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How To BEST PREPARE For A Job Interview – 4 EASY Interview Preparation Tips

So you have a job interview coming up
and you need advice on how to get ready for interview day. In this video, you’ll
learn my top four tips to help you prepare for the big day so that you can
enter your interview with confidence and ease and if you stay around until the
end I have something special just for you
that will give you even more self assurance when it comes to your job
search. Hi there. I’m Heather Austin from and #TheCareerClub on
Facebook and on this channel I provide simple solutions to help you
build a business or launch a career you love so if you’re new here consider
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miss a thing. Now before we jump into my top four tips to help you get ready for
your job interview, remember that first impressions are everything.
Someone will make a first impression within 30 seconds or less so when you
enter your interview you want to look capable, look alert and look interested.
So let’s jump into my top 4 tips. Tip number one is to do your homework. Now I
recommend this in almost every interview video that I do, but doing your research
and learning about the company before interview day goes a long way. An
interviewer loves it when a candidate comes into an interview knowing about
the position and the company. So make sure you learn what the organization’s
goals are, what are their values, what is their mission. Also find out why the
company is hiring for the position that they’re hiring for. Doing this little bit
of homework will help you refine your responses to almost any interview
question so that you can show the interviewer that you will be a good fit
for their company culture. Tip number two – know your accomplishments. Before
interview day, jot down two or three of your most important career
accomplishments as they relate to the position. Make a note of the details surrounding
your accomplishments and be able to retell them in a story format. This will
better paint the picture for the interviewer of how you can help them
solve their pain points. For example, let’s say that the position you are applying
for requires someone that can lead and direct a team,, so what you would do is
come up with an example or a scenario of when you managed a team and how you
accomplished goals with your team. These stories are going to be the ammunition
for almost any interview question that you are asked. Now I created a playlist
just for you with some of the most commonly asked interview questions such
as “why do you want to work here?” “why should we hire you?” or “what are your
greatest strengths and weaknesses?” I’ll go ahead and link that playlist up below.
Tip number three, preplan. Before interview day, you want to do as much
pre-planning as you can. This includes planning out your interview attire. Make
sure you know if the company you’re interviewing with is more formal or if
it’s more of a casual environment. You want to make sure you fit in with the
company culture, also have your interview outfit pressed and ready to go the night
before the interview and if you need some interview outfit ideas, I created a
video about what to wear and what not to wear to an interview so I’ll go ahead
and link that up below. Now the next thing when planning for your interview
is you want to give yourself enough time to get there at least 15 minutes ahead
of schedule. This will help you relax and it will help you breathe. It will also
help you take in the surroundings before you go into the interview. Step number
four is to create a set of questions that you can ask the interviewer. This is
the best way to show your interest in the position. This will give you a chance
to relax and turn the interview into a two-sided conversation. You’ll also have
the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the company and to really
determine if you would be a good fit. In fact, research shows that when you
encourage someone to talk about themselves, they’re
more likely to warm up to you and you’ll make a lasting first impression. You
could ask questions like “what have prior employees done in this position to
succeed?” or “what do you like most about working for this company?” Now I’ve got
you covered with this one as well. I created a video with five of the best
questions that you can ask the interviewer. I’ll go ahead and link that
video up below as well. Now to make sure your resume is current and up-to-date,
make sure you download your copy of the six-second resume. It’s a quick easy to
use resume template that you can grab today and tailor for the next position
that you apply for. I’ll link that up below and if you know someone that might
benefit from this video, please feel free to share it with them. Don’t forget to
hit the like button below. Be sure to subscribe and I will see you guys next

Reynold King

29 Replies to “How To BEST PREPARE For A Job Interview – 4 EASY Interview Preparation Tips”

  1. Hey guys! Are you prepared for your next job interview? Follow the 4 tips I share in this interview preparation video to help you secure a job offer. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more weekly videos just like this one.

  2. Making a set of questions ahead of time is a great idea. I think my sons would benefit from watching this video. Thanks for sharing, cheers!

  3. Hey Heather! Loved this video. You hit all the biggies, but I also really liked the way you pop out to much more in-depth information in each of the four areas. My favorite one of these for was about aligning your stories to the job description. People spend a lot of time trying to figure out and preparing for how to answer the interview questions but I notice a lot of them miss the tailoring part. Great point there 🙂

  4. I REALLY like the tip where people should investigate WHY a company is trying to fill a particular position! It's great to show the interviewer that you care about THEIR/their company's needs and not just your own ("gimme a job"!!!). Great video!

  5. Hey Heather, great advise about asking questions like, "What do you like about this company." Not only a great way to bond, but the question itself can provide insight into the culture of the company.

  6. I am unemployable after having my own business for over 10 years. However, this is great information for people who are a little rusty in their interviewing skills!

  7. First impressions are everything. Such wise words. I remember my modelling agency waaaaay back, was really on that… They would say, you never have a second chance to make a good first impression. It was everything. And they were right. I always remembered that. Such great advice. And really good to be reminded of. (And to remember those days as that really is good advice) … And a story format.. This is good to know. More wisdom. Love this. Your videos are so good. I mean so good. I love how you think and how you view the path. Such wisdom and connection. So conscious. I know it's for practical things, but it also feels like you are changing the world one person at a time. And I love this so much. ~Elizabeth xo

  8. All good and important aspects for preparing, however, in Tip #3 there needs to be more about personal grooming (hairstyle, makeup AND that includes male specific issues too). Within the first 7 seconds you WILL be judged on your facial expression and hairstyling – and I' NOT talking fashion, I'm talking corporate culture and appropriateness for the individual. Thanks Heather.

  9. Great points that my son could have utilized before interviewing for a job after graduation. Congrats on your channel growth

  10. Great video. Finding out about the company/business puts you way ahead of most, if not all, the other candidates being interviewed. And you can visibly see the interviewer perking up when he/she realises you've taking the time to get some background information on the company. Here's a tip of my own: Arrive early for the interview and have a chat with the receptionist. A good interviewer should always ask for the receptionist's opinion, especially on first impressions.

  11. Your tips were so useful! I got the job on the spot. Thanks
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