hell was that? Director Kang hates coffee deliveries. I told you not to do this. Yeah, like when? Like yesterday? Director Kang hates female managers
serving drinks. Don’t bother doing that. Wow, she’s so cool.
No coffee deliveries. Understood. What about Apple Mint concerts? Seoul seats were sold out
in just four minutes. Four minutes? In Seoul? Meaning the other cities
may not be sold out? Why did this happen? We are analyzing it
from multiple perspectives. Could be just a problem with the sites. Who placed the banner here? Do I have to go over each and every… She usually keeps a smile on her face, but I think I know now
why she is called “the Tiger.” All right. What’s next? Sunny Joe sent his cover photo
for the mini-album. Not bad. -Any comments?
-They’re good. But LJ must have fixed his face again. What? He lost some weight is all. Nope, sorry. That’s a filler, in the nose. Are you kidding me? It’s just been airbrushed. It’s so obvious.
Media’s not gonna let this go. -Is it obvious?
-A bit. Two-kilo loss from hard work… No, not two. Three-kilo weight loss.
Let’s put the word out. Okay. And the title song? You should talk to LJ about that. He is beyond picky. It’s his first solo album.
Picky is what he should be. Let me know when it comes along. Schedule for Section and Music Core? -Yep, shoot’s next week.
-Okay. Let’s introduce Hyun Sooyong
in the article for LJ’s album. Excuse me? “Hyun Sooyong,
the New Star of Asia Signs to Starlight” Something like that. A rookie in our front line
when we don’t even know he’s worth it? That’s what we do now? Is it? The point of the SOUL single
is to see if he’s worth it. Wait. What’s up with that photo? Hyun Sooyong’s manager handed it in. -Who’s that?
-I… I wasn’t aware it was for a presentation.
I’m sorry. That picture reminds me of an Atka mackerel stuck
onto an ice cream cone. Am I being weird? They seem to be getting along. Isn’t this their first single
in two years? No, there was one a year ago,
but it never made it on the top 50. What are you talking about?
It wasn’t even on the top 100. Those poor boys. They got cursed by the Masked Girl. I haven’t heard that name in a long time. She literally upended my career. -The Masked Girl?
-That will be all. Have a nice day. -Good job.
-Thanks. -I’m going to check LJ’s nose.
-Okay. -Who’s the Masked Girl?
-Masked Girl? You don’t know? The SOUL breaker! When SOUL was topping the charts, a girl with a mask spilled
that the song was a copy, smashing the boys into little pieces. -So who is it?
-You think I’d know? Baek would’ve got to her if anyone knew. A crazy fan girl wannabe. They tend to stick around
the new promising talents. Without the Masked Girl,
no one would’ve known about it. Hi, Producer Na. Are you back from Spain? So she’s the cause
of what happened to SOUL! -You’re very interested in them.
-What? Got close temping for them? No way. After what I’ve been through? Not interested at all. Sooyong? Agha Sooyong. Ttageo. We’re not exactly Ha Hyun Woo.
We need to lower the key. From what I heard in the studio,
I thought you guys could pull it off. Of course, we can. -But the thing is…
-Twice. He’s reached that register twice
since his debut. Well, I’ll lower the key. Tempo’s a bit tricky to rap on. To dance to, as well. Yes, about that. Is dancing necessary? Then what do we do? Be your background? Or backing vocals? What happened to “Agha”? Okay, then. How do you like this one? I don’t like the intro. Anything else? Okay. This one. The melody’s a bit awkward. You got more? All right. You should write a song yourself. That’s not what I meant. I’m not doing this for myself.
Irib also needs his part and… Hey. Irib? What are you doing? Something important? What do you want? Texting a girl? This isn’t the time for you
to be dating a girl. Cut it out! Get over here. You’re acting weird. Who are you talking to? I’m talking to you. Come here. Just let him be.
This may be our last chance. He’s being cautious. Do you always have to worry like that? Idol life is short.
We wasted our time for two years. And if this song doesn’t sell well… Eunsung? Ta-da! Have a drink. Ta-da! -But coffee’s not…
-That’s why they’re quince tea. Right, we should ask you. Could you play her the song? The third one. The third one… -What do you think?
-It’s nice. Meaning it’s not. No, I said it’s nice. Your face says otherwise. -That it isn’t nice.
-I mean, it’s not bad. -So it’s not bad.
-Hey. How about we eat first? -Today’s menu.
-Ttukbaegi bulgogi for me. Ttuk-bul is over 9,000 won. We’re only allowed below 7,000. -You can have o-deop.
-That’s ojingeo deopbap. It’s really good. -Okay, ttuk-bul for me.
-Dude! I said you can’t have that.
Eunsung will get in trouble. -Right?
-That is the rule, but… Yoo Eunsung speaking. Yes? So Icarus has tons of managers, and I’m their delivery girl? Excuse me. Food’s here. Eel again? I had that yesterday. You enjoyed it so much.
I thought you liked it. You want something else? DELUXE EEL LUNCHBOX
60,000 WON That’s fine. It’s just a meal. -Okay.
-Enjoy your food. -Where are you off to?
-Yeah? You want me to clean these? The cleaning lady will… No outsiders are allowed
for concept meetings, right? Newbie, you got other things going? I’m the temp manager
for SOUL and Hyun Sooyong. Must be one hell of a job. I’ll wait here. -Enjoy your food.
-Sure. Kev, you got anything rad? I’m not digging anything so far. You wanna try an unfinished track? Something up your sleeve? That’s it! That’s the Kevin I know. -The world’s best K-pop producer.
-Please. Just eat your food already. Chill style. It’s hot right now. I’d go with a dog-panting sound. So? I think it’s really good. Then you should make an album with it. Anything else? How about this? I already recorded the melody. It’s a bit retro. But retro’s hot again. For the video, you could mix it up
and go with the faker-wave feel. And add some beats. He’s digging it, digging it. It’s sick! -Wait! This song.
-This rocks. -Yeah!
-You’re killing it! I’m sensing some strong Oricon vibe. Heck, he knows his stuff. LJ, your taste is unbelievable. Kev, don’t play around. Show me the real thing. You don’t like it? You call this a new track?
It’s just a Bruno Mars copy. Isn’t that right? Yeah, I mean, I see what you mean. Save this one for my last album.
Let’s hear another one. I’m still working on them. Well, then a two-hour nap for me. You leaving? Wait up! -Stay here.
-Bye. Should I come? Call me. He’s not taking the song? What’s wrong with him?
Maybe he doesn’t know it yet? As if he was born a star. They all sounded amazing to me. Kev! My dear Kev, you okay? -Let’s get you to a doctor.
-No. You think I care about a sore shoulder? All right. Just take a seat. Would you like that fixed? What? That’s a frozen shoulder. Kev’s not even 40 years old. -You must be joking.
-If you don’t fix that now, you won’t be able to sleep. -Enough with the…
-Wait. I do have trouble going to sleep. Do you have any tricks? My grandma had one too,
so I used to fix her up a lot. Give it a try. Do I get something in return? What do you want? I’ll pay you. I don’t want money. How about a song? The one LJ just threw away. Why do you need it? Oh, that’s right. You… You used to be a trainee.
Do you want to be evaluated? That’s not bad. A manager turned idol…
Might actually be good for sales. You should try out, too. I’m already practicing my moves. -Let me have it.
-It hurts. -Okay. But fix it first.
-Got it. Now, relax. -Ease your body.
-Go easy. One, two… So? Good, right? No, not good. Kevin’s really losing it. Still copying Bruno Mars? What’s wrong? It is good.
Definitely gonna rock the charts. What about you two? Sooyong? Well, I think it might kind of grow on me. Right? It’s a great song. One thing’s for sure. Eunsung really hates my song. What? I do like Sooyong’s song,
but we should go with this one first. Just trust me this once.
I won’t let you down. -What if you do?
-I take full responsibility. -Fine, let’s vote.
-Okay. One, two, three. Come on, Sooyong. What? You’re voting against your own song? You’re too quick to change. It’s a draw anyway. This is why I hate even numbers. This song just doesn’t cut it. It’s not gonna make it. You think so? Then… The song’s a hit. Your predictions always turn out wrong. That is true. TWICE’s “TT,” BTS’s “DNA,”
SEVENTEEN’s “Very Nice.” He said the teasers were bad,
but they became hits. Yeah, but, for this song,
I’ve listened to the whole track. Getting this track off Kevin
must have been so hard. We should give it a chance. Repetition of chords
can make the song boring. MONTHLY EVALUATION
T-48 Adding a bridge might help. Rap can start here. From rap to bridge to hook. Can you lower the key? Yep. Good thing that Hyun Sooyong
is bringing the team together. But what am I doing, helping out SOUL? MONTHLY EVALUATION
T-24 Okay, stop the music. Mr. Sooyong, having trouble? With this move. I’m not getting the beat. The other foot should always follow. Follow it right away. And then boom. Okay, let’s go again. We don’t have time. MONTHLY EVALUATION
T-12 Like this, okay? After that, you go toe to toe… Put away that admiring look.
You’re embarrassing me. I trained for years, so this is nothing. Come on! -Do it already! Three, four.
-Okay. Back of my neck… What’s up with the chest?
Pull it out. Tuck this in. And do your wave. The other way. From your shoulder, yes. What a stiff piece of wood. Where are you looking to?
Your eyes should follow your arm. I’ll teach him. Hi, there. A guy teaching a guy dance
would be preferable. I’m okay. Eunsung is a great teacher. I’m pretty confident
with my teaching, too. Isn’t this nice? Let’s do it together. -I’ll be Irib.
-Shall we? -Yeah.
-Okay. In your position. -It’s this way.
-It’s that way? -I don’t think you know the moves.
-I do, and I’m great. Now, you come to the front. -You ready?
-Yes. -She’s not reliable.
-I told you so. I’m totally reliable. -To the left.
-Left? -To the right.
-Right? No, we’re not slapping mosquitoes. Slap it hard! I’ll make a ssam. APPLE MINT HOUSE With meat and radish. And ssamjang. Here you go, my fans. I’m not teasing you guys.
I love barbecue so much, I need it once a day. Yesterday, I had noodles
with the members of SOUL. I hear that some good news
is coming their way. -Right, Hyunjin?
-Yes. Good news coming soon. There’s a digital single coming up. That’s why they need your support. I’ll take over now. You have some. NOODLES WITH EUNBIN?
SOUL MUST BE SO HAPPY! HYUNJIN FINALLY SPEAKS! Hi, guys. You’ve waited so long. It’s Ginger time!
I’ll show you how a barbecue… Hey, guys. I’m so sorry. It’s getting late,
so we should say goodbye. It’s okay, right? Shall we say goodbye? Bye-bye! Oh, my God. I ate three whole pieces. -Am I getting fat?
-You’re pretty. Did you really have to make me do this
at this hour? Thanks. But no one’s going to write bad comments
about you being anorexic… Did you catch a cold? I don’t have a fever.
It must be the breeze. You know you’re only a temp, right? -Make yourself warm.
-Okay. I’m flattered by your concern. Whatever, I’m not mentioning
those SOUL guys anymore. I had to wear full makeup for this. “Your mistake becomes the trouble…” Are you close with Apple Mint? Never took you for a socialite. What does she mean? What’s wrong with your room? Did we ever eat noodles with Eunbin? What? Talk about technology. It seems so real. So your class rep is a girl? Why are you texting her at this hour? Eunbin already has more
than a million followers. The three of us don’t even have 100,000. We make a hit single, release an album, a million is a joke. So let’s do this right. Irib. This is not the time… -What now?
-Acting weird again. Who is it? Who’s the class rep? -Who is…
-Give me a break. Come here. Who is the class rep? Who’s the… Come here, you high schooler. MONTHLY EVALUATION Everyone here? -Yes.
-Hi. I’m in a meeting. I’ll call you back. Shall we begin, Eunsung? Yes. You guys are ready? -Yes.
-Yes. What’s LJ doing here? I came here to be inspired.
Is that okay, Director Kang? That’d be my pleasure. Go, SOUL! Let’s go. What’s up
with Director Kang’s straight face? Maybe the choreo’s a bit weak? They didn’t have much time. How was it? Any thoughts? Silent treatment, all of you? Are you satisfied? Yes, we’ve worked hard. I’m sure you did. Let me ask again. Are you satisfied? Yunwoo, you’re the center. How about you, Irib? Are you happy with your verse? -Go away.
-If I had more time… Hope you’re not implying
that there was no time. I know exactly how much time you had. You guys had no time nor a coach
to put this together perfectly. And I wasn’t expecting you
to come up with a blockbuster hit. Like with movies, for instance, I don’t care if it’s an indie film.
All I wanted to see was your DNA. “DNA” is actually a BTS song. Tried to lighten up the… Sorry. Can I find, in this performance, your DNA? Can anyone speak up? About 50%, I guess. So you’re saying it was okay? I’m not satisfied. If this was 50%, I don’t think I’d be happy
with 100% or 200%. How was it, Kevin? Melody wasn’t bad at all,
but their performance was somewhat… You guys should know that anyone
can pull off what you’ve just done. There is so much talent out there
that can do better. The song was good, but the performance doesn’t
come close to the song’s… -Didn’t you like the song?
-Excuse me. I’m really dying to know
why they are singing my new song? What’s this? Producer Kevin gave me the song,
and I tossed it to SOUL. I remember giving you the song,
but not them. I got bored and made that track for fun and… Since you let me have it,
I thought it was mine to give. Such enthusiasm from a roadie.
So inspiring. I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. It’s not her fault. We are the ones who chose it. Has the leader gone missing? We did choose the song. So it’s our responsibility. Responsibility? Choice? So a temp grabs you a song. You use it without giving it a thought
and call that responsibility? Fine. I’ll rethink the collaboration. No, I’ll dismiss it. Kev, you’re too thrifty. How could you reuse the song I threw away? I just got too bored, all alone at home. Kev was home alone. If you were that bored, I’ll just put it in my album. That’s an idea. A bonus track and… This reminds me of the curse
of the Masked Girl. What’s the matter with them? The curse caught up
with that Mongolian genius, too. Eunsung, did you… Did you think that you could do
anything you like with these guys? No, it’s not that. This song’s meant to be a hit. I know you have good hunches,
but you’re not a trainee anymore. Rookies don’t get to meddle
with the performance here. I’m sorry. Irib, you can date someone now. Your contract’s a goner. Lighten up. Leave us alone,
and go your own way, Mr. Sooyong. -Teo.
-By practicing together, I thought we became a team, but I was here when you said
you were not satisfied. It’s true that I think that. Yeah, right. You don’t lie. Why’s that? Was it my choreography? It’s not about that. Then why did you choose this song? Well, that’s… I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have insisted. No, it’s not your fault. The choice was ours. But I’m sure this song will be a hit.
I don’t know how to explain… Then we must be the problem. We totally messed up
with a future hit song in our hands. That’s not… You don’t look so well.
I think you should go and rest. No, I’m fine. Excuse me. -Hello?
-Eunsung. Can you get us some tonkatsu? TONKATSU LUNCHBOX
30,000 WON I think she’s got what it takes. Stealing a song
and feeding it to her group. Wait. It wasn’t even her group. I didn’t steal anything. He gave it to me. Your name’s Yoon? It’s Yoo. Look. When these tonkatsu make their way
into cheap takeaway places, they’re sold for, like, what, 7,000 won? But in a hotel sushi restaurant, they become luxurious dishes. I want mine served at a hotel… I’m sorry. I have a bad cold. You’re not allowed in here from now on. If you were a decent manager,
you would carry a mask with you! What? You kept it in your pocket? What will you do
if Kevin or LJ gets your virus? It’s already in me. The tonkatsu is no more. -We should have jajangmyeon.
-Order it. What’s wrong
with the cheap takeaway tonkatsu? I don’t get it. I dreamed of that song becoming a big hit. Does it matter who the singer is? Unless… Maybe there’s no way
to change a fixed fate. Does that mean, no matter
how hard I try to change the future, it’ll only cause effects on the side? What, you hate me that much?
Do I make you cringe? It’s you. I thought it was the Masked Girl. Wait. DON’T GO ON STAGE! I was the Masked Girl. You might have to pack again. Leave him alone. He has no business with us anymore. I even heard that I die of cancer
in the next episode. Please forget about them.
They made the decision. Why are you here? I have something to give you. SOUL, they just can’t sing. Don’t talk that way. What’s it to you?
I’m the one getting screwed! What’s in it for you? The title.
I really enjoyed the title song. A melody I hummed like it was nothing. I want to sing it again, with these guys. The collaboration is a no-go.

Reynold King

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