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How do you define discipline? – 3 Ways to condition yourself – My thoughts

My life is dull and unexciting. I’m losing interest. There’s chaos everywhere. I don’t like bossy people. I hate people trying to discipline me. I don’t like deadlines. People say ‘Do that’, ‘Do this’. I’m tired of people telling me what I should do. I don’t want to be controlled. Well, if you have these thoughts, let me tell you, You lack discipline. Let’s know why. We’ll also discuss what discipline really is and how to condition your mind to be disciplined. Hey, everyone. This is MNB Achari. You’re watching MNB’s journal. Give this video, a like, share it and subscribe to the channel to get more updates. If you want to receive the notifications, you know what to do, Click that bell icon to activate notifications. Okay, let me start with a question. What is the general perception of people when they think of discipline? Well, people usually think that ‘discipline is…following the orders of the people, abiding by the rules of an organisation and obeying the orders of their bosses. I think its’ absolutely wrong. Doing what you are forced to cannot be called discipline. Here’s how you should define discipline. Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it. Let me say it again. Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it. Meeting the deadlines, upon being forced by others is not discipline. Working hard, trying to reach the targets because you have to, is not discipline. Let’s consider a few examples situations to understand what discipline really is. For example, you want to break your habit of waking up late, and you want to make a new habit of waking up early. It means you have given yourself a command to do certain thing. You know well that you need to set an alarm or ask someone to wake you up. The next morning, the alarm goes off and you don’t get up. Or someone tries to wake you up but you don’t. The point here is – you have given yourself a command and you don’t want to follow it. This is called lack of discipline. I know it’s difficult at the beginning but you need to make an effort to do what you have decided to do. That’s the point here. Take your job as an example. You know that you have to spend 8 to 10 hours in the office. Since you chose this job, if you are disciplined, you must accept the truth. You must not complain. Of course, there are times when things are different from what you have expected. Once you give yourself a command, you have to try to put in all your efforts in order to achieve it. If you can do this, you have discipline. On the other hand, if you do not make an attempt, and start complaining about what you actually intend to do, you have no discipline at all. Now, let’s discuss ways to condition our mind. There are several ways but we condense them to 3 main parts. so that it would be easy for us to follow. The 3 factors that contribute to discipline are: 1. Active goal setting 2. Eating healthy 3. Exercising The first one- Active goal setting Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and grow rich’ emphasises the need to attach a deadline to any goal. Goals have a profound meaning when they are written out. They are specific and they can be easily measured. An active goal setting leads us to discipline because it gives us proper direction. and let’s talk about the second point-Eating healthy. The leadership trainer Robin Sharma says ‘What you can’t bring home, you can’t eat.’ There’s a big point in it. It means you need to pick carefully what you want to eat. Trying to stay healthy installs discipline. If you are healthy physically, you can stay fit mentally. Then you can be disciplined. Lack of enough sleep for a few days, can affect you and your health badly. It leads to an increase in the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in the body. Cortisol breaks down the proteins. It keeps the skin smooth actually. If you want to look younger, which makes you feel confident and in turn makes you disciplined, you need to sleep enough. And the third and the last point is – Exercising. Physical exercise improves health by increasing blood flow and oxygenation of the body cells and thus helps in fighting off diseases and boosting the immune system. Moreover, exercising increases our ability to concentrate on the task at hand. It allows us to lead a more disciplined life. Well, that’s all about discipline. If you liked this video, please hit the like button and share and subscribe for more. That’s ….it. Thank you for watching. See you in the next video.

Reynold King

33 Replies to “How do you define discipline? – 3 Ways to condition yourself – My thoughts”

  1. Your speech is speechless sir….. 😍👌we loves all your speeches…. You are the best teacher for ever❤

  2. Sir I'm your student at Montessori ……. happy to see you in you tube with your most valuable word's thank you sir…

  3. This is an awesome video sir. This is really interesting and helpful to us. We need more videos from you sir.

  4. I know you are busy person but I would love to see a playlist of English grammar vedios from you .

  5. An inspirational words which had changed my opinion on descpline and made me think of my self that I would have to assign more commands towards myself and and had to achieve it in time to time and came to know that my descpline lies in my hand
    Thnaku soo much to my favourite master for that smarter words

  6. The line "when you are complaining,you are not disciplined",made me remember a lot of incidents.Very helpful to introspect how disciplined we are, and your tips to acquire something are always amazing.Expecting more videos from u sir.

  7. Hi sir, i m sainadh… more great step to educate students like us…..but i m very excited to watch your flow of speech and the way you speak…..i still remember the day i didnt utter a single word from my mouth when u asked to read a lesson……but frm then i hav changed a lot……all this is truely bcuz of u sir…..u r my role model in english…..

  8. This is an awsome video.And this is very useful to many people to understand their disability to be discipline.And iam very much happy to see you after a long time sir…….

  9. Good and helpful speech to me sir and it will make to change me a lot thank you and this is Ajith from Nirmala school 10th standard

  10. great tips, sir…very inspiring…i want to share a tip about exercise particularly….which works well for me…that is…a glass of water at wake up…followed by yogasana for half an hour balances all ur horrmone…keeps u active all the day

  11. Sir, I read the same points (robin sharma's comment) written by
    Dr. B. V. Pattabhi Ram in his book
    Master Mind. But he changed it as
    "Ants" philosophy
    1.Identify food
    2.never give up
    3.maintain discipline
    4.have fore-sight
    5.Develop self-confidence
    6.Achieve unusual success
    I felt very happy by following your words and I am developing my skills gradually by your inspiration .
    Thank you sir, keep going on,
    Inspire us

  12. I think every word you said in the speech is 100% true. I promise that i will follow every word that are mentioned in the speech and i would become a deciplained student tha before.i.e. i will show an improvement

  13. Thank you for making this video sir. I have learnt many things from this video and I try to be displained.

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