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Helicopter Loading Training

Right now we’re trying for a start lifts or helicopter
sport team for the students that are actually doing external lifts with the
helicopters that we have out here. So, I personally care about the quality of this training, one, because myself and my other
instructors are under the helicopter with the Marines, so we need top-notch training so they don’t hurt themselves,
or hurt other people. So, for the battlefield this is a great way from reasons to get resupplied.
If we have O311s, O331s down, downrange in the fight, and they need to be resupplied with chow and ammo, this is a great way that they get resupply instead of
trying to push a convoy through a city and get hit with IEDs, or indirect fire,
we just bring a load, a net load to the bird, the bird comes, picks it up and brings
it to the Marines down in the battlefield here at resupply, or whatever they need.

Reynold King

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