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Gareth Bale with Cristiano Ronaldo on first day of training at Real Madrid

It is the million dollar handshake. Cristiano
Ronaldo greeted Gareth Bale on Wednesday, as the Welshman turned up for training with
Real Madrid for the first time. Inside the club’s Valdebebas training ground, the manager
Carlo Ancelotti and his assistant Zinedine Zidane also welcomed the record signing. Bale
then joined the rest of players for a two-hour session, meeting up with his old Spurs teammate
Luka Modric. No one, except perhaps for Ancelotti, knows whether the former Tottenham man will
make his debut during Saturday’s La Liga match against Villarreal, but Wales manager Chris
Coleman said this week that Bale is not fit enough to play a full 90 minutes.
He played 30 minutes of Wales’ 3-0 defeat to Serbia on Tuesday, and that was his first
competitive action since July. Real have won their opening three La Liga matches under
Ancelotti, who replaced Jose Mourinho at the end of last season. It remains to be seen
how Bale adapts to playing alongside the likes of Ronaldo and whether he can make up for
the departure of German playmaker Mesut Ozil to Arsenal.

Reynold King

99 Replies to “Gareth Bale with Cristiano Ronaldo on first day of training at Real Madrid”

  1. if any talent is being wasted its ronaldo because of bale seeing the few times he played , ronaldo was changed to the middle where he performs way less then in the sides.. bale has been injured since he got there, dont get why you say madrid is wasting his talent.

  2. well, madrid didnt do anything to change the fact they lost, but then again the normal tactics of barça of making a fuss around the ref before the game clearly had some results like usual..

  3. Definitely a better player, especially for Real. Bale brings nothing to the team they don't already have in abundance (freekicks and power shots), along with a niggling injury record. He wasn't bought out of requirement; he was bought because Perez wanted a big signing to up Barca getting Neymar.

  4. Mesut Ozil is the better playmaker, but his finishing is poor. Bale is like a worser version of Ronaldo, yet not far off. Providing that Bale can adapt into Madrid as well as Ozil did, Bale would probably be the better player overall.

  5. Firstly, revise your grammar. Secondly, wasted his talent? He's only just arrived, and has been struggling with injuries and poor fitness as a result of missing preseason. Give him some time before criticizing.

  6. i can say this. firt a was like nooo don sell ozil big mistake real. but now after 3 mounths after seing Bale play. i must say that real did a great deal.

  7. You guys are stupid…Bale is a different player to Ozil. They sold Ozil because Isko will be taking over his role anyway and Bale is just a freak of nature. That's like saying Bale is better than Pepe ffs…

  8. Man… I just want to thank spurs for polishing them. They did a great job with Bale and modric such great players and beautiful(personality) people. They were the missing players we needed to win the 10th. I just wish we could bring Ozil back and hopefully a striker to put a little pressure on Benzema. The team has a perfect chemistry it would just need two players to make it more competitive but otherwise perfect.
    Hala Madrid !!!!

  9. Yahya attar

    Cette video est super

  10. You can't really compare Bale and Ozil. They have different styles in the way they play. I like Bale but I miss Ozil on the team.

  11. Hes now playing full matches first not a good player then one of the best players in the world now playing for real madrid and wales C'mon Cymru (Wales)

  12. Am I the only person who

    a) At first didn't recognise Bale's hair
    b) Thought that he looked better with shorter hair?

  13. since his signing:
    3 champions league titles
    3 fifa club world cups
    1 copa del rey
    1 la liga'

    Hala Madrid

  14. Holy motherfucking shit, G.Bales first season was absolutely INSANE and that haircut?! That look was goooood Gareth why did you change… i wonder 🙂 god damn it he was killing it in his first season i must watch everything he did that season, LORD !!

  15. Lol when he said that bale wasn’t fit enough to play a full match of pro football I ate another chip and took a deep hard look at myself

  16. yep i think he is a hell of a lot better than Ozil, in prem league and in Spain, shame Wales isnonly half the team Germany is no disrespect. England would have loved him in the squad. i hope we get to see Bale and Kane playing together one day preferably at Spurs

  17. Real Madrid fans should treat Bale with more respect he just won them their 13th UCL title and his 4th 🏆🐲

  18. Didn't seem like a warm welcome from Ronaldo. But what was I expecting? Ronaldo to jump on him and bum him? Ok point taken

  19. Who knew that time that Bale is going to replace Ronaldo! Even Ronaldo played good enough to let them get Champions league title 🙂

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