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First #walktowceu training

hey everybody, I’m walking and I’m training and for those of you who don’t know what it is I’m doing, well let me explain a little. Currently I’m doing my first training session for my walk to WordCamp Europe in Berlin in 2019. The reason I’m doing this is because I want to raise funds for a very nice foundation, this foundation is DonateWC This foundation makes sure that people can attend WordCamps all over the world and for the people who don’t have the financial means to do this, the foundation will support them and cover their travel expenses, their hotel costs and whatever they need. I’m gonna do my walk in May of 2019. I’m gonna walk for about 30 days, I’m not gonna walk every day and I’m gonna walk about 30 kilometres a day. I’m gonna need some stuff from you, the people of the nice WordPress community. I need places to stay, not to stay during the day, but I need a place to sleep. I’m not gonna bring a tent, maybe I’m gonna bring a sleeping bag just for emergencies. I’m not gonna bring all my camping stuff it’s gonna be too much. I’m wearing a backpack over here not a tent gonna fit in there. What I want to ask of you is, follow the hashtag #walktowceu on Twitter so you can see my updates. I have a website which is and on that website I have posted my route. Still the preliminary route but I’m gonna need some places to sleep along that route, so if you know people, or if you live along the route yourself, please let me know, maybe we can arrange something so I can sleep at your place and maybe cook you some dinner, or I’ll make you breakfast in the morning, but then I’m gonna leave again. Thanks for watching, I’ve got still about 20 kilometers left on this training session and I’m feeling good. Thanks (again) for watching. See ya!

Reynold King

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