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Holistic Management by Allan Savory

Reynold King

32 Replies to “Holistic Management by Allan Savory”

  1. Unlike what we have been told, methane/ natural gas is released into the atmosphere from fossil fuel mining (oil wells, natural gas wells, fracking) AND from thousands of miles of leaky gas pipes under cities across America.  (Not sure how gas is delivered in other countries.)  Methane aka natural gas DOES burn significantly cleaner than petroleum – but this is more than offset by the methane released into the atmosphere before it reaches the consumer.  (Details available on 'Winds of Change' episode of the documentary series 'Years of Living Dangerously'.)      Methane is a MUCH more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide – and its eventual chemical breakdown products can put additional carbon into the atmosphere.       Methane produced by ruminant livestock is typically  emmited via eructation (not flatulance) – or 'burping'.   Methane production by livestock eating natural forage based diets out on pasture is a fraction of what is produced by livestock in CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) and feedlots;  waste 'lagoons' or ponds that are usually a part of these settings produce methane via anaerobic bacterial feeding on the organic matter (manures primarily) from these factory-farm facilities may be responsible for most of the methane attributed to livestock.   On the other hand, healthy pasture/grasslands absorb most or all of the methane that is produced (which can include trees in hedgrows or scattered as in savannas).      You prob already know all this – but just in case other viewers do not… Thanks for posting this video!!!

  2. Well done,, this is a must watch for not only those in Agriculture who can make a difference by improving their management but by all of society who think that Agriculture producers are like pheasants and unimportant compared to their new latest/greatest smartphone..

  3. Most people are not doing their best and are not "good."  I guess pulling your head out of your butt would help you to see clearly.

  4. This guy is trying to say that science isn't responsible for the sad state of agriculture. Of course he has to contradict himself immediately. Chemistry is a science and science is either responsible for or has exaggerated nearly all of humanities problems.

  5. Way to go Allan, spread the word around. You have found something that will make the world a little better for our kids.Kudos!!! 🙂

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  7. Cattle that grazed according to Savory’s method needed expensive supplemental feed, became stressed and fatigued, and lost enough weight to compromise the profitability of their meat. And even though Savory’s Grazing Trials took place during a period of freakishly high rainfall, with rates exceeding the average by 24 percent overall, the authors contend that Savory’s method “failed to produce the marked improvement in grass cover claimed from its application.” The authors of the overview concluded exactly what mainstream ecologists have been concluding for 40 years: “No grazing system has yet shown the capacity to overcome the long-term effects of overstocking and/or drought on vegetation productivity.”

  8. I have seen an estimate that the Great Plains of the USA were grazed by about 60 million bison. Woulden't replicating this on tracts of land help restore sections of these lands?

  9. As to abuse and catholic preists. Have you considered the absolutely incredible possibility that touching the young was a way to put them off sex, especially touching them without emotion, coldly so that sex seemed merely dirty .
    I have read of one catholic person talk of special methods of religious groups to teach the young not to be sexual., methods he did not expose. Could cold and embarrassing sexual conduct be that instrument to create chastity.
    A common way of, catholics i know have known, to put one off sex is to only talk of the physical side and not the emotional one, and also to ridiculise the idea that I and I suppose any other, had any other feeling towards boyfriends than purely physical ones, that is trying to persuade me that at rock bottom i only had physical attraction to boys i was very in love with and wished to protect and sacrifice mysel for. , At leas tthose were my feelings untill i found that the boys i liked did not like me.
    The Madeleine Sisters, the film of the behavior of this order in ireland, showed really psycically violent ways for the sisters to put girls off sex. Getting them to take off their shirts and insulting their bosoms was what it showed. It is not many steps further to actually touch the young to scare them off sex.
    I am saying that bpeople sometimes have strange and really extrodinarly odd reasons for actions that seem to us destructive and so that their protectrion of these things is not merely the effect of them not seeing what is happening.
    THis will make anything i say of vegetation seem silly.

    I remember a documentary on cnn of a Irish woman who had been digitally raped as a young girl, coldy so, by a preist who she had been flirtatious with. DId he feel she needed teaching and this rape was his lesson?

  10. Alan Savory. I know what you are talking about , I have read you and listenned to you untill i could really understand what you were saying by knitting different lectures together but in just one talk of yours, such as this one, I dont, because you leave out important bits of your own infformation in the talk.
    One of the pints in which you lose me in this lecture because you miss out a whole lot of information, is in what you say on the oxidisation of material and how that oxigenation would stop new growth because as the vegetation decompoosed very slowly with oxigenisation the vegetation would stop new growth because it would stop the sun getting through to the the growth buds.
    You showed a tiny tuft of grass being oxigentatred. How can a person realise that that would stop new growth as i suppose oxygenation does if you have masses of greass oxygiinated, One small tuft isnot enough to stop light getting through and if it is it need explaining. MY observation is that you often make little sense unless people are willing to really try and listen to other lectures and peice what you say from various lectures together . I do hope I am making sense myself now.
    You need to spend an awfull lot of time writing to get used to how to write to make sure every thing ccomes out comprehensible and you have other activities so that is not an option, so I thtink you should get a writer to work with you on lectures. Your subject is really important and so you cant afford to make mistakes. Yours, hoping to be forgiven for rudely finding your writing less brilliant than your research and brilliant ideas
     Cant say writing has not given me a million problems myself and if i have surmounted any of htem it has been because writing has, for a long time, been all I do. rose macaskie.

  11. It is useful to remember that food scarcity and the desire for additional land to feed the people through industrial agriculture (albeit an earlier phase) was a major force behind WWII.

  12. What about no-till farming, where you dont work in the ground, that stores carbon too in the soil but that shouldnt be possible without manure?

  13. About forty minutes in you show pictures of what holistic grazing can do for grass land but it's such a brief glimpse that i had to go back after watching the film to remind myself what the key solution actually was/is.
    Personally i would need this point to have more been dealt with in more depth, if i'd never heard of this kind of thing before. I'm thinking maybe a demonstration? Even just a little more time spent explaining soil formation processes under cover. Thanks.

  14. This man killed 40,000 elephants to prove his theory that elephants caused desertification. He is unreliable and dangerous. There is fake news and fake science too! I can't believe that anyone would trust this monster after what he did. He tried to save face by coming up with another theory but he should pay for what he did, not by lauding and celebrating him but by ostracisation. When is the world going to realise that Europeans are not conservationists and they should have no say? When all the animals are dead? While whites only makeup 20% of the world population they are responsible for 99% of extinctions. The passenger pigeon in America had the most members of any species, lived in the US for 6 million years, became extinct 300 years after first white contact! Along with the Carolina parakeet, almost the Buffalo. And look at Africa! People had been coexisting with the wildlife there for millions of years. There were animals everywhere. But a mere 500 years after violent colonisation there are less than 5% of the wildlife there was. And now these same people are trying to pretend that it's the Chinese who are mostly responsible. If I'm wrong, correct me!

  15. Savory's solution for global warming is too simple, scientists haven't learned studied for 10 years to come up with a report that says "put a herd of cows in it". Noo the solution of this 80 year old Zimbabwean is way too simple, it has to be innovative, modern, very complicated solution, and above all it has to cost billions and billions, so that also many people/corporations will earn money on it. This Savory guy isn't gonna bring Monsanto, Cargill, Unilever, Kelloggs and all these companies higher revenues, so away with him, pay hundreds of scientists to proove he is wrong, and the normal people will listen to these new scientific researches, like wow it's so complicated and the guy has so many titles, he must be right.

  16. i don’t understand. can someone explain to me how you integrate culture, economy and animals in a holistic system at a tangible example? savory is way to meta/ abstract in his talk for me! he didnt explained how the holistic system actualy function in its connected parts, as more he described how this system interacts with larger global systems. pls correct me if you have more insight and help me out!

  17. Great talk, but it would be nice to have some details. How often should the cattle be moved? What do they eat in the dry season? etc.

  18. Yes, we know that – the system doesn't work any longer. We, everyone of us, have to renew and transform our mindset. Democracy, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, all sorts of ideologies are dysfunctional, so long as everyone of us is awaken with conscience and awareness we hold the key for improvement and betterment. Self determination is totally lacking from all aspects of the modern time. I refuse to be average and belong to the mass. I do my own things to make even a tiniest change.

  19. I lived in arid African fields. Desertification occurs because the locals cannot afford to buy gas cylinder for cooking meals. They go to field and cut down trees to make firewood. They never replant trees. The tourism brings numerous European tourists to just watch wild animals that are declining in number due to the money orientated tourism. Eco-tourism is a fallacy. Building accommodation and facilities wreck the nature dramatically in the name of profit. Only if the alternative source of cooking, gas cylinder and solar cooking device are readily available at affordable prices, desertification can be prevented to a greater degree. Introducing grazing with cows may not be ideal. Sheep, goats, and chicken are more suitable and economical to the most of African nations. They don't have to eat beef, when there are protein found in vegetables and fruits. The African traditional diet contains too high in carbohydrate and little in minerals. Btw, wheat was introduced to Africa from South America by the Portuguese colonialists. It's not indigenous to Africa, yet it has become the main staple diet there. As result, there are many diabetic and obese Africans. They are burden to the medical treatment which lacks largely in any third-world nations. Vicious cycle. In this sense, too, we need Holistic Approach for everything. We need African farmers to tell their stories.

  20. Do in Rome as Romans do. Farm in Africa as the indigenous Africans practised for many years before the Westerners invaded there. Having three meals daily is the western notion. Africans eat whenever they could find food source. There was no rigid practice of having to have three meals. Bringing in foreign methods and theories must be carefully reviewed and researched. Haven't the Western Power done enough damage to Africa? When would they compensate wholly for it???

  21. everyone with land should have a broadfork, and till their yards so when it does rain it soaks into the soil. Make your soil to catch water so that it does not run off until it is wet 12 inches down. Everyone should be able to grow something with the run off water from a house, that just keeps going into another little garden as the first one gets full. Compost, build soil, gather leaves. Eat something fresh from your garden, make a cold frame and grow kale in the winter. reuse your grey water to water plants in the summer. Make a compost toilet and let it compost for a year, use the extra water for your plants, no more flushing, unless you are taking prescriptions, flush away and let it go to the sewage plant and eventually down the creek, sorry for all those downstream. If no prescriptions and you are eating organic, you don't want to flush the best stuff away, when you can compost it and grow wonderful plants.

  22. So what is the criteria that tells us when it's time to move cattle? And what would be the extremes in herd size for a given size pasture (longer period of grazing vs a day and they 're moved farther?

  23. Let's make it quite simple.
    A farmer is someone who lives, obsesses perhaps, about the quality of his soil. That is the only thing he needs to study, test, understand as deeply as possible.
    All else is predicated on what that soil can do.
    The corollary is that if he doesn't then he isn't entitled to call himself a farmer.
    Hard to see Agribusiness in that frame of mind. Somebody has to care.

  24. Your ideas are brilliant and apparantly they work well too. The only thing I have never seen or heard you elaborate on is the actual schedule for grazing. Is this grazing schedule expained in your book ?

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