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It’s about timing you know.. A lot of people give up before they ever see things through. A lot of times it’s about being patient, being persistent, believing in the missions and goals you wanna achieve. You know I just think it’s timing man, it’s my time to do what I need to do. Everybody kinda knew about me in the beginning, I had this big start, everybody knew my name.. And then I kinda faded away for a minute as fade would have it. Spending time with family, trying to balance all that. But now I’m back. Back being a treat again. It’s my time to get better, and when it’s my time it’s my time. I think I’m coming into my own. When you release picture after picture and the internet is going crazy .. .. Saying it’s fake, saying it’s doctored .. .. Yeah this is great, this is awesome, it means I’m going into the right direction. Nobody is believing this, nobody is believing it and it’s awesome. It’s like when we hit the stage it’s gonna be a different story. Everybody was doubting, everybody was saying this is not real. Everybody starts criticizing, everybody seemed like they were talking junk. Honestly I was like I got a lot to do with that right now. Being what you’re expected to be, is the biggest thing. Giving what you can give, giving your all, going with your best. We’re going into the Olympia taking charge and charging for the title. That door was open last year, I still consider that door open. I’m hungrier than ever!! In the shape of his life ladies and gentlemen !!! I said Bader please, I need this guy, I wanna work with this guy. I know the future with Brandon.. Go into it with just as much tenacity, believing that we can take this away from whomever is gonna step against me. Don’t quit.. Don’t quit. I’ll get it eventually. We’re trying to come home with The Sandow. And be Number 15. So.. We’re putting in WORK.

Reynold King


  1. He's actually THE NEXT BIG THING. Wide Back, Huge Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. His legs are also huge but still proportional to his body and most of all, he had a great mid section.

  2. It’d be cool if I had a transformation where I can get big like him and when I was in an arm wrestling competition I could yell “gear 4th” and BOOM! IM READY MOTHA FUKA!

  3. Brandon doesnt have that wow factor nor does he have the symmetry or condition…hes big yea but that dont mean shit…you wanna be like phil or victor marinez sliced diced and huge

  4. He should take the O hands down. Sure there are contenders but I think Curry is the next big thing with few weaknesses.

  5. Mr O, Brandon, Roelly, Bonac! Nothing sticks out or lags on Brandon. His symmetry is so good, it may hurt him. Roelly has that freak look but has glaring weaknesses. These 3 will be good enough to beat Dexter. Dex is too small.

  6. Куски химического мяса))))) если крокодил сожрёт такое то отравится😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Brandon, you are back! You are what everyone is talking about, you have never been more impressive. Its like you just came out of nowhere. Tip, no more videos or social media photos. Just appear at the Olympia ready to take home your crown. Too much exposure right now. Surprise us all with your final package at the contest. Think about it, makes sense.

  8. If brandon wins, 20 years from now Nick will do a video on worse legs of an Olympia winner and it will go to Brandon.

  9. Немного качества и в ногах добавить! Филу будет очень тяжело с ним соревноваться!!!

  10. Hi what's going on in the Boddey building world some fancy them self's or is it their ego what's got in their way

  11. i prefer this physique much much more than shawn rhoden. brandon curry has the perfect symmertry and is asesthethic as fuck and still massive. roelly cant catch him too bulky

  12. I mean Brandon went overseas and got massive!! Wow.. if he gets alittle more dialed in.. it's just a matter of time..for Mr Olympia

  13. everyone is criticizing on Phil's abs. Why bcoz Shawn did a smart and very cheap move by deliberately staring at Phil while posing so that the world can notice him. Otherwise there was no problem to public till that.
    Except abs tell me is any Bodybuilder availability who can beat him any body part???
    Phil Heath is so strong in definitions, muscles thinkness, clarity, 3d look

  14. What a "god". Genetics + insane doctor support + juice. Well played. So hardcore. I mean I am not racist before any sjw comments and I'd love to see who would win if they werent allowed to take thousands of mls of injection every week. Hard work would matter then, until that, more juice = more muscle.

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