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Heart Rate Variability w/ HeartMath CEO, Deborah Rozman

people who said that they were depressed
often to always had a sixty percent drop in depression on
over 5,000 pre and post assessments we did from
individuals have taken heart math programs one of the key things you learn through
heart rate variability feedback is what we call in science emotional self-regulation. So
most the time we think we’re just victims have our moods and we feel bad we think that we feel worse
we feel bad about ourselves we think It’s just a downward spiral and it’s hard to get out of that. So
if you can learn to shift your heart rhythms. You can start to shift your feelings. You shift your feelings….you shift your attitudes and the emotions start to follow. And all through a little practice you start to feel better and it’s just change signals to the brain which starts to
produce more serotonin and it’s a natural internal process of
rebooting the system and so you know we teach heart base
living even in the military not because it’s some soft place….but because it gets your heart and brain in sync you can’t be your best, perform your best
be the most creative use your higher frontal lobes an executive
decision making properly without the heart being referenced
and involved and in the process. And so heart-based living means to acknowledge that, and to able to go to your heart for the answer. The most powerful, the most charismatic, the most
inspiring leaders all have heart in their communication. He
leads with the heart. ok welcome back everyone! it’s Mike Mutzel
with Thank you so much for tuning and today we’re
going to talk about this handy little device right here called HeartMath and
this is a heart rate variability biofeedback device we have the president
and CEO of the company doctor Deborah Rozman, PhD with us and she’s gonna share with us some
inside tips that can help you to improve your cognition brisk readings
your have better relationships with your
spouse coworkers and children and so forth so that arise when thanks for being here
well thank you so much I’m just delighted to be here very excited but couldn’t talk about
what is new with HeartMath you know and
really I guess maybe we could define her math cuz I think when when I first heard the term HeartMath
Mike was there math involved like what’s with that success share with us what the sciences about absolutely well you know
the hardness of and is considered metaphor call you know
we have got your heartless and your heart play with your heart him he really wanted a research chips
should have napped if there was some physiological
correlate to that is the heart really that powerful or that intelligence and so in the
scientific research really discovered the connection between of his a hot and emotional state and how much are is a hard and what goes on inside it
actually does affect how we feel how we perceive in how the brain functions and the ancients all knew that but to
have science now say that is really cool so we call it HeartMath in order to take
a data that philosophical metaphorical state there’s also real science real
math in terms of the algorithms that are in the technology for example
that and wave to that she held up that’s what it’s
called in order to be able to actually see here heart rate variability pattern have a timing issue hooked up to
it can you scan it can measure your heart rate
variability your heart rhythm pattern then it looks at how much smoothness sir
Jackie missus and the patterning tells you whether you are since Inc are at a sick when you had great
interests me in Shankar at sick so it’s very cool because then
it rained you how to get in sync fast yeah I love that and and for me I mean
I’ve Hey and had caused that mating for a while
and I just couldn’t stick with the goal and stick with it
but for for using this device if the past years and in conjunction
with music I haven’t been able to do a lot more public speaking and my
condition has improved to delete my inflammatory responses I’m improvement
so in WI doctor mccarty effort in speaking
she talks about heart based living so what kinda fine
animal and whether benefits for executives CEOs parents you
know coworkers houses what are the benefits of this
heart pace living well you know heart pace living just means to
have your actions your decisions your thoughts your attitudes include the core values a hard in the process and
those are kindness love care compassion
appreciation with people sometimes think our soft this awesome respect courage is also
more stronger masculine qualities at the heart that we teach heart base living even in
the military not because it some soft place to because he gets
your heart rain and shake you can’t be your best performing your
best be the most creative usual higher frontal lobes an executive
decision making properly without the heart being referenced
and involved in the process and so heart pace living means to acknowledge that and be able to go to your heart sure the answer the
most powerful the most charismatic the most inspiring leaders all have heart in their communication leads with a heart 11 from what I’ve gathered from different
presentations have attended from that mccarty he talks about how the neurons a
communications you I can’t speak to that have we didn’t think that the brain is
like the most neurologically active and sends what I’ve downstream messages to the
body but that may not be true well it’s a two-way street the brain
doesn’t of sorts of wonderful things obviously an it is telling the heart in the body a
lot of information but what you heard from doctor willing
to create air director research is set there’s still that neural cardiology that has found that the that’s not I
research that the physical heart actually has split its all little brain inside what’s called
the hearts intrinsic nervous system and it has neurons that sense feel and remember and its function is receive information from nervous system
blood flow from the whole body and then tell the brain through the
vagal nerve transferring signals up to the brain in many different ways
actually but that’s one strong way how the body
feels and sold the bagel nerve the nerve
traffic between heart and brain is really ninety percent going from heart to bring
and only ten percent the other way and so the heart is actually telling the
brain what to do the brain response and the brain is a
largely a pattern matching or get so it’s looking for that heart
rate variability pattern is one input and when you’re feeling stress anxious
worried like public speaking in your feeling on chest you have a really jag and heart rate
variability pattern because that’s what it looks like and the its going to signal the brain and
the brain’s gonna go in the fight flight response our fight fight trees usually in public
speaking and con the other hand if you know how
to shift at heart rhythm pattern which a.m. wave you had to do then
you’re going on at this real smooth lose coherent sine wave like heart
rhythm pattern in the brain is going to hear everything school and you’ll have your
higher cortical function you’ll think at Ariel’s speak every year in sync and
so it’s two-way the heart input to the brain has largely
been forgotten and that is what heart math is bringing back. I can really tell
like from my limited interaction with your organization your you guys really practice what you
speak…preach I should say. When I speak to John he’s very nice and calm and I just feel like in
this coherence zones you guys really a obviously practice this and believe in this
which is fantastic. Your group has published a lot of research in your folks are taking a lot of
medications and doing supplements and all kinds of crazy remedies for things
that may be easily fixed with practicing Heart-based living– like depression for common a function inability to
manage stress like to share with us some sound bites have some other research
that you seen and you know how to improve a common
conditions that people experience absolutely well you know one of the key
things you learned your heart rate variability feedback as we call in science emotional self-regulation so
most the time we think we’re just victims have our moods and especially in yep Press victim creating a a loop we feel bad we think that we feel worse
we feel bad about ourselves we think I’m in a just a downward spiral and it’s hard to get outta that and so
if you can’t learn to shift your hardship start to shift your feelings shifter
attitude emotions start to follow in all to a little practice you start to feel
better than the stars change the signals to the brain which starts to
produce more serotonin and it’s a natural internal process
every building a system and so you know in over 5,000 pre and post assessments we did from
individuals have taken heart math programs all we have seen in a self-report in this is an arm invalidated estás min
people who said that day were depressed of and always
and sixty percent drop and depression that’s just one
example in haven’t found a doc children I wrote a book called transforming depression and it gives the
techniques and the processes to use to be able to self manage depression and it
doesn’t mean you might not need still to see a doctor and get supplements or
medications you know we’re not saying that were saying that there’s a lot you
can do for yourself it you may feel like you’re victim love
to trash their anxiety or rage your anger and you really can’t get
ahold else you can take charge those much more than you ever thought and reboot your system from your own
heart power more assets fabulous in to me what are
the most exciting aspects mean there’s many aspects are really exciting but
that cognitive improvement in air with improving that train to heart connection
but also reduction in the inflammatory
response I think this is something a lot of individuals don’t understand we know
that information is linked with heart disease in our immediate all these conditions but by improving
your pair sympathetic nervous system response you trip on this anti-inflammatory
cholinergic pathways do it in a speech in that it’s got this
new trend yeah you know there’s a lot of pathways in
fact there’s a very low frequency rhythm in the heart rhythm pattern and
it really is reflecting what’s happening in the that intrinsic ever system in the heart
and that VLF is really indicative in action it’s
predicted the future health problems and in fact all cause mortality all costs because if thats at a lack and everything’s me on a lackin they’re
quite a few research papers linking that too inflammatory response in c-reactive
protein and it’s really more this synthetic a mediated responses now
course to help with that what do you do %um
true your heart rate variability you want to improve your ability to I have your Paris anything ever system I
operate the and what car rate variability
measures are what heart rate Billy coherence which is this state we want to get into measures is that synchronization in the heart
rhythm where the parasympathetic is operating and synchronizing with your respiration
and the heart rhythm and your brain rhythm and its all working together that’s
being cold here we talk about a coherent thought are coherent attitude okay here feeling
when you wanna be coherent in your heart and that’s really
what you can’t see with your heart rate variability and
that’s where you can are that there’s no studies that have yet
shown I’ll and testing it doesn’t work that c-reactive protein changes to this
practice so I can’t claim that right why wouldn’t
it you know we haven’t done the status yeah
right right that’s fantastic and one thing I want to highlight and what I
gathered from to research is that our heart rate variability may
change with aging may go down which is not good you
want to talk about the trajectory this and why it’s important
for people to start this is you know they age sure well we have a natural age-related decline we have the most heart rate variability
which means how quickly the heart can speed up you need
to run up a hill and get up to around of slow want to relax that the variability and you no match big sign way you want the most this variability and naturally s each
babies we have that flexibility and then as we age it naturally peace gets less and less and yet there are norm somewhat healthy
people at every age should be in we have largest database Azhar a fairly norms from age 8 to
eighty and these are how it’s hard to get back
as can be taking medication raining to know what is a healthy norm so what you wanna do is be able to beecher norm RB at sure no I’m and if you are have low heart rate
variability fear H it is a predictor obj serious future
health problems everything from diabeetus and obesity and Blair high blood pressure and heart
problems because you’re just a consistently you know not flexible
enough this too much rigidity be rigidity even in
the arteries you know so you wanna meet enough
flexibility in its really connected to your Marshall flexibility to so what you learn issue practice I had
to help self-regulation emotional
self-regulation techniques Sat suppressing your motion singing how
to manage it had a shift attitude in the motion when you need to
so you can maintain that resilience back accessibility and that’s really key to help well I
love that and I think it’s important for people to
understand specially you know as individuals get older they
have kids and grandkids and so forth i knows this device is really in the
solidified or in a strength and the relationship out
with my child and my spouse because we’re more in sync
incoherent and sometimes I’ll do that when I put my daughter to battle use my heart math device in cairo my
daughter’s hair inch think thoughts and gratitude and listen
to 96 a fourth and it really helps her go to sleep and
helps me in a on state arm what are some other best practices
that you hear you know from your organization terms
may be time bike how many sessions per day how long
are the sessions with music row without music like if you
were to construct a program and say you guys should do this what
with their programs look like well we don’t want to overload people still we
say just even use it to to the times a day for five minutes because
when you getting about her in coherence it’s a real busy logical state has a
carry-over effect and you’re gonna feel that carry a fresh and to begin a coherence you focus in
your heart and your heart focused reading but you also adopt an activate a positive emotion
like gratitude for your daughter all your pet or appreciation of life or I some feeling love or care kindness any positive emotion will do as
long as genuine sincerely felt that you can see in real time when you
plug that little and wave to it has a at USB plug you
plug in your computer then and later in after you pic carried it
around and used it in use can she what exactly that pattern
looks like or you can be at your computer and plug
it in and see and you really see how your anger are
your frustration gets jagged and your love her gratitude in one
minute ships the whole pattern that is powerful that’s empowerment for
people they know that she that so I say five min in a couple times a
day longer if you want people a min after a year having the Pride weekend surveys
over half the people maybe use it two times a week for 20 minutes or so
cuz they already learned the techniques have had to stay in sync so it trains
you what to do even when you don’t have to the device with the pulse sensor accept
your ear or are holding it with your thumb on the
some sensor the other could times to use it air and I use it this for challenge
level say you never gets old I use it in the morning
as part of my morning let meditation to prep for the day and
to just put out heart to whatever’s going to happen in the day
and to my sales in appreciation for the people I’m gonna be
meeting you need to really set the tone and the
energetics I want to walk into life with and I use it if I have I’d tensely challenging meeting coming
up I might use it for a couple minutes just to make sure I’m in shape
beforehand or if somebody says something and I get
bumped in I it’s stressed out her I’ll use it to reset my
system I use it to reset right afterwards and get back in shape so before creative
projects Tim to not carry this stress around with
you all day and really clear from a and then
sometimes you get your own hearts guidance as to what to do then as well go talk to the person you
know you get more connect with your intuitive promptings and another real that use
case is a few have helped prop 0 or do Lycett and getting her coherence and
just send that compassion and love to yourselves for
five minutes of you have trouble sleeping which a lot
of people do the space use it for five minutes or so before you
go to sleep so those are some examples I mean
there’s a there’s there’s a whole book lad stopping
emotional eating and how to use it for that and I are there you would like the
HeartMath brain fitness system which had to use it to enhance your hagman the functions are deal with ADHD
year lot of brain issues my a go that’s amazing cat so much that
I i wanna touch and the intuition but some things came up and I want to get
your feedback on this so a dense and testing so to speak just my
own home and what I found is FIA do HeartMath first thing in the
morning and I I’d like to put on the yoga station on Pandora to get I found for me music helps me to get
into that status coherence fast right and also putting my hand on my heart and
visualizing this was a technique that I learned at a seminar visualizing the air or my
breath coming in and out of my heart a but here’s what I found out your eyes
min is if I check my email ray get online before I
do this many SSN it takes I can sometimes I can even
get into coherence because I’m hey crazy cell talk to us maybe about I’ll like how these EMF and social media and
other computer and deadlines like should we avoid EMF exposure like have
you guys let it some that and how it affects heart rate variability well you know there’s been some looking
at that but hey I think most in the effect is we get in your head I mean you
start looking at those emails in your mind starts to go and it really isn’t
anything to do with EMS s to do with it know how we manage our
remind and I do find that too after meditation if I
do that at night and I use EM wave and I’m deep in my heart I he will not
check my emails before I go to bed I don’t want to get back into all that I
know is so it’s its management have the technology so
it’s not managing us and for too many of us were being
managed by that technology which is really our head act a cut off from the input of our
heart which is guiding us saying that’s enough it’s all about balance this and whether
you use music or visual stairs in on the M waved you look at your
computer there’s you can cook to music I there’s games with officials
are theirs visualizer said actually operate on your coherence level and the
harsh feedback so that you can train yourself in a fun way by using changing images
with your heart rhythm that its up to everybody we have %uh you
know Apple I O S device to a temperature on iTunes kicked I’ve music into iPhoto and you find what whatever it is that inspires you people have different
kinds of music the officials incest people have a
picture of their puppy in front of them or their baby whatever gets you in your
heart is going to get you into your higher intelligence than your intuition more I
love that and how its unique and what works for me may not work for you and
may not work for folks listening so it’s in a trial and error and I want to
emphasize in that way get your feedback on this I’m you know
I’ve been involved in fitness for 15-plus years a member there you know if I a time of the German to go
back and the gems come like art painful I don’t wanna do it recovery
and i notice if I go away from HeartMath getting back into it is you like why am I doing this again
was it and then pay once you get into the rhythm becomes
easier easier so just like I ok if they’re trying trying it out and
then they try and don’t forget that much benefit just like going to gym the first time you know you bill its iterative
that builds upon itself has no I was thinking about that
last night because I had a stressful day and then afterwards I was so calm is almost as
though I had alcohol like I went right to sleep cause actual results it back are also have you found that for
individuals you that day get better and better with
with practice like tell us a time when there if you have an
issue back oh yeah I mean it is correlated directly with practice and
so are the health outcomes we did a actually a study with diabetics and at the at the johnson Johnson company
called light skin and it was published and the HB a1c
levels got better correlated directly to how
much they practiced direct correlation so %eh you practice you’ll start to find your deeper in the
heart you more connected your more in sync like I said there’s actually four
challenge levels so when he gets easy you can up the challenge level which
requires you to have even more genuine heart feeling in focus and chic magic your breeding so the carryover
effect is gonna be longer and it is just like building a heart
muscle going at the gym in it’s just like if you fall off and
it’s so hard to get back on this week are creatures of habit become
it have did she waited to whatever we do
owe burned over and then year it does take a little more earnest a little more get up and go to reset your system and
because to stay and asked for last so you have to put a
little more little more hard into it little more passion to
reset if you that it it very soon like you
said the reward is there has your self
soothing here own body is saying yes square my balance and natural state of
harmony is this is a natural state yeah sibs fantastica and learned a tip
or want to share the from I a doctor Tammy she’s the author the
form in secret and we were talking yesterday and she’s a big fan of
HeartMath and and so have you know for most people what I
found is that it’s not on your calendar it doesn’t exist to get a read on and so
here’s a tip that she shared as she puts HeartMath twice a day in our counter
first thing in the morning this is under found some pops up on its
own and use to say just do HeartMath she’s like how do our math I can do it
later click but then when she says when she changed the play meant to say
manager stressed that you can become a better business person better doctor better family member better has a
call that then it only change because she’s not
gonna wanna skip that a plane and who doesn’t want to be a better spouse right so there’s a little 1050 discovery
frame it so you can’t create a little guilty if you miss out on it on at I thought I was really in XIII
change my counter such that it reflects at a that’s really important so and two to
three times a day for five minutes that’s general guidelines if we want for folks are
getting into that sweet suggest you’re just starting cassette doesn’t
seem like it’s too hard for anyone to do you know and and a longer session if you
can do that 10-20 minutes I if you do prayer
meditation or other types of closed I activity use it to start that I in fact we have a whole HeartMath
meditation assists and how you can use your amway ha to boot up and make your practice I deeper more focus more effective and
then you go off and do whatever your practices but you get yourself in sync incoherence
first and so I recommend people really use it
as often as they can to start with so that they can it to feel when it is most effective for
them but five minutes twice a day one longer
session a few times a week al get should dolan and get sugary the
get to know your heart yourself yeah and it’s addictive because you get
better and better and then more Yemeni notice the benefits and and want to practice more which is
really great so you’ve been talking about intuition and I know you
guys recently published a research paper I think this frontiers in psychology and talked about how people commute more
intuitive and I think this is a really good skill to have in business and
lashing is a yeah good person ever committed you
wanna talk about the relationships between intuition and heart rate variability yes
well basically we r research is showing that the heart response to intuitive
information like information from non-local fields and people can read the
research study they can go to the HeartMath website click on research and release Reese read the full studies
but your heart as the saying goes really
does have that connection to the shield and to the wisdom as another dimension that its accessing
it and so the heart receives the
information then signals to the brain and M Brain
Res City and instead bodies if pic in you ninja thoughts feeling so what she learned it to add more to your heart
in your hearts signals n you learned to tune more to the end to
it as radio station if you call it and that’s
a good thing good analogy cuz everything is like a
frequency like right now there’s a frequency that people are listening to
us in hearing our voices in a thing to know how
frequency inside yourself in the AM leave the technology really help she do that
and so that you can hear more the voice in your own heart no that’s fantastic in disco in a totally at maybe you can
attest to this dude I Triesman as a in a major business decisions I’ve
made that I initially had like this gut feeling that was gonna work out
generally didn’t work out at the time I didn’t follow it because logically it
made sense for something and we can think up a relationship decisions or when I get high and eighty feeling so
you know I think as we can have understand and respect
emotional intelligence in value much intelligence more thing this becomes
more important in just yet another reason to adopt this
practice us HeartMath and answer for it so I’m as we
finish up here and they have a tight schedule that’s kinda wrap-up I N and talk about down any new
developments you know that we should be aware of wait but HeartMath and the organization
and any maybe new products for specials are offer see you guys have going on
during this month well john was saying if people call him and he wanted to give his number and you
wanna order the product we give everybody a free download as the HapMap brain fitness
system that goes with the product and introduction was written by doctor but Daniel Siegel this very well known
as a whole mindfulness Serena and therefore by doctor Daniel a min was one of the foremost rain researchers
about how the heart is important your brain love your heart love your brain it think you’re talking
about where creativity or access to your real intuitive signals
and those business decisions i Donna higher and higher math without listening
to those signals it becomes yes snow and you learn to know where the stop
light is she now stop girl wat wage is often the most important
segment fish you need to get more information before you jump into a decision and you really
learn how to reach your heart signals sana have higher and higher ratios accuracy
great contrast arts intelligence a so-called hard
intelligence and so thats I’m special offer and Johns direct line is 831 338 87 11 and that people can’t call him for that special offer the other unique
things going I heart nap this new research and interconnectivity how we I R and our hearts are really
connected energetically and it connected to the nurse field for
example today is a very a Spanish states the vernal equinox but
it’s also a super New Moon and a full solar eclipse in some parts since the
world and to have those three if Vance at conjunct we’re interested to
see in our global coherence initiative with the sensors HeartMath has that reader snowing at
fields if there’s any influence on us our heart
rhythms Howard connected with your skills get
and if we put out love and care and appreciation can the hearse field magnify that and we
really can help create more can’t hurt connected world so that
scandal leading edge stuff but we do know science test know that solar flares and this kind says inputs
from the ionosphere affect the human health and heart and
then part of our sprain waves the way we
think mental confusion how well we sleep well that affects the most is our heart
rate variability mmm fashion style learning to manage
that and therefore are motions so we can feel emotionally blacked out
in over reactive especially in these times learn to go to
your heart breaches the heart get your heart rate
and syncing can you can move through all these fluctuating changes lower easily so that someone
they knew stuff works plant yeah it sounds really exciting that’s
great no on make sure that to post a show notes and John’s number
and information about your organization at high intensity
health dot com slash HeartMath so that’s where the video will be and also the
show nuts and Triesman really appreciate you being on the show
but there’s one final question that okay against so if you’re a bum shoulders
with Brock Obama or a future president and they turned to
you and says as a and doctorate in psychology and you know
an expert in the field of heart rate variability what’s would have healthier lifestyle
tips should I know about so that I can improve the health of Americans what
would you tell them and why i would tell them when I do I mean I don’t just teach this series edge this
it has changed my life it a day will see me too really be fulfilled and
connect with people deeply in have the wonderful relationships
intelligence at what so i would tell him listen to your
heart’s intelligence because give you ideas includes how to
navigate this political mess in congress not saying it’ll be a miracle that you
want to have a newly need your highest most creative most
aware most inclusive most ads solid intelligence to bring
your job so I would give him an Amway who and offer
to coach in yeah I love it doctor as men great
information thanks for all the work you guys are doing and at really appreciate you and I’m
grateful that you came on a show in church information whatever weapons thank you so much I’m grateful that
you’re such as a practitioner of the heart thank you %uh

Reynold King

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