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EPIC ARM DAY – Motivational Video

Once my eyes and my mind realised that I can get bigger and stronger I became addicted! I became addicted to making GAINZ! If you are truly addicted to something You can’t quit Even if you want to that addiction won’t let you! All the most addictions are bad my addiction saved my life! Everything that you do you put out and you get out In bodybuilding “NO PAIN – NO GAIN OR REMAIN THE SAME!” Oh my goodness, look at that! It’s incredible! 24 inches Let me see that That is incredible! That’s awesome! You’re running from pain! You’re running from challenges! You’re telling me how difficult your life is! Do you understand it is the difficulty that go prepare you And take you to the next level?!! What a f*ck is going on??? If you want something You have to work hard for it Never quit never stop trying! No matter how many times you fail and you will fail Keep trying! Right now the time for you to do what everybody else isn’t do! And today maybe that day you feel like giving up! But I’m telling you right now You’re about to step on to a new level! IT’S NOT ABOUT HOW WILL YOU FIGHT! IT IS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR! You can make choices that just get you remember Or you can make choices that ULTIMATELY MAKE YOU A LEGEND! You can do them both..

Reynold King

87 Replies to “EPIC ARM DAY – Motivational Video”

  1. It will HURT!
    It will take TIME!
    It will require DEDICATION!
    It will require WILLPOWER!
    It requires SACRIFICE!
    There will be TEMPTATION!
    But, I promise you, when you reach your goal – IT'S WORTH IT!

  2. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄

  3. cool , i love when my veins are so pump… I think that high volume training exercitions are great for that , what advice can you give me guys ?

  4. why there is only one shot of roelly winklaar?? i mean come on he has the best pair of arms in bodybuilding industry nowdays.

  5. Whats the name of the epic song man! Awesome video, best motivation i seen in a long time! I tried to Shazam the tune but it dont work, come on brah we all wanna download the tune to listen to it all the time and destroy the gym!

  6. take your morphed photoshop bullshit clickbait picture and stick it up your ass! fucking tired of all these fucking retards like you who use these bullshit pictures!!!

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