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How Long Is Basic Training? | Boot Camp

How long is basic training? The Army or National Guard, which goes through
the same basic training regimen, is 9 weeks, with up to a week of processing. The Navy is 7 weeks, with up to a week of
processing. The Air Force is 8 weeks, with a week of processing,
which is called zero week. And the Marines have the longest basic training,
which is 12 weeks. But they only have 4 days of in processing. Dont’ forget the Coast Guard, 7 and a half
weeks, with another half of week of forming, which is what the Coast Guard calls in processing. Remember, this does not include time you’re
gonna spend at advanced training, or any kind of specialty school. Taking basic training day by day, and being
the best recruit you can be is the best bet for making graduation day come as quick as
possible. These times may vary in the future, so, of
course, your recruiter will know exactly how long you’re gonna be gone.

Reynold King

27 Replies to “How Long Is Basic Training? | Boot Camp”

  1. @slamer200
    Maybe. No one would go to the army without knowing what's going on there and what they will benefit from it. So it's not a bad thing.

  2. There are civilian "boot camps" that essentially do just that. You don't have to join to take the classes however be prepared financially because the classes that replicate military training (especially adv. things like drive school) will cost quite a lot of money.

  3. Why the hate for the Navy and Air force? We are all on the same team man. I'm grateful if i don't need to take on a hostile building with a rifle because a jet just blew the place to hell. It's silly to belittle the other branches, we all have out part to play.

  4. Take it you are the type who rushes into situations without any research. Good luck finding a job with that mentality.

  5. Its interesting how police officers basic training is 6 months and yet military is better trained and theirs is 7-12 weeks

  6. Job training for a 19Delta Cavalry Scout requires 16 weeks of One Station Unit Training. The basic and school are mixed and continuous… So no, Army has the longest basic for Combat… my perspective, it's been 20 years since I have gone through it…

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