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How can we educate our children to be intelligent and free? | J. Krishnamurti

How can we educate our children
to be intelligent and both free and responsible
human beings in today’s world? How can we educate our children
to be intelligent and both free and responsible
human beings in today’s world? Do you want to go into all this? Apparently this is a question that is asked by every
parent in the world. Children, and how can we help them
to be intelligent and free and responsible human beings
in today’s world? Are the parents
intelligent and free? Are the teachers intelligent
and free and responsible? Is the society,
the educational system helping them to be free
and responsible and intelligent? So we have to enquire,
if you will, why are we being educated in mathematics and biology,
science, chemistry, history – all the things
that one has to learn? And go through university, college
with a degree and get a good job, at least one hopes so, not in this world where there is
an immense increase of population, unemployment. So if one had a son or a daughter, if the speaker had
a son and a daughter, what is going to happen to them? School, where they have to learn
how to write and read and mug up all the subjects, which then becomes a tremendous
problem – you understand? You must go through mathematics, one doesn’t like it but you must
if you want to be a good engineer. And so that becomes a problem. And the society says, ‘Become an engineer,
we will pay you more’ – you understand? So we have to find out what do we mean
by the word ‘education’. And is it merely to learn
the technique of living, acquiring a skill
in a particular discipline? You understand? To become a doctor you have to work,
study for ten or fifteen years. To become an excellent surgeon
– you follow? – it takes time. And so on and so on. Is this what we are
educating our children for? Though it is necessary
– you understand? And is education also… does it not mean educating
the human being – you understand? – not acquiring mere
techniques, a skill, but educating a human being
to live with great art? That means not only
technological knowledge – right? – but also the immense limitless field
of the psyche, going beyond it, that is a holistic education
– you understand? So all this implies
the educator needs education. The parents need education,
not just the children. And if the parents
love their children, love, not hold them as toys and,
you know, all that kind of stuff. If they really loved them, would they allow their children
to be killed, or to kill? You understand, sirs? Governments demand, perhaps not in America
or in England, but in this country,
in France, in Europe, you have to go into the army
for two years, how to carry a gun, how to shoot,
how to kill another human being. And this, the mothers, the fathers,
accept this, and they say, ‘We can’t do anything, the governments demand this’, please, I am not advocating that
you revolt against the government, it’s up to you. So education means
a holistic approach to life, cultivating the brain
technologically – you understand? – and also cultivating the brain to be
free of its own petty little self. That requires teachers
who understand this, who are committed,
who are responsible. And the parents,
they must love their children. Now what happens – they cuddle them,
they hold them on their lap, they kiss them
till they are two, five, and after that they throw them
to the wolves – right? And this is called education. How can there be intelligence when your brain is being conditioned
– you understand? Conditioned by knowledge,
on one side, conditioned by your own fears,
anxieties, loneliness, despair, all the rest of the ugliness
of human beings. And then on top of that, there are the temples,
churches, mosques. So religion is something
entirely different, away, which has nothing
to do with your life, and committed entirely
to earning a livelihood. This is becoming
more and more serious, this dichotomy, this separation. And education is something where there must be respect, love,
affection in all this. So will the parents, the teachers and the students agree to all this? You are responsible for this. You are responsible,
if you are a parent, what your children are going to be. One heard a parent saying
‘Must I sacrifice my life, which is drinking, taking drugs,
sleeping with women and so on, for my stupid little children?’ You understand what I am saying? And so the world goes on this way, and it has been going on
for millennia, because we as parents,
as human beings, do not want to live
a holistic, a complete life. We are fragmented, therefore
we accept that fragmentation. In that fragmentation,
there is no intelligence, there is no compassion,
there is no freedom.

Reynold King

8 Replies to “How can we educate our children to be intelligent and free? | J. Krishnamurti”

  1. Lindo! "Quando estamos fragmentados, aceitamos a fragmentação. E não há compaixão, inteligência e liberdade quando seres humanos estão fragmentados e não tem uma vivência holística. " ( tradução livre)

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. Can we raise a free intelligent and responsible human being while sending him to mass indoctrination camps that are called schools?!

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