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Exercise: Practising the Ollie | Skateboarding

Exercise: Practising the Ollie In this video, you will discover an exercise to help you practice clearing obstacles. For this exercise, you will need some chalk to draw lines on the ground. There are two stages to this exercise, first without an ollie, then with an ollie. First, clearing obstacles without doing an ollie. Choose a flat concrete surface, and draw 3 lines on it, spaced three metres apart. You could also use three sticks The aim of this stage of the exercise is to clear the lines with first the nose, then the tail, without jumping. Get onto your skateboard and push off to start skating. When your front wheels are approaching the line on the ground, lift the nose slightly, making sure the tail doesn’t touch the ground. As soon as your front wheels clear the line, replace your wheels on the ground and lift the tail to clear the line with your back wheels. Practice this stage until you can do this movement perfectly and quickly. Secondly, jumping over the lines. Push off on your skateboard and position your feet, ready to do an Ollie. Bend your knees to prepare yourself. Just before your wheels reach the line, pop your tail and slide the side of your foot along the board to the end of the nose. As you jump, lift your back foot from the board so that your board can also lift off the ground. Land on your board, placing both feet simultaneously on the bolts. Repeat this until you’ve crossed all of the lines with Ollies. These exercises are ideal for perfecting your Ollie skills. Over to you! Re-position your feet, placing your dominant foot on the front bolt, and the back foot on the curve of the tail.

Reynold King

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  1. This is more so telling you how to slightly jump over things with your skateboard rather than actually doing an Ollie.

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