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Full Country CHICKEN BIRYANI prepared by my Daddy Arumugam / Village food factory

Kanthalloor Kerala Country chicken Whole chicken biryani Camphor Daddy worships fire as a god This onion is very important to Biryani If you do something that smells good Turmeric This is enough Turmeric should be painted everywhere Large firewood should be kept Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom Bring leaves onion Green chilli Salt Cumin Whole chicken Coriander leaves funny sound Is hungry Seeraga samba rice Ghee Coconut oil The ice age is like this Cinnamon Cloves Cinnamon Javithri Bring leaves, Star anise Onion Green chilli Adding tomatoes Salt Adding Ginger Garlic Red Chilli powder Cumin powder Coriander powder Coriander Country mint Chicken Stock water Cucumber Rice Banana leaves Cabbage garden

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Full Country CHICKEN BIRYANI prepared by my Daddy Arumugam / Village food factory”

  1. You're loosing viewers too fast…reduce the number of videos and increase diversity. I see that you are changing locations often too…but make some descriptions on where you are. Creativity lacking because of too many videos produced in too short of a period.

  2. ‏بعـدنه احنـه اعلـه ديـرتنـه…!!
    اعله طيبـتنـه اعلـه حطّتنـه…!!
    ولا عنــوانه تغيـر…!!🌻💛

  3. Its a good way to start your day watching this👏👏👏👏

  4. இது நாட்டு கோழி இல்லை தாதா…அசில் கிராஸ் பண்ணை கோழி

  5. நம்ம இது மாதிரி சமையல் செய்யாட்டியும் பாத்தாலே எச்சி ஊறுது🤤🤤

  6. உன் மீசையை எடு…உன் தாடியை எடு..அசிங்கம் புடுச்சச்ச வனே

  7. There are very many people who love to watch daddy cook. We love watching him share his culture with us… BUT,,, there are also other people that help Daddy make his videos. Those people deserve praise as well. The people behind the cameras and those that produce the videos. These people are a big part of the experience and should share and the praise.

  8. Village cooking channel is best cooking channel இப்போதைக்கு 1 day ல million viwers neat and clean is achiveve

  9. நீங்கள் செய்யும் முறையும் உணவும் எங்களை "INSPIRE" செய்கிறது

  10. That's I am your great heartly fan can I join for you can I taste in your food my name is Farook age14 thiruppathur sivagagai

  11. கடம்பூர் ஜல்லிக்கட்டு 2020| kadambur jallikatu

  12. கடம்பூர் ஜல்லிக்கட்டு 2020| kadambur jallikatu

  13. கடம்பூர் ஜல்லிக்கட்டு 2020| kadambur jallikatu

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