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I am nervous (or nervous [trying to find the right word]) I don’t know which word you say in Dutch so [SE] today [NL] day? I have my phone because I don’t know how to speak Dutch I need [to look up words to find out what they are in Dutch] today=vandaag (and the “ja” of remembrance) so today I will speak Dutch because I’m learning Dutch because I want to study at Utrecht University *programma of cursus(?)
of course, my university programme/course/Master’s is in English but but I want to learn Dutch anyway but I can’t say many words [unsure if correct] no no I can’t… [SE] many [ES] things [NL] say I can understand a bit [now we do a tour of Germanic languages with the word “understand”] I have a bit of a problem because I have learnt some Swedish [and I confuse them] I’ve learnt some Swedish and that is a problem [no Ophelia, problem=probleem] because *gemeen
Swedish and Dutch have many words [gemeen] in common but *tegelijkertijd *veel verschillen(?) talen=languages I think that my accent is a bit – naturally, English, but – also *Zweeds
also a bit Swedish
[although on editing, it sounds very German & English, and not very Swedish] but *toen [I said “when” as in ‘wanneer kom je’ or something] when I was in Utrecht “a people” a man a man heard me speaking Dutch in Utrecht heard I don’t know *maar
“men” (but in Swedish) a man heard me speaking Dutch *hij lachte because I – no, he he thought I was German/I come from Germany and [he thought] I was trying to speak English *heel grappig
and he thought that it was [very funny] *utrecht universiteit
the botanical gardens of the Utrecht University Museum he thought that I was German but no no no I’m English a parent another man heard me speaking Dutch and he thought that I had lived in Utrecht *two years *dagen
“two…/ day[s]”
“two years?” so, I learn Dutch by watching… Steven Universe in Dutch and Zondag Met Lubach (Sunday with Lubach) Ik (listen in Swedish) I listen *podcasts
I listen to podcasts I like, I like football a bit and and I know that Ajax is a very good “team” (in French, and then in English with a French accent ???) football team I know that Ajax is a very good football team and Utrecht also have a team and um there are (in Danish???) er zijn=there are *podcasts
there are football podcasts *zichtbaar
and watching football is very good because it visual and *luisteren
I can watch [it] on the TV and listen to the commentary and I can learn new words but I have not [FR] in a ‘traditional’ way for me learn Dutch
[the grammar of this is all of the place soz] because *gekeken, geluisterd
I have watched and listened but I haven’t *geen, geleerd
I haven’t learnt grammar I really really am a beginner coffee break. no. but yes, I’m learning, and I love Dutch I think that it’s… yeah *meer
it is more [IT] more [ES] more [FR]
[now doing a tour of Romance languages] and I want to make a video with Emma I have a new… new… I have a new job it’s not interesting but but yes, I need money *Geldautomaat [I think my confusion is that they’re yellow and yellow is “Geel”… and in French, “argent” is money and silver] because I want to do a Master’s *Emma heeft ook een baan
Emma also has a job I hope that you have a great week but yes I want to *Ik zal jullie allemaal snel zien(?)
I will see you soon, not I want to [I confuse I want & I will]

Reynold King

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