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First Hard Training Day for my Next Muay Thai Fight ❤ Katya’s Vlog #2

what time is it time for any serious the guys at 7am here in Phuket and now i have to run five and six covers or something like this and training will start at seven so i have like 13 14 years now Wow when tail after killing morning session how a real businessman guys now i’ll show how we get drinking water here here in thailand now it is no way to drink tap water don’t want a sip even thai people nobody drinks tap water everybody firewater so there are many machines like this and i have two big bottles five liters which one is already full a shit when guys I do it like every 45 days it doesn’t matter who you are and how you feel stand up dress up and go out so I’m a difficulty restaurant going to get something by useful no no I say hello your own hahaha I make a video yes I wasn’t able to sleep off the morning session it means I’m going to die in the afternoon because my gender thing for sure feel human it’s very bad but where they’ll get some sleep after this so this how to get up team camp looks like inside there are some budget rooms with no AC and ferry bus and what’s clean up nice and cheap so some people can come here for training they stay here here are more times you you already me here today what else and this is our judges room it’s empty now a jujitsu classes in ghee every day Ryan by Professor a lava brio Brazilian professor who is black belt in the engine get so fourth degree and else we have no geek glasses Ryan body professor Don Paolo who is also black belt from Brazil so it’s a really high class GG to hear and to get and many people come here in forget the team camp drain exactly with a lot of an executive job Paul and it’s really cool places before they give a bad boy and here is the hero of yesterday Charlie from England so Charlie you’re from England what language do you speak and who the president what currency taha my friend could just put this a real right Ben glasses for 5000 but oh my god it’s a it’s not yes she gives herself for for christmas and new year yeah are you arrive and such a joke it’s not right but I went for 100 bought from the market it’s a real rival Mamma Mia do you even see any differences ok it’s 4pm and I went for Ryan again so how fighters routine looks like we wake up in the morning we should run pfizer cross it’s like a fire from five five and six kilometers so we run this before the train they only come here and have a really hard training like for me normal train when I’m not fighting now it’s like a relaxing 3 i’m not even tired after but 45 day they train us really hard you feel just like dead after each station you feel fat and if you love you fucking great and happy yeah then in the afternoon so often drink we have either at 4-5 p.m. depending on the day of the week and we should come like 10 minutes before the training started and go for any it’s like two and a half kilometers and then we have one more hard training I literally have like three or four days for preparation but like in which i have things I’m ready I’m ready because I’m Vita a train every day zara she called me like this I didn’t know I’m on the market it’s just a local time market it’s not big every area yes has several markets like this where people can buy some who call this but not much les I’m fruit Oh this market multiple walk home where a Liam so foreigners come here to buy normal even don’t know so I just got the jackfruit I hope it’s older uncommon many people miss this one is come down this one there are supposed to smell but but actually can see the lecture they’re like come out and home all I need someone Oh why it’s a ghost ghost huh he was so scared it’s a ghost here with this alien right there give me my dog ah he wants to eat my dog I know my fight with I just kick my dog be a video blog video blog video blog video video blog say something picture p water sexy man Otto the musters the right home of sexy man in wookie atole babies oh yeah break in cars myself okay come baby and rewatch oh come and make my day watch my video on youtube / spy on the beach I always put of lilies how much they enjoyed is my name is mike for say a lot of 1 Cobra 1 by what time of it 11pm gotta they’ll ask about this place we have nice pancakes the best pancakes in Thailand it’s alex leave mark very very small with couple of things but here is the best towards the best pancakes involved very nice couple we are here to get some funky Akuma why don’t make article not for me the proof she didn’t this the greatest pancake ever how is it touching very good great staff great

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