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H3 Reacts to Hot Teacher Sleeping with Student

So you guys may have heard of the story of this hot Patato that fucked her 14 year old student. Have you seen this, you heard about this? which one… Yeah, It happens a lot I mean it does seem to happen a lot. It happens from time to time. Let me roll this report well, let’s start here 26 year old science teacher Stephanie Peterson walked into her first appearance at the Volusia County Jail this afternoon Hoping to be released with just a promise that she would be back to court Volusia County sheriff’s deputies say Peterson engaged in a sexual relationship With a 14 year old former student of hers the team told deputies it began last November He said Peterson would send him nude Pictures of herself she would also pick him up from his house late at night so that they could be together Investigators say the boy’s parents called law enforcement in January and deputies arrested Peterson on Wednesday Peterson was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery and one count of sending harmful material to a minor her bond set at $25,000 and that’s why she wanted to be released on her own recognizance today, but the judge met her halfway reducing her bond to $12,500 an amount she posted almost immediately Dangerous winter storms are threatening [background weather report] So well, that’s that’s that’s just a Bail right, so she hasn’t been charged yet. That’s true. That’s her bail, but the charges were just like lewd conduct or something not like Statutory rape which is when you would expect to see if the positions were switched that guy would be like underground But the part the thing that really The the reaction to a story like this is very typical and this is this the picture that everyone’s sharing here Let me show you this is the one that I see on Facebook and Reddit where everyone’s like yeah, man Where was my teacher like that where’s my fuckin… so she just sent oh the photos like she didn’t actually? No, they’ve fucked! Ohhh ok… they were completely in a relationship and everything… And everyone’s like oh man, where was that where’s that teacher when I was a kid Whoa god, I would’ve fucked her My my counter to that Is is that This kid Like people think like when when when a young girl has sex with an older guy, how damaging that must be right, huh? I think that it’s equally damaging for a man except, they just don’t know it because society like here’s the comments on reddit Everyone’s like that was awesome. Yeah, of course High five!!! Yeah, you know what here’s here’s real comments and where the fuck were these dream makers when I was a kid how damn I wish? I was that guy am I supposed to pretend that if that woman fucking when I was 14 I would have been in a goddamn paradise so as you said, Hila Yeah, a horny 13 year old guy would would put his dick in anything that moved? Right yeah, cuz we talked about it earlier, and I’m like it’s her responsibility not to do that because it’s so fucked up when you’re Like when I look back at myself at that age. Oh my god. I probably thought I’m like an adult, man. You know yeah at that time And by now looking back it’s like embarrassing. Yes, how you’re not and Just I don’t know it seems so weird, he’s 14 14 is kind of insane my niece is 14 yeah, put that perspective in my head, but the thing is like I I think I barely danced with a girl when I was 14. Yeah, like I I almost kissed a girl and panicked And then ran away Yeah, that’s I mean it’s sketchy. It’s sketchy That’s it’s just gross either way… so the thing is that like I think it would damage somebody in ways They wouldn’t it would expect. Like that’s how you grow up as a dude who tattoos on his arm like big cock Like that’s how you end up like someone. You know a couple of those people Actually I do But I’m saying like you will turn into a per[son] Oh, I think a worse person if this happened to you It would fuck with it would hardwire your brain in a fucked up way that you it would do something. Yeah, it’s not good It’s not good. There’s a reason. It’s not Allowed. You know some of these comments This makes me this makes me absolutely sick lucky little shit I know it’s a double standard, but when I was 14 and banging my hottest fuck teacher. I’d be stuck I seriously doubt this kid was anyway irresponsible and stupid on her part. Yes It’s not like she held him down and forced herself on him. We don’t know that. I don’t think that is well. Well. It doesn’t matter. She’s the adult. She needs to know better. I guarantee this kid was all about it. This would be what I consider a victimless crime Buying him marijuana was, she also bought him marijuana by the way Ahhh!! Cool, yeah, so this is a victimless crime, but it’s like Would you say the same thing of a 14 year old girl fucking a 30 year old guy? And it’s like oh she wanted it. There would be pitchforks Yeah There would be burning. There would be burning of the monster Frankenstein anyway III always found this double standard to be quite ludicrous Yeah, it’s definitely nothing new every time one of those stories comes out people are like… Oh!!! He’s so lucky, like oh god… Yeah, okay, no, it’s still a it’s still a 20, was 26? Yeah 26 year old Also, the relationship of somebody in authority Having a sex with somebody they’re supposed to be taken care of yes, is is twisted. It’s an abuse of power Yeah, it’s a little scary Yeah, I don’t know what was going through either of their minds. He’s a kid he can’t he’s blameless. Am I… cuz like yeah Like I said I put my dick and anything that moved at that age literally. That’s It’s completely under adult in that situation in my opinion

Reynold King

100 Replies to “H3 Reacts to Hot Teacher Sleeping with Student”

  1. People think 14 years old is way too young for sex. That's just because society has made it that way, think of it back in the old days with tribes or cave men having sex at that age because you sex drive is active at that age.

  2. Nah, kids b fucking in middle school n having videos floated round now adays. If a thicc teacher given it out ain no one complainin. Still gross though

  3. An Interesting thought that wasn't mentioned. Does anyone think about the level of insecurity of the Teacher? That the only one who would accept her in a sexual or emotional way is a 14 year old teen? Or is this just another classic case of a woman with that weird " motherly love " syndrome? Another thing interesting with these women is that they are VERY bad at keeping this secretive and very GOOD at getting caught….thats not to say its ok to do this so long as you keep it a secret….it should not happen period. But the level of insecurity and carelessness of these women is startling.

  4. I am a retired teacher, appalled at the teacher’s behavior. No, this is not a victimless crime; the teacher is a sexual predator.

  5. Bruh I've been going since 12 fucked up my ass. But I was def a lot more mature then this current generation of kids. I'm still a great person, didn't fuck me up. Never been arrested, in trouble, no drugs, no depression or mental health disorders. Actually worked in mental health for 6yrs and other healthcare types. Not saying it's a great thing or anything like that but all this nonsense is mostly based on norms created by our government.

    If you look at a place like Brazil, this type of activity is not only the norm, it's perfectly legal and encouraged.

  6. The reason why there is a double standard, is we don't think women are as strong as men. That is it period. Society (including feminists) don't literally believe a woman( especially a girl) is a strong as a boy. Its the main reason why everywhere in the world there are more boys born then girls, and yet by around 15 the numbers starts to even off. We always protect women and treat women more special then men.

  7. "I don't know what was going through either of their minds". Dude, at that age I would have fucked a pig wearing lipstick. If she threw herself at me I wouldn't have even thought about it twice.

  8. If this was a man fucking a teenage girl, it would be a victim-full crime. Full of fucking victim! The girl would be a victim, get parents, get friends are all victims of this crime. If it's a woman eating a boy, though, nah, victimless fucking crime! Forget the fact his social standards are all wrong now, he doesn't understand how girls his age are, his friends are all gonna treat him differently, his parents must be horrified, and he's gonna have a hard time working stuff out, but no. It's a victimless crime. Fuck off!

  9. Tons of girls that age "want" to have sex with older guys who groom them. It has no bearing on the long term maladaption or trauma. In fact, looking back it might just add a shit ton of guilt into the equation.

  10. Ya'll haven't been to school lately, 13 y old girls wearing tight dresses like for disco, also nowadays they grow so big, I'm quite tall guy almost 2 m and there were 14 y old girl with makeup and shit you would never have guessed are under 18, shit's fucked up xd

  11. I had sex when I was 14 for the first time, belieeeeve me!!! I would of not needed cancelling if his teacher was my first. .

  12. If a teach slept with my 14 daughter omg seriously no poliice straight murder would be the only option

    My 14 year old Son with this hot Teacher I wouldn't kill her, I' know my son would be fine but I would tell her to leave her job or I'm calling the police, when she leaves it's all good…

  13. A guy I know, about 20 years older than me, got mad at me for saying "it's different for a female teacher to sleep with a male student, than vice versa" and he told me plain as day it's the same thing.

    I found out, his ex-wife used to sleep with a couple new students per year in grade 7 and 8 back in the 80s and at least 5 of those studnets, now men, have committed suicide. It's the chain of events that started there he is convinced. Once he found out in 1995, he divorced her.

    most hard drug addicts have been sexually abused.

  14. The thing is, a female high school graduate at 17, is more likely go directly into university to become a teacher. So you have a girl who is 17, then she's done her studies at 21-22 and then right back into high school as a teacher getting won over by those same alpha males she couldn't fuck back then… but now she can because she's 21, probably grew into her body, and is in a position of authority.

  15. Few years ago I thought this was great but its not a good thing. Go look at that kid that had kids with his teacher. Seen an interview and that man has some issues. People forget the manipulation and head games that a grown woman can play on a kid so young.

  16. The reason she got caught was because she broke it off. And the kid was upset and the parents found out why by taking his phone away. He was acting like he was going to hurt himself.

  17. Lmao this teacher taught at my middle and just recently it happened at the highschool which i go to. I was taught by the most recent teacher and to be honest i kinda figured she would sleep with a student, my town is fucking wack dude.

  18. So many immature men in comments. If you switched the genders, you’d grab a shotgun. If you think that won’t affect the child you’re wrong. The teacher is a pedophile and you’re gross for excusing it.

  19. Men and women are not equal, and they are not the same.

    We used to understand this as a society, and it was commonly accepted. For some reason, NOW, we’ve completely lost the plot and deny reality.

  20. Hypocritical Feminists, in unequal "Double Standard" Criminal Justice System would ALWAYS throw the MEN under the bus and get them maximum long Prison Sentences – instead of Women getting off completely OR get minor punishments in most cases.
    Totally fucked up justice!🤨

  21. Dude the United States law system is so fucked dude, like bail? Pay to get out of jail? jesus I don't think that's good it's basically you're paying to not be punished

  22. I honestly think most kids these days are starting out at 15 to 16 I was considered late in my group of friends and my first time was 15 so maybe even younger. The thing is guys and girls are different we would be idiots to not accept that there are differences emotionally and sexually. That kid was probably stoked and that teacher I don’t think she should be in trouble he’ll talk about her to his buddies for the rest of his life she’ll be a legend haha but when a man sleeps with a girl it is different they are way more fragile at that age and honestly most girls between 1 and 16 are not very smart when it comes to keeping themselves out of danger but boys tend to put themselves in situations they think they can get out of while girls will get in the car with a strange man if he looks good go to his house go to his bedroom and not realize it was a mistake until he starts making things sexual. Not all girls are that way and many girls are smart but we’ve gotta stop acting like men and women are equal 100% at work yeah equality, laws yes equality, but men are naturally built bigger and stronger women are typically smarter then men but girls aren’t. boys are tougher then most girls not all but most. We can’t argue with nature some things are just fact it doesn’t matter how you feel about it

  23. when i was a senior in high school my humanities teacher gave me her number the day i graduated and invited me over to her house for a party, She was attractive as hell i was just too scared do it and now that i watched this i’m kinda glad i didn’t.

  24. This pedophile should be in prison. Or at the very least, kept as far away from children as possible.

  25. This is sadly 100% accurate. I don't understand how there are so many people who honestly believe males cannot be raped or taken advantage of after the age of 12. I see so many ignorant people make comments along the lines of "well if he didn't want it, he wouldn't get hard therefore it was consensual". Those people are clueless and knoe nothing about basic biology. Way too many women get away with crimes or get lighter sentences for the same exact crime s man commits and it needs to change

  26. The boy was 14, and by that age you know pretty much everything about sex, at least theoretically, what´s the difference of having sexual experiences with consent vs watching porn at that age, i don´t know the position of the guy, if he was forced its a fucked up situation, but if he wanted, i don´t see that situation corrupt or traumatizing him, the teacher did wrong is not debatable her conduct, but for the guy was a win-win situation imo, imaging having your first sexual experience with the teacher he was probably fantasizing about like i and a lot of guys and girls did with the hot teachers when we have that age, that dude is a legend in every aspect.
    Fuck the system tho, if this situation were inverted, even with a doubtful proof like a testimony the man goes years to prison.

  27. "I think I barely danced with a girl when I was 14"
    Was the most boomer thing said during that entire podcast haha, as if he was implying that kids in that age shouldn't have relationships (I'mnot saying that they should have relationships with their teachers etc)

  28. A female gets charged for lewd and lascivious battery and misconduct with a minor, a male would get charged with rape and sexual harassment for the same crime. Fuck is this shit.

  29. To everybody saying he consented and wanted this same on you. At 14 you don't have the ability to consent to anything sexual coming from someone on their 20s. You don't have the cognitive skills to realize how fucked up the situation you're in is therefore it's still statutory rape.

  30. You only think this is wrong because society says its wrong. Be honest. You wanted to fuck your teachers. You went home and beat off to Mrs Baker just like everyone else, just wont admit it.

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