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Guild Wars 2 – Cooking 500 and Gourmet Training Guide

This entire Gourmet Training collection can
be quite confusing or at least it was for me so let’s make a guide. The first thing you have to do is level up
your cooking up to 425. Once it’s done you will receive a talk invitation
from the Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs. He stands at Trades Forum PoI in the Lion’s
Arch and sends you to talk with Seimur Oxbone in your Home Instance. He wants to try your Chef’s Tasting Platter
so use the nearby Cooking station and craft it for him. This will unlock the Gourmet Training collection. It has one row of tasks for each race but
don’t worry you don’t have to level up multiple races. One small tip here. The last task for each race will reward you
with 10 levels of Cooking so you may want to be lvl 450 before you collect them. The first 3 tasks for each race are the same. You have to craft specific foods near the
race master crafter. It simply means that you must use a crafting
station in the City of each race. Name of the food is always in the tooltip
so just check ingredients on the wiki and buy them on the trading post, none of those
foods requires any extra steps. However here it can be a bit confusing because
you may already know some of those recipes, so search before you start wondering why the
heck your discovery doesn’t work. The rest of the Norn row will require 5 Deldrimor
Ingots, 1 Spiritwood Plank and 5 Dragonite Ingots. The first 2 can be bought on the trading post
but the Dragonite Ingots are account bount so you will need any of the armor or weapon
crafting discipline at level 450. Once you have it, talk with Einar Blackforge
at Master Blackforge’s Steading PoI in the Hoelbrak. Buy his deliveries and come back in 2 hours
to finish the final task. After you make foods in the Sylvari row, go
talk with Mender Earie a bit west from the Caledon Waypoint in the Grove. She will teach you how to harvest Varietal
Seeds. Now you have to find nodes with word Herb
in the name and gather them until you get Varietal Seed. A lot of those grow in the Mount Maelstrom
or Straits of Devastation. Return to the Mender Earie, get recipe and
craft the Portable Composter. It’s the unlimited salvage kit for the Food
so don’t lose it. Return to her again and enter your Home Instance
to unlock free Gardening Plot and the final task. For the rest of the Charr row talk with Vaastas
Meatslayer a bit south of Butcher’s Block Village Waypoint in the Diessa Plateau. Then you have to watch him slay 3 cows. This happens on the end of the cow escort
event what spawn every few minutes at nearby Bovarin Estate PoI. Once you talk with him again he will teach
you Meat Cutting Techniques. From now on you can drop rare meats from various
mobs. It’s Cut of Quality Red Meat and Slab of Poultry
Meat. Again check the wiki for specific mobs what
can drop it and go farm them till you get some or just buy those meats on the trading
post. Return to Vaastas and it’s done. The Human part is easy. Buy or craft 3 Heat Stones and bring them
to Luron the Baker a bit north from Dwayna’s Waypoint in the Divinity’s Reach. Then go to Mount Maelstrom and enhance them
in the boiling hot lava on the side of the volcano east from Magmatic Waypoint. Now craft 10 Bloodstone Bricks. This will again require any weapon or armor
crafting discipline at level 450 and deliver both back to Luron. 2 hours later go back to your home instance
and wait a bit for delivery to finish the final task. The Asura row is even easier. Go to Gastronomer Plikk next to Auxilliary
Waypoint in the Rata Sum and Buy the first oven enhancement, then with Cooking level
450 craft Filet of Sous-Vide Meat, return to Plikk and buy 2 remaining items. Now when you have collection done, it’s time
to make some gold out of it. You can continue farming varietal seeds and
rare meats. Since the new ascended foods have useful bonuses
the price should be quite decent even in the future. It’s possible to modify your seed gain with
various gathering boosters. Guild Gathering Booster, Item Booster and
also Glyph of Bounty for your gathering tool will increase a chance for the extra strike. You can also plant those Varietal Seeds into
your home instance Gathering Plot and squeeze a little bit more profit. You may even buy 2 more plots in the Gem Store. You have to craft them into pouches first
with Compost what you can craft with extracts salvaged from crafted food of various levels. It’s similar with Meats. But they are instead affected by Magic Find. So again use Guild Bonus, Banner, Item Booster,
Celebration Booster, Magic Find Booster, Black Lion Booster, and Magic Find Food and Utility.

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