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Help Sponsor a Day of Teacher Training at Yad Vashem

Teaching about the Holocaust
is fraught with challenges. Educators often find themselves
at a loss about how to navigate
this complex and sensitive material in a way that is relevant, interesting, accurate and meaningful. At Yad Vashem
we provide educators with insights into how to address
difficult issues, answer tough questions and engage students. We have quite a network of people that have come to Israel, to Yad Vashem, so carry now the mission of that
back into their classrooms. I was the recipient of a scholarship to come to Yad Vashem in 2013. Without that scholarship I just wouldn’t have
been able to attend, so that was absolutely essential. After visiting Yad Vashem I feel insignificant but that I have the power
to do something good. When you sponsor an educator, you’re investing in the future. You’re investing in an educator that can impact upon hundreds
and hundreds of students over a number of years and that is an investment
that is unparalleled.

Reynold King

2 Replies to “Help Sponsor a Day of Teacher Training at Yad Vashem”

  1. I'm looking forward to coming to Israel at some point to see all the different stuff I don't think I can go to Yad vashem though I just think it would just be way too upsetting and I hope this comment is not taking the wrong way but Jews were not the only group that were persecuted in murdered during World War II by the Nazis.

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