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no 4, what u say just now? teammate: who scold u? no, ‘m saying no 4 he text to scold me teammate: there are many.. teammate: where is the people that i have knocked down? teammate: this place is dangerous no danger if i’m here teammate: more danger since u are here teammate: there is a footsteps here teammate: in front of me bro, get down no 4, get back another guy at the back nice get me up double row… not interesting for them what happen to the sensitivity of 2 scope hard to hold it i got the drinks lets go. follow me follow me that’s annoying if can’t talk not easy to talk teammate: hello? yes teammate: can u hear me yes your mic got echo teammate: i’m watching your live broadcast then don’t watch i saw a robot just now.. he disappear. come here. i give u the medicine strange. where is the robot? teammate: i said u are rubbish.. u are more rubbish.. u said i’m rubbish.. give u the medicine painkiller do u see SLR? teammate: no inform me if u see it teammate: okay lets go to fight is a crowbar i thought is a needle from far away teammate: i don’t think that i can match the game with u teammate: i’m confused are u blur? didn’t kill one person at all teammate: yes. i’m confused teammate: i wondering too. why i didn’t follow no 1 teammate: then u keep on going to talk teammate: voice is similar with Nanyan but.. do u know what is a slap? u recognize my voice wrongly u are amazing… teammate: different with the sound in live broadcast do u lack of ammo? teammate: yes.. what ammo do u want? i have a lot teammate: 5.62 5.62 ammo? is my first time heard about this ammo teammate: maybe i’m nervous teammate: don’t know how to talk thanks for the subscribe teammate: i match u in the games teammate: i got a screenshot and post to the fans group teammate: they don’t believe teammate: then i take a screenshot for them which group? teammate: no 29 group my god..i feel uncomfortable i heard it people not funny enough so mix with music? is that what u mean? u are funny u are funny teammate: sometimes watch your live broadcast.. teammate: someone sing in Bixin u are funny not funny at the words.. interaction..funny ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) love u is okay teammate: i don’t know how to communicate… u are good i like the person have thinking ability just communicate with me i like this type of understand guy bro, where are u from? teammate: i’m from Henan. but i stay in Fujian is near my houses teammate: my girlfriend is also from here. so i decided to stay here oh, i see. where is your parents? because of girlfriend and change the place, okay same as me meet the person i love, pay out there is a car in front. lets fight teammate: they get inside caught them teammate: throw the grenade still got one person teammate: down over the rock. in front of me teammate: maybe there is still someone else teammate: i help u to block them get inside disappear teammate: maybe he has teammate..he wanna to stay alive bro, which year are u born in? teammate: 1997? u are ready to get marriage and fetch your parents okay can i ask how much is your salary per month? teammate: 7800 dollars that’s fine…what occupation? teammate: decoration bro.. my family too..can’t considered as decoration but is origin of the raw material teammate: i know my family is doing the origin raw material marble paint my family is paint… teammate: paint.. yes. paint can do the marble effect we paint outdoor and indoor we can go over the ramp teammate: lets go ahead… robot dead. there is one more so annoying. i always press the wrong button no one teammate: he didn’t dead directly i always press the wrong button teammate: i didn’t use it before teammate: like the expose ammo? i’m not saying this…wait for awhile someone shot us teammate: there is a car coming there is still one team far away teammate: let me pick the box. i don’t have ammo any more no noisy i appear my hair i don’t know where is the people that shot the gun SKS, i will kill u later have a look to his position. i can’t see him so noisy teammate: maybe over the air raid shelter there but i can’t see anyone teammate: i saw him. down there teammate: in front there teammate: dead my [email protected] this people is annoying so noisy… stay away from this place panic.. in order to keep the harmony in the live broadcast teammate: aunt.. do u know aunt.. teammate: i know teammate: she has been disappear for a long time can play DP-28 well there is a buggy go over the airdrop there teammate: i saw him. at east teammate: he go to the houses teammate: at the back there teammate: left side..southeast direction teammate: he has get down from the car nice my god! i forgot to tell u get down from the car teammate: i’m late i should tell u i didn’t tell u teammate: i’m late all of them aim u teammate: i’m late to get out from the car teammate: which year are u on the live broadcast? 2018 March, on the live broadcast teammate: that’s a good place teammate: there is a car teammate: 2 person teammate: when u start to use SLR? yes teammate: why u suddenly play that gun? fun teammate: u said many times teammate: feel like no 1 is annoying teammate: cause u said many times there is a problem that.. teammate: there is a car..another team teammate: they hide somewhere don’t know where the people go.. he didn’t appear his head i shot on the pan. i’m angry one more shot yes ammo almost finish more than 200 meters 4 person left don’t know whether got a team or not teammate: must the over the mountain there i wanna to see where can this people go he is in the safe zone lets drive a car he shot by the people on the mountain another person MK-14 is really nice i can’t shot on him fun teammate: 3 person left the last person teammate: yes teammate: u are not in the safe zone he was using sniper more than 20 seconds left fun is he over the airdrop in front of me? teammate: i didn’t realize it teammate: Qiu, amazing fun okay. then i go to bring random players.. wish u and your girlfriend stay sweet get birth early see u okay. see u

Reynold King



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