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Hilarious Victorian Discipline for Kids Today

New York Times Best-selling author Therese Oneill invites you into her home for a preview of
her new book, Ungovernable: The Victorian Parent’s Guide
to Raising Flawless Children. Hello, I’m Therese Oneill. And I’m a parenting expert. You can tell, because I just wrote this book about parenting, called Ungovernable. I’ve spent years researching the proper
way to raise children, going all the way back to the Victorian era. I have two beautiful children of my own. Come here, my lovelies. Victorian Parenting Tip #1: Healthful Eating Victorian mothers knew the value of feeding their children simple, plain food. This helps prevent anal worms and exciting the more sinful passions. Where’d you get those? I found them. Stay out of my closet, you can’t have this kind of food! I wasn’t in your closet! How’d you get the combination to the gun safe? What? This kind of food angries up the blood. Don’t eat it. Here, take this, take this! Mom! Mom! No! No! Here, take—no! NO! Take the potato! TAKE THE POTATO! Victorian Parenting Tip #2: Outdoor Play and Fresh Air One of the things the Victorians knew a lot
about when it came to raising healthy children was that they needed lots of fresh air and
open spaces. Isn’t that right, sweetie? Mom, I’m cold. That’s the freshness! What about them? That’s the Garcia children. Their mom’s paying me to watch them, but not enough to bring them outside. I’m so cold. (Smacks lips) Mmm. Ahh. Victorian Parenting Tip #3: Conflict Resolution (Grumbling) Some-sometimes as a parent, you will be called upon to help mediate disagreements
among your children. You’ll also find that oftener, it is equally important to let ’em work it
out independently. (Screaming and hooting sounds) A Shortcut to Victorian Perfection. Give me back my jacket! I had it first! No, it’s mine! No, it’s mine! Nuh-uh! Give it back or I’m gonna feed you to the
bears! I will rip your hair out of your scalp! No, it’s mine! Hey! Hey! Shut up! (Deep booming noise) Oh God, ahhh. Bring me the favorite! I need the favorite! Ah, baby. Ah. (inaudible) As you were. Give it back! No, it’s mine! (Jungle noises and screaming) (Wolf howls) And all you’ve seen today is just a taste of what you can learn in my new book, Ungovernable. Available for preorder now, and available everywhere books are sold April
16th. (Whispering) That’s all I’ve got. Ungovernable: The Victorian Parent’s Guide
to Raising Flawless Children. April 16, 2019. Available for preorder wherever books are

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