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Florida Residents Prepare For Worst As Hurricane Dorian Approaches | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Reynold King

87 Replies to “Florida Residents Prepare For Worst As Hurricane Dorian Approaches | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. Hope everyone will be safe. I am fortunate to live in the UK and cannot imagine how people manage.How do really poor people who cannot buy stocks up or protect their homes from damage?

  2. I'm going to bake cookies and muffins, and put them away. I already have canned stuff for things like tuna sandwiches and PB&J. And I have two cases of water in my chest freezer. I even have some plastic table clothes and duct tape incase I need to cover an unexpected leak or broken window. …… I just need to get the candles.

  3. Mr Trump, This is the moment to drop the nuke in the hurricane in order to save Florida. You are the greatest stable genius ever in the universe.

  4. I'm a native Floridian so I'm well-versed in hurricane preparedness. We're not the Sunshine state, we're the Storm State.
    Here we go again.

  5. Dorian is gonna pull up houses from the roots and take the streets into a lake.. 133 tornadoes will tornadoes through out south Florida…

  6. Great to see them preparing, but why are they just now doing it? They know that these happen all the time and keep getting worse.

    Please people, disasters happen Avery where, prepare when it is not an emergency.

  7. If only it would flatten Mar-A-Lago with Trump crime families inside. God will send a message soon.

  8. It is FLORIDA! what did you expect? SNOW? Hurricane prepping only hours before? You never learn? Christ will return as a big surprise too the World as well.

  9. Truth is, most if not all of present day Florida coastline wont be around in a couple decades or so. And it wont even be the hurricanes washing it away, its the rising sea level – its already visible. Anyone who expects to live that long and has coastal property is best advised to sell it while there are still fools buying it. May sound macabre but that peninsula will be the first total loss to climate change in the US.

    But chose your new home wisely, hurricanes will still pound the east and southeast coast. Tornados will keep you on your toes in the heartland and drought fueled wildfires will have you on the run on the west coast. The outlook is grim for the US.

  10. Last time I was in FL I was there for Hurricane Matthew. I saw multiple collisions in the Publix parking lot. The hurricane ended up missing us (Miami) entirely. This is why I'm more afraid of people than hurricanes

  11. Please if you live in Florida for God's sake go on a camping trip/ get away from the coast for a week.. Ive warned fir over a year I think everyone should move away from the coastal cities They are modern day Sodom and Gomorrah's and God is going to deal with them Illuminati's

  12. matthew irma now dorian ive been through those two now i have to go through this hurricane aye but no school tho

  13. It wasn't Hurricane Uma, lady, it was Hurricane IRMA!!! Get it right reporters!! smdh And WHY do people wait until the last minute, two days before to stand on long, long long long lines to get supplies??? Why don't they think ahead and stock up a couple of months in advance with batteries, flashlights, water etc. Best of luck, Florida!

  14. Dorian killer hurricane was fully predicted well before its formation in the Atlantic ocean. Yet my many warnings did not go too far, thanks to my reptilius infected internet enemies!  Read and share Be part of the solution pls –

  15. Weren’t these the same morons waiting in line for a sandwich last week, now they waiting in line to get supplies at the last minute. 😂 I hope this hurricane destroys Florida

  16. may be a silly question but if these people have the money to go into a store now, to stock up, why have they not done so and already had a store pile in their house? Its not like these events do not happen every year…. They know this is coming every year so why leave it until the last minute?

  17. "A week's supply" for an American would feed me for a month. If I could eat their disgusting food. Did anybody mention that these Floridians might be awash in 15 feet of tidal surge while they're eating their sugar hog crisps?

  18. You don't want to hunker down you want to hunker up when this thing brings in water it's going to be bad it's just going to sit there and lift the water up while it rides the coast it's it's literally just going to flood the entire state you do not want to hunker down you want to get as high as you can

  19. Florida is such a horrible state. California has none of this problem as California soaks up all the water because it's such a dry state.

  20. No offense meant to amyone truly but I have never understood why people are not stocked up on things when the season begins. Even things like wood cut to cover windows can be used over and over for years until its trashed, simple as zipping screws in w power tool. Gas cans at last minute? Every year they know the possibilities –

  21. Y people only prepare when they gets a heads up why not be prepared from da start just incase something hits the fan that exact day😅😌

  22. News Channels should be advising people to put cycle helmets on kids and put them between bed mattress and other useful information that will save lives!.

  23. 0bama and Clinton voters are preparing to LOOT everything that isn't blown or washed away by Dorian … same as it ever was .. same as it ever was … .. same as it ever was

  24. If I lived in Florida, I would have been stockpiled supplies the moment hurricane season started. The state is in the top 3 of frequently getting hit by hurricanes.

  25. Its a shame most people dont prepare BEFORE the storm so that there are no crazy ques like this. This is nuts….for a bit of water come on. No way would I stand around like that. I would have done that months before.

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