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How To Build Self Discipline – Embracing Self Mastery

Motivation is great but really it’s, it’s
crap. It’s here today and gone tomorrow and it’s up and down like a roller
coaster. But self discipline, that’s the process in order to create habits and
today we’re gonna talk about how to build self discipline. let’s go. what is up my winning friend my name is
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was saying motivation is here today it’s gone tomorrow it’s a feeling that
doesn’t last it’s not gonna last a lifetime
there are gonna be days where you feel motivated to go and do what you want to
do and there are gonna be days where you are completely unmotivated in those days
that’s where self discipline it’s going to come to your aid so you can continue
to do the things that you need to do so you can achieve the goals that you want
to achieve and yes a lot of times you are motivated to achieve the goals that
you set forth but you’re not motivated to actually do what it takes to achieve
those goals you want the reward of what those goals have by achieving them but
you don’t want to have to go through the process necessarily in order to achieve
it and that’s why it self discipline is so powerful because you literally
discipline yourself to take care of the things that you need to do in order to
accomplish the things that you want to have self discipline is the willingness
to accept discomfort physical mental emotional discomfort the willingness to
put off that instant gratification to achieve a longer-term worthwhile goal
and let’s face it we live in a world today where instant gratification is put
on a pedestal we have all the information and things that we need
literally at our fingertips and it creates this image of we can have
whatever we want instantly but really true success and the things that we
really want to become do not come instantly they take time they take work
they take patience and they take self discipline and self discipline is
absolutely necessary and everything that you want to accomplish whether that’s
the side project that you’ve been working on after work or if it’s trying
to teach your kids certain morals and values or if it’s to achieve a certain
Fitness goal that you have set forth you need to have self-discipline so
you can eat healthy the right things when you know you want to eat that
hamburger you can be self-disciplined eating the things that you know you need
to eat to hit those fitness goals or you need to be able to control your temper
or your emotions when you’re trying to teach your kids certain values of morals
self-discipline plays a factor and everything that you’re trying to
accomplish self-discipline builds willpower mental toughness grit all
these things that you need in order to achieve the goals that you set for for
yourself for a good example here I recently took up taking cold showers
about six months ago because there’s seven major health benefits and taking
these cold showers and I won’t get into that in this video will say that for
another time however I had to face these mental and physical discomforts each day
by getting into that shower nobody wants to get into a shower that’s freezing
cold that’s a lot of mental and physical discomfort but over time by doing this I
built that habit built a process by which every day I’m getting in there now
without even thinking about it and yeah it’s a little physically mentally
discomfort at first but I’m in such a habit I’m self-discipline that I do it
every day and I’m receiving the benefits from taking these cold showers now now
this whole self-discipline sounds great right yeah I’m gonna do all the things I
know I need to do to accomplish all the goals that I have easier said than done
so what are some key things that you can do in order to build this
self-discipline first and foremost you’re going to have to have a desire a
burning desire to achieve the goal that you set forth for yourself and to do the
things necessary to achieve it that’s first and foremost you have to have a
desire if you don’t have a desire to get physically in shape you’re not gonna do
the things that you need to do to get in shape you’re not gonna build that
discipline so having that desire your why why are you doing this why do I want
to get in shape I want to live longer I want to be around my kids live longer I
want to feel good about myself and be more productive that’s your wife why do
you want to achieve that goal and those are powerful because they help build
that desire to achieve that goal is not just all I want this this is know I have
to have this because this is why literally you could sit down and write
out a list of all the reasons why you want to achieve that goal and all the
benefits that you’re going to from me and that helps make that goal
more desirable for you to reach another thing that you want to consider
especially when you’re first starting out in first building the sub-discipline
is you’re gonna want to remove all the temptations that are gonna hinder you
from achieving your desired goal a good example of that is if you’re trying to
get into good physical shape and you like to eat junk food you’re gonna want
to remove all the temptations that are going to cause you to eat that junk food
when you go grocery shopping don’t buy any junk food don’t have it sitting on
the shelf meal prep have meals already prepared that are aligned with your goal
to achieve in this physical way that you want to achieve don’t put yourself in
situations where you’re going to be tempted to do something that doesn’t go
along with achieving that goal examine the way how you think and act in those
situations when you have those temptations how do you normally respond
to them by removing those temptations as much as possible from your life you
don’t have to deal with it and then they become easier when you have them after
you have already built in these habits after you’ve already have enough
self-discipline then you’re able to face those temptations far greater than when
you’re first just starting out to try and build that self-discipline in the
first place another great tip for building self-discipline is to remove
bad habits and replace them with good habits it’s nearly impossible to remove
bad habits without replacement with another habit so like let’s say that you
you play too much video games limit the amount of time that you’re playing on
these video games set it to a specific schedule or cut it out completely and
replace it with a good habit such as working out for an hour a day or reading
a book for an hour or two a day you take the bad habit away and replace it with
something that’s gonna benefit you and your long-term goals what are some other
things that you can do for self-discipline what about your goals do
you have them written down do you set short-term goals that are in line with
your long-term goals a great man once told me if you aim at nothing you’ll hit
it every time self-discipline is key in writing your goals down scheduling when
you’re gonna get things done and by doing that you’re building the habit of
self-discipline in itself by setting these goals and you’re far more
effective and achieving your goals in the first place and my final tip for
building self-discipline is to enjoy the process enjoy everything you’re going
through what it’s making you as you’re going to achieve her goals
it’s not about what we get is who we become in the process you got to love
what you’re doing don’t just do something just to get the gains and
return from it love what you’re doing in who you’re becoming in that process
because if you don’t you’re not going to build a sub-discipline to make it
through the obstacles to get through the learning curve to get through the slow
growing pains that it comes with achieving any goal so love what you’re
doing make it worthwhile be purposeful and everything that you’re doing if you
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Reynold King

8 Replies to “How To Build Self Discipline – Embracing Self Mastery”

  1. I tried that switching to cold at the end of the shower and man I couldn't even stand in it I could only throw a couple body parts in it at a time only enough to turn it off it isn't easy but I know what you're saying about the mitochondria it's like fasting or ketosis.

  2. I'm going to try jumping into the cold shower next at least I'll be in it instead of trying to switch to cold at the end

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