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How Osama bin Laden’s Hunter Gets a Fresh Start Every Morning | Rob O’Neill | Goalcast

Spoiler alert bin Laden dies at the end of it We knew we weren’t coming home from that mission we were gonna die We’re gonna get shot down on the way in we’re gonna run out of fuel and Just be in Pakistan and live our short short miserable lives in a Pakistani prison if anyone’s gonna blow himself up its bin Laden We’re not coming back the guy that ended up in the point man position taking me up the stairs of bin Laden’s bedroom He he pulled me aside before we left and he said don’t take this the wrong way. I’m going But if we know we’re gonna die why are we going? Which is just legit he wanted to say it out loud, and I said, that’s that’s a good point We are not going for Fame and we are not going for bravado we are going for the single mom who dropped her kids off at elementary school on a Tuesday morning and Then 45 minutes later. She jumped to her death out of a skyscraper because that was a better alternative than burning alive because 2,500 degrees inside and her last gesture of human decency Was to hold her skirt down so nobody could see her underwear as she committed suicide And she didn’t want to do any of that. She was supposed to be in the fight. We’re supposed to fight. That’s why we’re going we were a Week and a half into planning that big mission We had some of the best minds planning the mission to kill bin Laden and we rehearsed the perfect plan over and over and over Every day with real helicopters on a real training site 14 hours a day and then afterwards we’d talk about it around a table with and with the replica and one night The boss said all right guys, what’s the worst thing that could happen and the youngest guy in the room said well Hey the helicopter could crash in the front yard There’s like what I mean. Can we talk about that for 20 seconds and that happened? But we were able to take a potentially catastrophic event turn it into something great because of our preparation No matter what we never quit People would be so close to a goal 95% of the way there and have a bad day, and then throw their hands, you know or a series of bad days That’s it I quit I’m done. You know you were not having a bad life. You’re having a bad day Now saying never quit and never quitting are two different things, so I need to tell you a story You’re in the Navy so you know how to tie a lot of knots the the Test is go tight a series of knots with this rope around that rope so the instructor will say oh go Okay, go tie a bowline knot So you hold your breath and swim down there tie a bowline knot in your back off. It’s been about a minute He comes back down and checks it. Okay. That’s good So he untie the bowline knot you go back up You get one breath of air enough time for him to tell you about not number two So it would be like okay, go tie a square knot the test is simple tie five knots in a row you pass Now they give you a certain amount of attempts at each test But a friend of mine named John was on his last attempt. You know he if he doesn’t do all five right now They’re gonna kick him out today. He’ll never be a seal lifelong dream. That’s a lot of pressure on his fifth not Attempt he drowned so the instructor swam down to get him he straddled John and started immediately with the sternum rub trying to get him to cough it up then he started CPR and We could actually hear him saying to John you’ll come back to the light So John was out for a minute and a half Finally spit up all the water out of his lungs and the first words out of his mouth work. Did I pass? So the instructor kind of sat back on him, and he’s getting his color back too. Cuz you know he gets to keep his job He goes Yeah, man you passed and John goes. Thank God. I finally got the fifth knot and The instructor said well, no you didn’t Look, I’m in a good mood right now, so I’m gonna let you in on a secret. I don’t care How many knots you know how to tie that is not part of the curriculum to become a Navy SEAL my job? Simply is to see how far you’ll push yourself you Just killed yourself you pass the goddamn test Good job! so, When you feel like quitting which you will don’t quit right now quit tomorrow Wake up in the morning on time and make your bed the right way, then brush your teeth little victories Make it to 5:00 a.m.. PT on time get through that and make it to breakfast After breakfast concentrate on getting to lunch after lunch make it to dinner after dinner Do everything you need to do to get back in that bed and no matter how bad your day was You get a fresh start tomorrow because your bed was made right and the enemies all your doubts all your fears And everyone you know back home that told you. you weren’t good enough to do this keep your head down, too No matter what, never quit and you’ll be just fine keep moving forward

Reynold King

100 Replies to “How Osama bin Laden’s Hunter Gets a Fresh Start Every Morning | Rob O’Neill | Goalcast”

  1. perhaps this is how all those people have lost loved ones in random airstrikes and reigime change attempts feel too…. perhaps the money hungry politicians who start these wars and create this animosity should be held to account…. the normal people of this world of all countries and creeds are peacefull and kind by nature…

  2. gotta love how they make death and violence humerous, propaganda at its best no matter which side you are on

  3. they say that once you're at your maximum limit you can still push your body further. John literally could not push his body any further.

  4. his final words became my affrimations..when you feel like quitting which you will do not quit today quit tomorrow..

  5. Bin Laden is former CIA agent.He has dozen of clones like Sadam Husein,Gadafi "BAD GUYS" had.He is alive folks get real!!

  6. Bin laden died at least 5-10 years before this "assassination attempt". He had kidney failure during 9/11 and was on dialysis. Name one person who could survive this whilst living in a fookin cave.. GTFO

  7. The while SQUAD killed him….he was just lucky that binladen got infront of him and he pulled the trigger….think like that.if he was alone would he have killed laden NO he is a dicc for thinking he killed him…while he took the shot his squad was busy securing the area and killing other terrorists …he would have got shot if not for his squad

  8. Talks like amricans are heros .. Like yh its sad what happend in 9/11 but it's incompareable to what amrica did in middle east countries … So shut the hell up

  9. It aint part of the curiculum. Its to see how far you push yourself to get this postion. And you just killed yourself to get here you passed the god damn test.

  10. Im reading his book and i cant stop reading it now. I dont realy like reading either. But i love his book. Firing the shot that killed Osama bin Laden

  11. If you killed Bin laden
    Couldn’t u take 2 seconds out and take a picture of him to take all the upcoming confusion away

  12. We aren’t doing this for fame after the mission everyone goes and says they killed him sureee

  13. Mr Rob O’Neil you’re no hero you’re only a coward who thinks your actions were justified for killing another man who is said to have killed others. Your day will come when you have to answer to the true and living God

  14. I read the book "the operator" with Robert O'Neill reading all the stuff the seals have to go through hell week i cant imagine what its like im sure they call it hell week for a reason but all the obstacles yall go through im sure i can get through a rough day because there much worse things other people suffer.

  15. Whatever happened on 9 11 is tragic but what proofs and assurity you have apart from word of people who killed 1 million people in iraq to kill afgan

  16. “We’re not going for fame.” Speaks out about a classified event saying he killed bin laden when the team had an agreement saying they wouldn’t speak out publicly about the mission that killed UBL.

  17. Not going for fame or bravado yet he sits here claiming that kill although they got the kill as a team. Smh

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  19. That's just bogus

    First searching for him, for how many years ? With all those military satellites!

    Throwing his body in ocean ?

    You're all criminals & worse than bin Laden image that you created.

    You know bin laden. He's your puppet. You receive his recordings always. You trade with Taliban in their drug fields.

    You may killed him , it's because he doesn't serve your plans anymore. ISIS is the new alQaida for you, the new bin Ladin bogeyman.

    Your people know the truth about USA government , but as everyone else not doing anything is the easy way. They know their taxes are paid for fake ass foreign USA strategies.

    Have some dignity & do your shit without trying to insult people with your brag fake stupid lies.

  20. His name had already been leaked to the press by someone higher up than him. That put him, his extended family, his whole friggin neighbourhood in danger. Thats when he decided to go public. And, by the way, the military higher ups offered no provision for his safety or his family after the leak. That was only offered by fellow seal team members.

  21. "You just killed yourself, you passed the God Damn test" one of the greatest quotes I've ever heard

  22. Before everyone thinks this man is great, he is banned from DEVGRU compounds (Seal Team 6 is DEVGRU) as he wrote a book glorifying what he did. He is hated within the seal community and the public promoting him is making it worse


    IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE said (moltte)

    This stuff is runned by fake CHRISTIANS
    Look at their MANSIONS
    Look at the conditions you LIVE IN
    All they talk about is terrorism on TELEVISION
    They tell you to LISTEN
    but they don't really tell you their MISSION
    they funded Al-Qaeeda and now they blame the Muslim RELIGION
    even though Bin-Laden was a CIA TACTICIAN
    they gave him billions of dollaz', funded his PURPOSE Fahrenheit 9/11 that's just scratching the SURFACE

  24. You all know this was pretty much a terrorist attack on a terrorist lol cuz killing a world leader no matter who is still a terrorist attack

  25. Ya all seem to miss the point, they trained over and over for 5 days + and 14 hrs per day and still crashed the helly in the front yard 🙂

  26. When I first heard about the Bin Laden raid, I did not know that Rob and his SEALs believed they were going to die on the mission. That was the most emotional part of the story for me, and the story about Rob’s teammate jumping on people he assumed were suicide bombers. SEAL Team Six selflessly risked their lives that day for all of us and we need to be thinking about them and keep them in our prayers every day.

  27. These days maybe, it's hard to live but, it's never impossible. Never give up on, what you are dedicated for. It's a one piece try to make it a extraordinary piece, that people wanna be like you. Ali Muzaffar.

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