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Fmr. Surgeon General: Focus On ‘Preparation, Not On Panic’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Reynold King

37 Replies to “Fmr. Surgeon General: Focus On ‘Preparation, Not On Panic’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC”

  1. MSNBC should not spread fear for starters. Spreading fear with virus only creates anxiety. MSNBC stop the gossip instead why not help in making people think more positive. Get people to exercise more. More healthy people less anxiety and prevents infections.

  2. I’m glad Dump put science denier mike pence in charge of the coronavirus. Now all we have to do is pray to Jesus and everything will be ok

  3. The only reason trump had a press conference on the coronavirus was because he is losing money in the stock market. He could care less if anyone dies. He will be back in mara Lago this weekend with his nauseating mail order bride

  4. Trump has lost all credibility with the American people the same way he lost credibility with American banks a long time ago. Trump's words have been weighed and measured, and have been found wanting……consistently.

  5. There's a number of ways everbody can protect themselves, for example, wipe down with disinfectant wipes the store provides for groceries carts once or before you enter the store manager if not bring your own. Use paper towel to open bathroom door, trun on and shut off water faucet after washing hands, singing to your self happy birthday, hands pointing down letting the water rise from wrist down to finger tips. Use toilet seat paper covers. You can even keep a small package of facial tissue, using one to cover door handles, or handling items.

  6. Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan has ordered her MSNBCannibal Military cyber experts to program the drones scanning illegal aliens crossing the border to detect corona virus heat signature so she knows which Illegal aliens not to chainsaw massacre to pieces and then cannibalize their remains!!

  7. LIBERAL…Screams for equality on Monday, wins 20 million in Lottery on Tuesday…Hires 3 Attorneys to fight to keep every nickel…NEVER seen at Protest again, Equality is deleted from vocabulary…FACT….dems prey on the idea of Envy and Jealousy

  8. TAKE A HINT from your own headline, MSNBC. Focus on preparation, like hand washing, face masks or respirators, and just being generally aware that everyone you encounter at an airport could be sick. Stop with the hysteria. It isn't doing anyone any good. Remember when you said Trump would cause WW3? Ruin the economy? Things are looking pretty good over here, and time and time again you are wrong. I sincerely hope you are wrong on this too. No one needs a worldwide virus outbreak or a falling stock market, but you guys have been praying for it since Aug 19, 2019 and possibly before. It's like you want us to stay in panic mode. "The sky is falling again! Please listen to us this time!" Gtfo.

  9. Well drumpf's planned cuts to the CDC should help with the deaths on countless Americans.

    At least the anti-vaccination movement and flat earthers are ok with it all!

  10. o now trump is gagging government scientists unless their statements are "approved" or "rewritten" first!!! We cannot stand for this. The government scientists must speak out!! Be Lieutenants of patriotism for the country. Be Profiles in Courage.

  11. "If we are sick go see a doctor and get it taken care of…" Hello? Not currently an option for many Americans. Bernie 2020!!!

  12. You tell 'em Trumpuppet!! We know you're our GREATEST VIROLOGIST!! Maybe probably certainly the BEST EVER! Forget what all these Dem ITCH HUNTERS are saying. Fake flu's, FAKE FLU'S!! We know you're not afraid to take on the coronavirus! We know you'll be out there glad-handing the masses during the 2020 presidential campaign, shaking all the hands, kissing all the babies, mhm.

  13. This coronavirus is going to happen. The length of time the virus survives outside of a host and the sheer number of carriers without symptoms make this like a guaranteed pandemic. There used to be a video game where players designed pathogens based on many variables. The Coronavirus would be right up there with the best pathogens. We just have to be prepared and we need the CDC to develop vaccines and the FDA to fast track new antivirals.

  14. Medicare for All would mean that everyone could get tested when exposed! With our current system Coronavirus will rapidly grow in poorer communities and spread to the rest of us from there.

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