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Healing Energy Blocks + Playful Sexual Fantasies Guidance Laboratory – SpiritSexLab

Hi there guys and Zhenya I’m from SpiritSexLab lab is a fun approachable guided laboratory we experience everything from sexuality spirituality to personal growth and we do it creatively and without any judgments so a little bit about me I come from a very conservative background you know I wasn’t able to was not allowed to masturbate for years I wasn’t allowed to have sex before marriage and they felt extremely constricted like I just had to fit into this really tiny tiny box and I couldn’t express my essence I couldn’t express who I was and that was very unhappy about that now when took me years to realize Who am I and realize okay these are my needs and then kind of all the research that went into okay this is how you complete or this is how you can really spice things up this is you know who I am and this is what my essence is like so I’m here to guide you guys towards a better expression of who you are to embrace your authenticity to really go for the fantasies that you’d like to explore to remove the judgments remove the blocks and just like let your beautiful beautiful soul and body and emotions and intellect and be who you are you know because the sexuality and our self-confidence and self love it’s the energy that comes from with them right and we work with energy to embody who we really are and this affects all the areas of our lives business-wise relationship-wise it changes us as mothers as partners as professionals there are a few ways in which you can work with me you could come from one-on-one sessions with me I would love to give you a private session via video or in person I also see couples and a lot of them love my sessions because they just reconnect to that feeling of being in love and beyond being lost and just really strengthening the communication and opening up the channels to explore and bring new energy into the relationship also do group workshops as well in various topics such as you know self-confidence relationship space BDSM one-on-one polyamory I teach two different venues so whatever is your favorite a way to connect with me please follow along I’m on facebook I’m on Instagram and Twitter I’m on YouTube at so please subscribe please follow along please connect a lot of exchanging energy with you guys in any way you choose and I hope to see you guys soon

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  1. You are so kind and beautiful❤️..btw Is this just for women ? Were you in the purity culture? I don't know about you , I'm a 20 yo guy and I used to feel guilty about masturbation when I was a teenager , I grew up in a Christian home and my parents used to say that sex was bad before marriage and when a male masturbates dan ejaculate his semen , he is killing candidates for a baby and besides the act and in on itself is a sin , anyway , I just wanted to know how did you overcome the shame and guilt about masturbation and sex.

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