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Fafda Recipe – How To Make Fafda – How To Prepare Fafda

Namaskar Welcome to Today we’ll prepare Fafda. Fafda is a Gujrati recipe, In there, it is a ‘street food’. and is very famous. Fafda can be eaten for breakfast or as snacks. So let us begin. The ingredients are: Gram Flour – 2 cup Oil – 5 tbsp (a little more than 1/4 cup) Carom seeds – 1/2 tsp. Sodium Benzoate – 2 tsp. Salt – 1/2 tsp. or according to taste and Oil for frying the Fafda. For preparing the Fafda, first we’ll knead the dough. We’ve taken the gram flour in a large bowl & this 1/3 cup water; to the water we’ll add sodium benzoate, 2 tsp. add salt as well and will mix them. If we don’t have Sodium Benzoate, then we can use baking soda instead. But Baking Soda, should be a little more than 1/2 tsp. We’ll mix Sodium Benzoate and Salt in the water. To the flour, add crushed carom seeds. The flavor becomes very nice and add oil as well. Mix every thing well. And now add the water knead a little tight dough. Should be softer than Poori dough and harder than Parantha dough. We’ll knead the dough for 6-7 minutes. So we’ve kneaded the dough for 7 minutes. and greeze it. Now we’ll cover the dough and keep it aside for 1/2 hours. then we’ll make the Fafda. 30 minutes have gone by and our dough is ready. So now roll we’ll roll the dough. This is our rolling board and on it we will roll the Fafda. We’ll cut the dough into little lumps. We’ve shaped the dough into a cylinder. Now we’ll cut it into small 1 inch long lumps We’ll take one lump and we’ll shape it longitudinally like this. Now place it on the board and press with your palm. Now stick one end to board by pressing it and elongate the remaining part by pressurizing it longitudinally. To remove it we’ll use a palate knife. Although for it specially, there is a utensil. So we’ll roll our Fafda like this and keep it aside in a plate. We’ll shape the lump long; press it, and elongate e longitudinally. we’ll use the palate knife to remove it. So we’ll repeat the processfor all the Fafda. So first let us prepare 4-5 fafdas like this. and then we will fry them. The oil is hot now. But to check the oil, drop a little dough in it. The dough should get fried immediately and start floating on the oil the should be this hot. The oil is hot, put the Fafda in the oil to fry it; the fafdas have been fried. they look very crispy; their color has changed a little;
now strain them out. Let us fry them. Add as many fafdas the cauldron can accommodate. Immerse them in the oil by using a strainer, so that they get fried well. They’ve become crispy, color has changed, they’re ready, take them out. All our fafdas have been fried. Fafda are ready. They’re really nice. We’ve kept their size small; because generally we don’t havebig cauldrons in our houses. The market have longer fafdas. We’ve to be a little careful, when you’re kneading the dough, it should be too damp or dry; the dough should be harder than Parantha dough and softer than poori’s. If the dough is too hard, then you’ll have to use a lot force. And if it is soft, it gets rolled easily. While frying them, keep the oil really hot. There must be smoke rising from it. To check the oil, drop a little dough in it, it should immediately float. If it does, the oil is hot enough. Fry the Fafda in this oil and it will get fried quickly. Savor the Fafda with Gram Flour Chutney but if isn’t available, then serve it with Green Coriander Chutney. Or with a pickle or with fried green chilies. So do try out this recipe, and share your experiences on See you next time with a new recipe, please subscribe to my channel.

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  1. if we are not having papad khar , baking soda , baking powder so what we have to use????😊😊😊

  2. Love you mem aap bhut acche ho mujh aapki her recipe psnd h m her roj kuch na kuch try krte hu aapki recipe love you mem

  3. Sunita Goyal
    निशा जी आपकी रेशपी‌ बहुत अच्छी लगती हैं आप सब कुछ अच्छा बनाती‌ है आप हाथ मैं जादू है⛪🍔🌨️🌹🧜🤩

  4. जैसे निशा जी आपने बताया वैसे ही मैं करता हूं अच्छा होता है फिर भी मुझे एक समझ नहीं आती कि मेरा फाफड़ा फूल जाते हैं जैसे पूरी फुल जाती है वैसे होता है तो मैं इसका क्या करूं

  5. Madhulikaji you have a very sweet voice. Love your recipes. Is baking soda same as bicarbonate of soda

  6. Really mam u r amazing……
    Ur recipes are so easy and tasty
    I follow ur all recipes…. 🤗
    Thanku mam 🤗☺

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  8. Hello madam hope u are fine ..please guide my fafda doesnt turned crispy..nd few got thick what to do to make them crispy thanx

  9. Easy to lag Raha h I'm trying today on dashera we eat fafda jalebi in morning but lives in Gurgaon Haryana 😥😥 yaha koi fafda nai h

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