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– [Stephen Sharer]
Alright, are you guys ready to start the new challenge? – Yeah!
– I’m so excited! – [Stephen] Figure out what it is. – Okay. – [Stephen] Who wants to open it? – Wait, I think Matt won,
shouldn’t he open it? – [Stephen] Oh yeah, where’s Matt? – [Rebecca] Matt! – Wait, what’s that noise? Matt, what’s that noise?
– [Grace] Matt! – What is that? Whoa, wait, there’s like stuff in the water down there. Yeah, so I don’t know what they’re doing but there’s definitely
something in the water. We better start these challenges. It could just be a distraction. Okay, so Matt… – Is everything okay, you guys? Has the sea house been compromised? – [Stephen] No, I think we’re okay. We just gotta get the next challenge over. We gotta figure out what
the next challenge is. – [Grace] Okay?
– [Rebecca] Okay. Yeah, and before we open
the adventure briefcase since Matt won the last break challenge over on Grace’s channel, you get to put a ribbon up on the
Island Adventure board. So pick your ribbon.
– [Matt] Boom! – [Stephen] Oh yeah! – [Matt] It fell already! – Wait, I won the balloon pop challenge! I get to put one up too! – [Stephen] Oh that’s right, you get to put one up too. – Wait, that means we’re
all tied right now. – Oh, hang on, so we’re all tied. – We each have one. – We need to open the briefcase and figure out what the next challenge is. Because remember Sharers, the final prize is apparently what was the final prize again? Something like treasure chest? – A treasure chest.
– And we have to win. – Where is that treasure chest? – We don’t know? We don’t know yet. We’re hoping maybe one
of the challenges will lead us to there. That’s right, we gotta complete all the challenges in order to find out where the treasure chest is. So let’s get this briefcase open! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Open it up!
– [Rebecca] Let’s open it! You get to pick the envelope. (audible gasping, cooing) – [Stephen] Oh we’re getting down. There’s only a few challenges left. Which card should I pick? – Steve, you love red,
maybe you should pick red. – Okay. I pick this one. Okay, let’s open it up. Let’s figure out what
the next challenge is. (loud crash) (dramatic, suspenseful music plays) – [Grace] What was that? – Did you hear that? – [Grace] You guys,
these are supposed to be fun challenges but there’s been all those drones flying around. – [Matt] I think it’s coming from out in the garage. Okay, stay here. I’ll be right back. Let me go check. (suspenseful music plays) Okay, news alert Sharers,
there’s a white van here. Not sure why it’s here but let me do some more investigating. Okay, so Sharers, this
van has no markings on it, no company name, no labeling or anything. It looks a little beat up too. Let me zoom in a little bit. Okay, it looks like yeah, there’s no labels on it or anything. There’s a lot of body panels missing on this truck too. It looks like it’s very
damaged for some reason. Okay, hang on Sharers,
something’s not right. I don’t know how the van got past the gate because the gate is closed. They must have had access to it and opened it then closed it real quick. And it looks like there must have been something in the trunk that they took out. We gotta get back inside
and tell the crew. Let’s go Sharers, let’s go! (dramatic music plays) – What was it? – [Stephen] I don’t know. It’s like a white van or something. – A white van? Like at
home? Like those spy vans? Or like the surveillance vans you guys have been seeing? – Yeah. – I don’t know. I don’t know where the person went. But somehow they got through the gate. – What?
– What? – How did they know the passcode? – I don’t know. – So are they part of
this adventure challenge? – I have no idea. Did you see anyone come through? – No nothing.
– I didn’t see anyone. I say we just open the envelope cause let’s get going, we need to figure out who
is gonna be the winner. – Steve, open it up. – Okay, okay. Here we go. Drop test was great, now
it’s time to inflate. There is a backyard water slide with a ninja obstacle course side. Get the most points and I will decide. It’s from Aven Ture. – [Matt] What? – It’s from that same person. – Same guy. But wait, a water slide? – Backyard water slide? – We’ve been to a water park but we don’t have a water
park in our backyard. We only have a pool. – [Matt] That’s true. – That doesn’t make sense. – Maybe that van has
something to do with this. – Let’s go outside, maybe there’s like an inflatable clue or something. We should go search. – Yeah, maybe something just appeared. Just like the last time. – [Rebecca] Yeah it magically appeared. – Okay, let’s go check this. Huh? – Whoa.
– Whoa! – What!? – What is that? – [Grace] It’s huge. – Wait, how did this get here so quick? – The tape!
– It’s like magic! – It looks like a deflated circus tent. – This must have been from Adven. This is part of the adventure challenge. – Oh, Mr. Ture is at it again. – Wait, think about it.
An inflatable thing. Inflatable was on the note. This must be some giant inflatable thing but what is it? It’s huge. And what are these things? Look at that, they have
like some wire thing coming out of it. – Yeah, maybe it’s like filled with Gatorade or something? – It’s like a giant water balloon. – [Stephen] Yeah, what is
it? What is this thing? It’s got a hose going
to it and everything. – [Matt] There’s one of those things. – [Stephen] Wait, what are these? They’ve got like wires and everything. (Stephen gasps loudly) What is that? Oh, it’s filled with water. – Stephen, I don’t want to sound weird but there’s twice as
many people out here now. – [Stephen] You’re right. Why are there more people down there? – It looks like they’re searching for something in the water. – Yeah yeah, that guy in the blue is shoveling the ground. – [Stephen] What could be out there? – They must be here to be a distraction. Like, they don’t want us to complete this challenge. We have to complete it faster, you guys. – Yeah, you’re right. We don’t want to run out of time. Okay, what do we do? Wait a second. A blower! Like a moon bounce blower. Matt, press that thing, see what happens. – Okay, stand back, everybody stand back. Here we go. – [Stephen] Here we go. Three, two, one. (sound of fan turning on) (group cheering) – Only the the world’s biggest inflatable! But what type of inflatable? – Sharers, this is definitely
some sort of inflatable. Comment down below what kind of inflatable you think this thing is. – Like, obstacle inflatable,
pool inflatable… – Wait, they said ninja
training in the note. Maybe it has something to do with like, ninja training or working on ninja skills? – You’re right. (upbeat music playing) No way, it’s an inflatable water slide! – Yes, this is awesome! – [Stephen] Whoa, Matt’s going up. Oh whoa, this thing is huge. Go Matt, go! Test it out. Sharers,
smash the like button. This thing is huge and we’ve got an inflatable
waterslide in Hawaii! – [Matt] Ready? – [Stephen] Ready, Matt! Go down! Three, two, one, go! (guys cheering) Yeah, so Sharers, this
is going to be the start to the ninja training course. It looks like we have
to go down this slide and go through all these
obstacles down here, and as the slide gets more water on it it gets even faster. So let me give you a little
tour of this inflatable slide. You hop on it right
here, and then you have to climb all the way to the top up here. It’s kind of narrow and pretty slippery, but you’ve got grab handles here so you can go all the way up here. This is the part where
I basically get stuck because it’s so narrow. Once you make it to the
top, you can look out here. And you can see the ocean,
like crazy. How cool is that? We’re basically just as
tall as that palm tree. You can almost grab the coconuts there. Or you could jump off all
the way into the ocean. It’s so cool. And then you look down here and you go straight down into the water and then we’ll have to jump over that and start the obstacle course. So Sharers, let’s go down the slide. Three, two, one. (Stephen cheering) Phew! That is quick. Oh yeah! So for this ninja obstacle training course you start here, you run up to the top, you come down the inflatable slide, you land in the pool, then
you have to jump over here, and you make it to the first line. This is the cartwheel line. So it looks like you have to do cartwheels all the way from this line to that line. – Yeah, Rebecca will demonstrate exactly what a cartwheel
is supposed to look like. – Okay! – [Stephen] Here we go, oh yeah. (sounds of group cheering) Okay! So Rebecca did cartwheels and then it looks like
you get to this stage. And it looks like it’s
the ninja pop stage. – We can’t practice
this one. This is crazy. – I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m assuming you pick up a balloon, you have to pop it in your hands and see what color comes out? I don’t know. I don’t want
to pop it too early though. – Share fam, you guys,
make sure to comment what color the balloon is when we pop it in the comments section. – Yeah, and then after
you pop your balloon it looks like you run over
to the green line here. Oh and this green line
has the egg spy walk. Oh, this is hard. So
you gotta go like this. And you gotta walk the egg across all the way to that gray line
without the egg cracking. – Yeah Sharers! And you saw in my vlog that we did an egg drop
contest. So comment down below if you remember who won that challenge. – And then it looks like
after the egg spy walk you come here and then you
return all the way back to the slide in the shortest
amount of time is the winner. And before we begin this challenge looks like it’s gonna
be a little bit intense so let’s get some
stretching on. Here we go. (suspenseful music playing) Okay, what are we waiting for? Let’s get this challenge
started. Who wants to go first? – Stephen!
– Stephen! – Rebecca should go first. – No no! Rock, paper, scissors. – Rock, paper, scissors. Okay, you ready? – Rock, paper, scissors, go!
Rock, paper, scissors, go! Rock, paper, scissors, go! (group shouts loudly) – Okay, fine, you know
what, I’ll go first. – [Matt] Okay, Rebecca is going first. – I’m gonna go first, and then all them are going to be intimidated
by my ninja skills! – Alright Sharers, smash
the like button for Rebecca. Let’s see what her time is. Alright Sharers, Rebecca’s
up first. You ready? – I’m ready. – Here we go. In three, two, one, go! Rebecca is doing good. She’s
climbing up to the top. Will she make it? It gets
super narrow right there. Woo, you gotta squeeze by.
Okay, she made it to the top. She’s sliding down. (Rebecca shouting) Now she’s gotta make it to the cartwheel. She’s gotta make it to
the cartwheel, go go go! And she’s cartwheeling,
one, two, oh! Ninja pop! Ninja balloon pop. Will it pop? Will it pop, will it pop, will it pop? (Rebecca groaning loudly) (Group cheering) It popped! Okay, okay, the egg
spy walk. The egg spy walk. – [Matt] Be careful, Bec, be careful! – [Stephen] This is hard.
Be careful, be careful. – [Matt] It’s wobbling! It’s wobbling! – [Stephen] Rebecca’s
doing good and she made it! Put the egg down, and run it
back, run it back, run it back. What’s the time gonna be?
What’s the time gonna be? – Whew! That’s tiring! Went as fast as I could
for you, Sharer fam. – Oh yeah! Sharers, that was pretty good! Should we reveal the time? – 52 seconds point zero five. – 52 point zero five! That was pretty fast. – Yes, I feel like a ninja warrior. (Rebecca grunts loudly) – Nice! Wow, that might
be a hard time to beat. That looked pretty fast and Rebecca’s really good at cartwheels and she was actually really
good at popping that balloon. Okay, so Rebecca went first,
Matt, you ready to go next? – Aw, yeah. I think I can
beat my wife’s time, come on. – [Rebecca] No way! – Alright, we’ll see. Rebecca
did pretty pretty pretty good. I don’t know if Matt can do a cartwheel, but we’re about to find out. – I don’t know if I can
do a cartwheel either. – Alright, let’s start this, world’s biggest inflatable challenge. You ready, Matt? – Yep. – You gotta touch the white, you gotta start by touching the white. Here we go, ready? Sharers, let’s do this! In three, two, one, go go go!
Oh he is off to a fast start. Wow wow wow. Matt is climbing
that thing really really fast. He already made it to the
top. Okay, he’s coming down. Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, there he goes, there
he goes and cartwheel! Whoa, two cartwheels, oh
yeah, and balloon pop. Ninja pop, here we go, here we go. Pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it! Oh! That was green! That was so heavy. That was really epic green. Okay, okay. Egg spy walk. (suspenseful music plays) And he made it, on his back,
return back, return back. This is gonna be a fast
time. Let’s see, let’s see. Oh! Oh yeah! – Whew! Oh yeah! – That was fast. Sharers, I
have to tell you right now, that was fast, I think that
time might’ve beat Rebecca’s. Alright, let’s see what that time was. Sharers, who do you think
won, #Rebecca or #Matt? You ready for the reveal?
– I’m ready! – Alright, Matt’s time was 35.35 seconds! – Woo! What? – That means Matt is in the
lead, and Grace, you’re up next. – I’m up next? Oh boy. – You got it, Grace. – I can do it, I can do it, Sharers. Smash the like button if you
think I can beat Matt’s time. – Alright, well, there’s only
one way to find out, Grace. Get strapped up, get ready
to go, let’s do this. – Okay, let’s do it! – [Rebecca] Come one Grace, beat the boys! – Okay, my sister Grace is up, first Sharer fam member to do this. Okay, Grace, start by touching the white. You gotta touch the
white before you begin. Okay, here we go, you ready? – I’m ready! – Inflatable obstacle course
begins in three, two, one! Go, go, go! Whew, she’s
running up, she’s running up. Grace is doing pretty good. I think she’s off to a faster
start than Rebecca was. (Grace shouting) Slide down, Grace! She
took the long slide. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Jump
it, jump it, jump it, jump it! Go, go, go, go. Cartwheel, whoa, one, two. And pop the balloon quick,
Grace. You gotta pop it quick. Squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it. – It’s heavy! – [Stephen] Come on, pull
as hard, oh! It was yellow. (group shouting excitedly) The egg spy walk, oh be
careful, don’t drop the egg. Do not drop the egg.
Careful, Grace, careful. (Grace screaming) Go Grace, go, go, go, run, run, run, run! Go Grace, go, go, go, go, and stop! That was pretty quick. But hang on, before we
get to Grace’s time, you kind of did drop the egg at the end. So let’s see if it cracked or not. Sharers, if the egg cracked, then – Then I’m disqualified. – She might be disqualified. But there’s only one way to find out. Sharers, do you think the egg cracked? It rolled.
– Where is it? – It rolled into the garden here. Check the egg. Did it crack? Let’s see, did it crack,
did it crack, did it crack? – [Grace] No! It’s all good! – Okay, let’s go find
out what Grace’s time is. She did good, the egg did not crack. Okay. Rebecca, we gotta find
out what Grace’s time was. You ready for this, Sharers?
Here we go! You ready? – Okay, okay. – Three, two, one, 43 point seven seven! (group cheering) – I’m in last! – That means Grace is
in second place so far. Matt’s in first and Rebecca’s in third. – I’m in third! I’m in third! – And it’s up to me to go. So Sharers, if I can beat Matt’s time, that means I’ll be the ultimate winner and I’ll get to put another ribbon up on the Island Adventure board. Okay, um, only one way to find out! Let’s do this! I’m warmed
up, I’m ready to go. So smash the like button,
give me good luck, phew. We got this. Let’s do this. – [Grace] You ready, Steve? – I’m ready. – World’s biggest inflatable
ninja course, final round. In three, two, one, go! – [Stephen] Go, go, go, go, go! Oh god, oh, it’s slippery. – [Grace] Go Steve! Go, go go, go, go! (Stephen shouting) – [Grace] Jump, jump, jump, jump! – [Rebecca] Go Stephen! – [Grace] Cartwheel,
cartwheel. Balloon pop. You got this, pop it, pop it, pop it. (Stephen shouting) Oh, it’s blue! Blue! – Egg spy walk. – [Grace] Egg spy walk,
you got it, you got it. Low and squat, low and squat. Go, run, run! Oh my gosh, so fast! (Grace cheering) – I finished! That’s the
way to do it! Aw yeah! Phew, let’s see what my time was. Sharers, that was intense. Okay.
Should we reveal the score? – I don’t know, I think you
guys should comment right now where you think Stephen placed. Do you think he got number one? Or do you think he’s
second, third or fourth? – I feel like I was a lot
faster than Rebecca but. – Ah! True. – Steve, what was that? – Something just fell out of the sky? Where did that come from? – [Rebecca] I have no idea. – [Stephen] Did you see that, Matt? – Nah, I didn’t see anything. – Wait, Steve, over here, over here. – Where? – Was it this? – A coconut? Ew. – Something is on your
foot, hey, wait a second. This is not just any coconut. There’s a number two, six, nine, three. Sharers, comment that down below so we can remember those numbers. – Wait, do you think that’s the order? Or do you think that three is first? Because there’s paint here…
– [Grace] Paint here… – Do you think it’s three, nine, six, two? – Why is there paint? – I don’t know, why are
there numbers on the coconut? – Wait, hold on, it’s like,
so that paint came from here. So it couldn’t have come from the tree because the tree is over there. That means it must have fallen
from something up there? – Yeah, because trees don’t have coconuts with writing on it. It doesn’t make sense. It has to be from something. – Okay, Sharers, I don’t
know where this came from but comment these numbers
down below just in case. We gotta go find out who
won this competition! Let’s go! Sharers, I have a feeling I won, so let’s go reveal this, let’s do it. Okay, so Sharers, let’s
reveal my time, you ready? – Yeah! – Here we go, in three, two, one! – 29:36! (group cheering) – That means I am the winner! Woo! Wait, what is that? – [Grace] You see something? – [Stephen] Wait, zoom in on that? – [Grace] Whoa!
– [Stephen] What is that? – We need to go up, get
up, get up, get up, get up. – Wait, hold on, go up the
slide, go up the slide. – Go up the slide? – [Stephen] Take cover,
take cover, take cover. Go, go up. Hurry! Hurry! – [Grace] Take cover! Take cover! Go, go, go. I don’t know
what that is! Go, go, go. Quick! What is that, what
is that, what is that? – Look! – [Stephen] What is it? What is it? – It looks like a box of some sort. Like a parachute is dropping something. – It’s like a flying box. – Zoom in on it, zoom in. Zoom in! – [Stephen] Uh, wait, I don’t
have enough zoom on my lens. I don’t have enough zoom on my lens. – I’ve got a camera here. – Use this one, yeah yeah
yeah. This one has better zoom. – Alright, it looks like a
mystery package of some sort. It’s like a parachute with a mystery box. – It’s like a drone dropping something. – Okay, okay, Sharers, head
on over to Rebecca’s channel. She’s got the camera that can see it. You got it? You got the
shot? Rebecca’s got the shot. Sharers, click the card right here. Okay Sharers, wish us luck! We gotta figure out what this is. I’m going down, careful, whoa! – Stay awesome, the channel!

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