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Family Meeting on Discipline | OutDaughtered

DANIELLE BUSBY: All right. Everybody, eyes on me. Yep. Thank you, Riley. You’re a good listener. So mommy and daddy
are now going to have a one, two, three in the house. So if Mommy says one,
that’s going to mean stop. Stop. DANIELLE BUSBY: So
if Mommy tells you you’re doing something
not nice or bad and I say one, what do you do? Stop. DANIELLE BUSBY: Stop. Stop. If I get to number two,
I’m giving you a chance to turn your actions around. So if I say two,
that means a warning. DANIELLE BUSBY: Warning. Warning. Yeah. Number three means
a consequence. Everybody say consequence. IN UNISON: Consequence. DANIELLE BUSBY: Good job. And what does that mean? Yep. It means that something’s going
to happen that you don’t like. Does everybody
understand the rules? Lulu? Yes, ma’am. DANIELLE BUSBY: OK. All six of our kids react
to discipline differently. You can look at one of
them and they get it. They’ll apologize or whatnot. And then you have
the extreme where it’s like nothing you do works. And so we’re trying
to find something that works for you, you,
you, you, and you, and however many yous there are. And I think this is something
that can work for us. I feel like it’s something
that even Adam can understand. You know by– Just hush your mouth. ADAM BUSBY: Hazel,
give me the candy. No. DANIELLE BUSBY: Hazel,
you’re not eating that. ADAM BUSBY: Do you want me to
start counting to one for you? No. ADAM BUSBY: Then give it to me. No. ADAM BUSBY: One. No. DANIELLE BUSBY: Uh-oh, Hazel. Are we going to
get to number two? HAZEL BUSBY: [WHINING] That means two. ADAM BUSBY: HAZEL BUSBY: Hazel,
give me that. HAZEL BUSBY: No! DANIELLE BUSBY: Hazel, now
you get to go in your room. Come on. Yes. You know the rules. This was one, two, and three. The one child
that usually follows all the rules, says
please, thank you, the most polite child we have
chooses the night we’re having a family
meeting to choose to disobey. I don’t know. I’m like, why make me feel
like the worst parent ever. You see that? So she’s going to stay in
there until she stops crying. I thought you said two
and then I was like– or maybe I said two. You said– you said– I could have sworn two. [INTERPOSING VOICES]
Don’t put that on me.

Reynold King

44 Replies to “Family Meeting on Discipline | OutDaughtered”

  1. 2:32 – Riley your so funny:)

    Danielle: Warning
    Ri-Ri: Morning
    Danielle: Warning
    Ri-Ri: Morning
    Danielle: Warning
    Ri-Ri: Warning

  2. 2:11 – Hazel only got a one from Adam, two and three were from Riley. Hazel is so cute, she shouldn't have been sent to her room for just a bit of candy. Blayke good observation on that your parents didn't say two or three, but Riley did. I still like the rules thing it's a good discipline but I think try something else, so you don't send a kid to her room on one, cuz you forget who said what number. Or one of the quints perk up and say the number, when a parent didn't say it yet.

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