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EPIC SHOULDER DAY – Motivational Video

If you don’t know Now you know it’s true It’s out of your comfort zone It’s out of your norm! Shoulders Shoulders… Very important body part the konus stone of any physique they give you that along with the lats, with the back they give you that V-TAPER Shoulders they give you the powerful looking body One of the best features of physique is a V-TAPER Wide shoulders – small waist It’s not even for a bodybuilder, it’s for anybody you know, you see the guy in the suit you know He does not to workout but if he has wide shoulders and small waist it’s just looks right! In bodybuilding whatever you doing is working for you just keep doing You have to learn to think or to ask yourself why you are not successful Oh Monday morning somebody go get up lifting more than you Oh Monday morning somebody go get up running faster than you There is no difference between them and you They not faster, they not smarter, they not stronger, they not better THEY JUST DON’T QUIT!

Reynold King

54 Replies to “EPIC SHOULDER DAY – Motivational Video”

  1. Sometimes I put the weights of the world on my shoulders.

    Just made something special : two different types of music, two different stories

    Enjoy guys!


  2. Shoulders tommorow! Here i come!

    (Beginners will be like: K, message understood, need to scream as much as possible to gain)

  3. This is by far the best BB motivational channel I came across. Fuck jericho, fuck makaveli, this is real shit. Loud music and screams of agony.

  4. Its crazy…good job Bro

    What do you think if make a bodybuilding motivation video to this music?

  5. i didnt really like many of your videos before but this video here and your last one (back workout) are really the shit.
    Fucking Awsome!!

  6. Jesus Christ your videos are incredible. Best bodybuilding motivation channel I have ever seen, and I have seen sooo many

  7. sir l like ur motivation vedios……mostly music ,editing,speech….alll….perfect…need hd quality….sir….

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