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Well, how do I capture men’s
attention about discipline? Basically just going where most
men think about athletics. So I talk about my own humble
experience with it and then I began to talk about some of the
greats like Mike Singletary and his incredible discipline that
made him actually in his life, and you can see it in the
videos, moving toward the play as the ball is snapped because
he is so disciplined and knows where that ball’s going. Or
somebody like Jack Nicklaus who is understood to be the most
successful professional golfer of all time. Nicholas once
quipped, “The more I practice the luckier I get” and I think
we all understand. Or you take Michael Phelps’
eight, actually eight, gold medals in Beijing which is the
product of thousands and thousands and hundreds and
hundreds of miles in disciplined boredom. Or Steph Curry’s three
pointer at the buzzer and you know that meant a thousand shots
in the gym. In fact they say that during the offseason Curry
practices three hours a day six days a week and he won’t go in
from a practice until he’s made six to seven hundred baskets,
not shot them but made six to seven hundred baskets.
Disciplined absolute, total, inglorious discipline. Or you
take David Beckham’s trademark ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ shot and
Beckham talks about how as a boy he would go the East End to
London after school and take his bag of soccer balls and kick him
till he got that knuckleball kick that drove goalies crazy. Or the great Wayne Gretzky who
is considered to be the greatest hockey player of all time. He
would say of himself, ‘I’m average build, average speed,
but the key is that I worked.’

Reynold King

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