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Farmer’s Markets: Preparation and Booth Set Up

[music] What is involved is a lot, I mean there is an incredible back story right from seed to harvest. Before the market my crew shows up on Friday morning at 8:00am. Hopefully the barn is already all rigged and ready to go with many, many buckets of flowers and solutions. Knives have got new blades in them and we’re ready to go. We come on out here and we’re like little gentle wave of locusts. We just go through the whole place and harvest. So we’re usually out here cutting for about 2-3 hours and then we go in the barn and we start arranging our flowers. Meanwhile there is usually somebody else harvesting salad picks for market or herbs for market, all the other little products that we bring here and there. I love being at the market and selling at the market. But the more difficult part is actually getting there. A couple days leading up to the market you have to harvest things on those days in order to have fresh product. Getting up early on Saturday, loading, unloading, setting up and the days not over. You still have to tear down. Get back home. Unload everything. So it’s a long day and it’s a long three days. I like to offer the best quality and the longest amount of shelf life for the customer so we will pick everything the day before. We will pick things, bring it up to our packing area, wipe off any dirt, and put it in a box. We try to label all our boxes so when we get to market we don’t have to open every box to see what’s in it. Its got a tag on it that says what it is. It’s not uncommon for us to start working at 6:30, 7:00 in the morning and not be done loading the truck until 9:00 or 10:00 at night. In the middle of summer there’s a lot more washing and rinsing and keeping things cool and getting the ice packs on them and doing all that as you harvest. So then in the evening we load up the truck and get everything ready to go. We aim to be at market about an hour before it opens so that’s 7:00am. is our goal to be at market. Unload everything, tables come back off the top of the truck, all the food comes out. It comes out of the coolers and out of its packaging containers so that it can be displayed on the table. I pretty much have been planning the way we set up our booth by research that I did prior to getting into farming. Make sure that you have farm signage. Make sure that you’re setting up the colors of your produce to contrast one another. We’ll set up orange carrots by purple beets. We try to make the color and the quality of the product stand out on the stand. I want my table to be eye-catching. I want it to be clean and simple as possible. I think that it’s hard to keep those white market tables white so I prefer the table cloth. I chose purple. Red tomatoes and green vegetables stand off on purple. I actually have a little piece of red cloth in my bag just in case I have something totally purple. I can lay it out and put eggplants on to red cloth. It’s pretty important to be able to get the booth area that you want. The reason I have the place that I am is because it is on an end and I can set my tables up and just like you say just kind of be surrounded by the produce. You don’t want to create a farmers market booth for instance that is very deeply “U” shaped because customers are afraid to go into that spot. They feel like it is going to condemn them to buy something. So if they can look at the long scape of things and take it in, have good pricing – incredibly important, they won’t ask you how much something costs for the most part. I didn’t want to have the same look as everybody else. I wanted it to just look a little different and be eye catching. The peppers themselves add the color. Part of it is having a crop that draws you in with its own beauty, so you’ve just got to enhance it. [music]

Reynold King

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