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How Are the Titanic and Autism Similar? | Autism Guidance for Parents

Today, I am going to talk about how I think
the Titanic and autism are similar. Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Barbera, autism mom, board-certified
behavior analyst, and bestselling author. A few months ago, I was at an online marketing
conference, and we were doing an exercise and talking about our products, and how if
parents and professionals did not purchase our products, what would happen? What would be the big deal? We were just going through a brainstorming
process. And, I literally had a vision of the Titanic
sinking, and people in the autism field, both parents and professionals, I think are really
struggling, and almost drowning, drowning in the wrong types of programing, parents
are struggling to provide the level of support their children need. Parents are struggling with how to deal with
problem behaviors. Schools are struggling with how to provide
for so many different needs of kids, all along the spectrum. There’s not the team collaboration there needs
to be, because everyone is really at their wit’s end, trying to deal with the volume
of children with autism, and the varying symptoms and issues that each child faces. I believe that my step-by-step procedures,
that are outlined in my three online courses, my procedures that I talk about in each week
in the video blog, in my writing of articles, and my book, I believe that I do have a system,
almost like a lifeboat, for people to get into, to begin to get to a more fulfilling,
happier life for them and their children or clients. I know that probably sounds really pretty
extreme, that kids, and families, and professionals are drowning, but I do believe that there
are lots of struggles going on. I have seen major transformation in parents
and professionals who have purchased my course, and are talking about the transformation they’re
seeing within their clients and children. In an effort to get this information out,
to get at least the basics out, I have a brand-new, three-step guide that I wrote. The three steps to beginning, or revamping,
what you’re doing for your child or client are simple. It’s assessment, and I give you in the three-step
guide, a one-page assessment. It’s making a plan. I give you a sample plan, and a form where
you can jot down your own plan for your own child or client, and a very easy way for you
to keep data on a calendar. So, I hope that you will consider downloading
my free, three-step guide and allowing me to be your guide, to be a lifeboat for you
to get on and make progress towards your child and yourself living a happier, more fulfilling
life. Thank you very much, and I will see you next

Reynold King

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