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How Heavy Should You Lift to Get Big (HOW MUCH WEIGHT!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. You may not recognize me, I got the T-shirt
on, number one and it’s the red one. Never broke out the red one before that’s
because this is our new AX 247365 days a year. And I think this is a very important point
here guys, very simple but important in that, I try to preach to you all the time when you’re
trying to get bigger, faster, stronger and look better, you better have a long term committment
in mind. There’s no short cuts, no bullshit like that
guys, if you want to get bigger, faster, stronger you’ve got to be ready to put in the effort
to do that. And there’s a big question that comes up revolving
around the concept of getting stronger and that is, How Heavy Should I Lift if I’m trying to get
bigger and better and stronger and be better than I am yesterday? Well there’s a very important answer to this.
It’s not just to lift as heavy as you can. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m a big proponant
of throwing around as much weight as you can. However it better be with your posture in
mind. If you can’t control your posture under load
then you’re not really training with a purpose. If you’re going to train to be a better Athlete,
if you’re going to train to look like a better Athlete, if you want to just function safely
and healthfully, then you better have a command of your posture
under load. Once you have command, then load that sucker up and put as much as you can
handle on it. That’s the way you’re going to be challenged. But I wanted to underscore this by taking
you through a few exercises. Ok, first of all to declare, my knees, Shit! We all know that if you’ve been following
my program here for a while, or my channel. You realize that I have some pretty difficult
and challenging Knees, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t train or train heavy, I have
to make some accomondations. What I start with is a Deadlift. A Deadlift
for me is very comfortable. And there’s a big reason why the Deadlift is more comfortable
for me versus a Squat. With my particular knee condition, it is much
easier for me to keep a vertical shin when I go down into a descent. So if I’m going to go down into a Deadlift
you can see that the angle of the shin is much more vertical as it is in a Squat. The bottom of the Squat my shins will go much
more forward, a lot more stress on the anterior portion of my Knee. Another reason why I love Bulgarian Split
Squats, it allows me to jump my leg out and then get that vertical shin away from my body
and still load up my Quads. But as far as the Deadlift goes here, you
can watch as I go up in weight here. Starting off at 135, you know I can control
this. This is obviously very light, very easy. I’m in total command of my form. My low back is arched, my shoulders are back,
my shoulder blades are pinned down, everything is nice and tight. I can do this. I add on a couple 45’s. I move on up. Same
thing, I’m in control of this weight. I can do this. I’m allowed to do this. It’s recommended for
me to do this. It’s actually recommended for me to do more. So I do. I throw more weight on the bar. And here again
as we creep our way all the way up, 315 now. Again I can handle this. I haven’t had a breakdown
in form. My back hasn’t started to round, either upper or lower back. Right, I’m not lunging forward here. The bar
is not traveling far away from my body. Everything is good, I can proceed. If this is you, and you’re in this position
here, keep going. Don’t get comfortable and stay here. That’s a mistake. If you can handle more with
proper posture, then load, load up at all opportunities. So now I do load, I go a little heavier now. Now we’re touching just shy of, I’ve got these
weird little 44 pound plates. But I get them up there, I start creeping
towards 400. I start to have some issues here. I start to feel as if maybe the back isn’t
staying in exactly the position that I want it to. But I still feel that if I was going to grade
myself on whether I had command or whether I didn’t? I would give myself a pass here and I would
continue. Now as we get up here touching sort of almost
500 pounds. This is where I feel like, I’m just not, I’m not mastering it the way I should. I don’t feel comfortable doing this weight.
This weight’s not benefiting me necessarily. Because with compensations throughout my kenetic
chain, I may not get hurt on this rep. Thank God, I would have got right in front
of you guys here. But I may get hurt down the road and that’s
the point. Don’t just lift heavy for the sake of Ego!
Lift heavy if you can control it. I don’t feel like I’m controlling it that
well here. But I’m to going to workout, I’m going to
back off a little bit and workout in that range, somewhere between the last one I used
and this weight. And command it and then progressively work
my up from there with the goal being to command that weight. Take a look at my Squat now, now here we’re
going to go towards more of my weak side. As I said, my knees really make Squatting
difficult. Especially because of the positioning of the
knees and that acute angle that happens on the Tibia and the Shins as they move forward to the Squat that I don’t
have to deal with necessarily on the Deadlift. The pain that I encounter on the Squat is
much more than what I encounter on a Deadlift. So would I even Squat? Well, I don’t abandon it entirely. I said,
the Bulgarian Split Squat is an awesome exercise for me. I can get my legs actually complete vertical
as I go on, if I hop far enough out. So for me, I have alternatives. If you’re dealing with pain and discomfort
that make your Squat more difficult for you or more painful, ditch it. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose
all your leg gains. There’s other ways, there’s other variations
of the Squat that you can do to still maximize your leg strength. We go and we add another pair of 45 pound
plates, now up to 225. Again it’s passable, but I can already again,
my trained eye, I’m looking at me, I can already see some breakdowns. I see that I’m lunging forward a little bit
as I go down. I see that my knees are kind of caving in.
I see a little bit of augoss at the bottom. Again I’m trying to figure out ways to get
around my discomfort as I get down lower and Squat. I can’t even go down as low even just with
225. I’m just not happy with this. First of all, if it looks ugly, you’re right,
but I can tell you it feels even uglier inside. So it’s just not the right exercise and the
weight for me. If I wanted to do the Squats, I could them
by backing off a lot on the weight, but then again how productive is that if I’ve
got exercises I can do a lot heavier with good form. So again there’s just a little bit of a sneak
peak behind the training scenes here as I show you that the most important thing that
you need to consider when it comes to the question of How Much
Should you Lift? Is how much can you lift under control. How much can you lift without your posture
breaking down. This is going to be my answer to you. If you can lift a lot of weight with your
posture not breaking down, then great. If you can lift more than what you are right
now without your posture breaking down, then shame on you. Put more weight on that bar and command the
limits that you have. And when you find your limits, back off a
little bit, and command the limits that you can control and increase your weights from
there. Try to keep pushing yourself up and up. Really
try to work on maintaining your posture under load at all times. Guys I hope you found this video helpful. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
that tells you and shows you how to do this the right way, puts the science back in strength. Allows me as a physical therapist to kind
of harp on you when I need to, to make sure that you aren’t screwing these things up because believe me, I’ve felt it myself and
I know what happens when you start to hurt under the bar. It causes a lot of things to go wrong, you
don’t train as hard, you don’t get the results you want to see. We don’t have to have that happen. Follow my program at ATHLEANX.COM and I’ll
show you how to make those progressive gains without letting the pain get in the way. Alright guys, I’ll be back here in just a
couple days. Meantime let me know what you want to see
and I willl do my best to bring it to you in the days and weeks ahead. See Ya!!

Reynold King

100 Replies to “How Heavy Should You Lift to Get Big (HOW MUCH WEIGHT!)”

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  2. Your channel has inspired me to leave my ego behind at the gym and lift safely with correct posture over the last year or so. Thank you so much for these proper training methods. These videos have helped my muscles in my body. Thank you!!!

  3. Wow im impressed im bout the same age 235 pounds and i barely deadlift 415 … Hernia keeps me from anymore that mule kick to the nutz kinda feeling is gonna win everytime …

  4. If I start out at 10 push ups a day, in sets and add 7-8 pushups per month will that build muscle for a beginner because I'm getting confused with weight i hear people say if you keep increasing your reps it won't build muscle you have to add weight? If so at what point should you start adding weight?

  5. I am CSCS strength and conditioning specialist and former all american athlete. There is no Channel better than Athlean-X. I learn so much here! Jeff you are the Best Bro! I cant thank you enough.

  6. What if I'm training at home and it's all the weight that i have, how do i go around that, do i just lift more reps?

  7. Dude uuuhhh that was very impressive. I dream of deadlifting 500 that clean. I didn’t know you were that strong!!!!

  8. Jeff – why do you have one hand forwards and one backwards on the bar – just know theres a good scientific/physical reason for it! Can you explain…?

  9. Im 13, 5"5, and 145 pounds. I felt like I was much stronger than most kids in my grade, beating them in arm wrestling and other things like that. I started bench pressing yesterday and could barely 80. Is that normal?

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  12. Hi I'm following your videos at an almost daily bases – they are a constant part of my lunch breaks 😉
    You're doing a great job and I learned a lot from you.
    Going to join your training program next month as well…
    I've got a question:
    I noticed that on some of you videos the camera is too close up and some of the impotant detail like your legs when your doing squats on this one, don't show.
    You're talking about them, but you don't show them.
    As I mentioned, it happened quite often that the camera is simply too close and I wonder if that might be intentionally done?

  13. Keep going do yourself an injury work through it. Don't load up like this you will do urself an injury and be away from the gym for weeks or months.

  14. Hi Jeff, if you do a couple of facepulls that knee should clear right up. 3 sets of 10 at the end of each work out, let me know how it goes.

  15. Whenever you're dong exercises and you go up in weight, it'd be highly entertaining and great editing (very minor) if you just transitioned the shot mid-movement as opposed to a cut in the action to give it all a seamless transition. So, you are coming up with two plates, and just before you hit the top, three plates appear. All on the same movement.

  16. Shit I needed this video.
    I got comfortable and then feared going heavier and though I'd never get to lift my weight in a squat but did!

    Can you apply the same reps to deadlifts?

    Jeff your the man

  17. Out there, are a lot of practical and theoretical examples that you can build muscles with light weight as good as with higher weight
    But frequenzy, effort, Volume and trainings technique have to be adjusted.

    So the probabylity is higher not to injure yourself.

  18. I'm 19 and my knees are pretty shit too. Injured them twice playing football (soccer) with bad genetics. Squats can make cartilage in my knee lock up but deadlifting is no issue at all.

  19. WOW his form is literally perfect on the deadlift, the term "text book" gets used a lot in sports and it most certain applies here.

  20. my 1 max rep in bench press is 130lbs so i consistently lift 50% to 75% of my 1 max rep , is it bad?

  21. Brilliant advice as usual.
    Can you do some stuff on training with Diastasis Recti please. I've had one for 10 years but I'm worried about making it worse.

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