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Halloween English Idioms with Papa Teach Me

Come learn with us. Come learn with us students. Forever and ever and ever. Hello and welcome to Eat Sleep Nightmare English.
We are going to be taking you through five super scary idioms. To ghost someone is to
end a romantic relationship suddenly and without telling the other person. Basically you stop
calling them. That sounds mean. It’s terribly mean. But why would someone do that? Maybe
they are scared of commitment. A commitment-phobe if you will. Or maybe they found someone else.
Someone better. Have you ever ghosted anyone? No, I prefer to break up with people in person.
So I can watch the tears fall down their cheeks. And lick their tears? Yes, and lick their
tears. If you say you could murder something it means
you really want this thing. This usually refers to food or drink. On a summer’s day you might
say ‘I could murder a cold glass of Coca Cola’. Or any other named brand beverage. Is there
anything you want right now? Yes, I could murder a pint. Me too! Another phrase that
we use that’s very similar to this is I’m dying for something. It means we really want
this. The difference is we can use it for more than just food and drink. For example
‘I’m dying for the loo.’ That’s not what you said in rehearsal. You said I was dying for
a ****. I did not. Anyway we don’t use that kind of profanity on Eat Sleep Dream English.
What, you mean you don’t say **** ***** ****** **** ****. Our forth idiom refers to pain. If you say
something is killing you, it means it’s causing you physical or emotional pain. For example
after a long walk you might say ‘My feet are killing me’. This means they are causing you
pain. Yes, or if you have a headache you could say ‘My head is killing me.’ Is it literally
killing you? Is it ending your life? No, it’s an idiom. I’m not an idiot. An idiom, not
an idiot. You are the idiot. Our final word is gutted. This is an informal adjective which
means very disappointed. For example if you fail a test or if your team loses in a sports
match you might be gutted. When was the last time you felt gutted? When **** ******* died
in Game of Thrones. Oh yes just like when **** ******** dies in the Walking Dead. Thank
you for watching, now watch our other video.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Halloween English Idioms with Papa Teach Me”

  1. "Welcome to eat sleep nightmare English" !! Hahaha !! Only 22 second that's the video is running and I'm enjoyed learning English with you !! 🙂

  2. Nooooo, I can't believe it! What a big surprise! My favourite teachers in absolute together! You two little girls are terribly beautiful like the sun and super super funny! 😄 Double kiss for you (will I have to duplicate my comment for both channels?) THANK YOU SO MUCH Tom and Aly!

  3. Guys, you are gorgeous!!! Not only wonderful teachers, but also people having a great sense of humour. Love you both😊

  4. Guys I am feeling miserable lately. This video brought me back to life. Thank you so much.. I haven't heard myself laugh this hard for quite sometime. Please make more collaborations. More! More! More! Love you Aly and Tom!

    I love both you!

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  7. Eat Sleep Nightmare English WOW Spooky!!! Thanks so much, guys! This was very helpful. It's a Thing Dressed up as girls saying "I could Murder a pint! – Me too. –Mmh.." That was a one in life laugh!

  8. "To ghost someone" – That's exactly what happened to me during September of last year. We had a long-distance-relationship going on and I was completely confused about the situation of being "ghosted". Funny thing, he was from London ^^ – And obviously too much of a coward in order to just end it as a normal, mature person would have done it 😀

  9. What is the difference between mentality of university and or he's previous stage students?

  10. Omg this was hilarious 😂😂😂😂. I had watched few videos for papa too. You guys are both great and fun to watch.

  11. Both of you are my favorite teachers of English. You are great and really nice! Very original lesson! Congratulations!

  12. Thanks for the video. It's funny. I was dying for your new video. And this is it! I'm not gutted at all with the video. I hope you won't ghost your subscribers)))

  13. We say all of these in the US, too. Except “gutted”, but we will probably start saying that one eventually, as well.

  14. My dream comes true… My two favourite teachers together… Hand by hand!!! How wonderful, you… bearded girls… 👭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏

  15. Greeting from Hong Kong ! Just watched the video of your facts and knew you had worked in Hong Kong back in the days! Wish you liked and have a lovely day!

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  18. Native English speaking American here. Loved this video & the other one on Papa channel. Love learning more about my Mother tongue & how I can explain things to someone who isn't a native English speaker.

  19. Me again Tom 😏. Catching Up❗
    Sorry I missed the Scary Halloween Idiom Special, when
    Halloween was actually here❗
    Better late than never…. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it, HA 😁.

    🇬🇧 Not 🇺🇸 Idioms –
    To Ghost Someone –
    Gutted –

    🇬🇧 AND 🇺🇸 –
    Dying For/Dying To –
    (Something) Is Killing You –

    🇺🇸 – I Could Murder (Something)
    Would Be Quite Literal – As In,
    I Could Murder (Someone, or Some Living Entity !).

    JaneLee ^_^
    6:59 AM

    PS, Loved your "Shining" Theme 👍
    And Hope you Enjoyed Halloween ❗
    🎃 🧙 👻

  20. Tom, you are amazing! I was on the train when I watched this video. I can't help but laughed a lot. I tried so hard to control myself avoiding disturb people around me. The video was so funny and a bit of scary, especially the part that preferring break up in person then lick tears kind of thing….

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