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How to Bust Through a Deadlift Plateau | 12 Week Training Cycle

What’s up, guys? Jake Hutton from Fitness
Culture. Today we’re gonna be talking about how to bust through your deadlift
plateau, and specifically it’s gonna be a 12-week training cycle where we
implement some different tempos into the training, and we’re also going to be
utilizing some deficit training in this cycle. So first we’re gonna go over what
deficit training is and then we’re gonna hop right into the training. So deficit
training essentially is gonna be extending the range of motion. And the
way we’re gonna do that on a deadlift is by using a small platform. What that’s
going to do is basically extend how deep you’re gonna be getting in the deadlift,
because the bar is gonna have to go further to travel to the floor because
your feet are up on a podium. There’s a two inch deficit right here, and then you just set up like a normal deadlift. The next tool that we’re gonna be
using for this training cycle is gonna be controlling the tempo of the lift, and
basically throughout the entire training cycle for the first few weeks we’re just
going to be doing a four count eccentric on the lift. And what that means is that
Rashe, if you pick up the bar right now, he’s gonna do a regular deadlift, and
he’s gonna control it for a four count down, two, three four, reset on the ground,
and then come back up. Alright, so week one we’re just going to be
pulling from the floor, but we’re going to be using a four count eccentric tempo
for the lift. Rashe will start with just the bar on
the floor, pick it up, and then he’s going to control the weight down to the floor
for a four count. Week two we’re gonna be still using that
four count eccentric tempo, but we’re gonna take it up to a two inch deficit. And
we’re gonna be doing the same tempo on the lift. So it’s gonna be a four count
eccentric. Rashe is gonna set up in a good deadlift stance, get his back
nice and tight, do the lift. You’re still gonna explode up on the
lift as fast as you can, just like you would with any other deadlift, and then
control it down all the way to the floor. Reset, control it down one, two, three,
four, and reset every rep. Week three it’s the same thing, four count eccentric, but
we’re gonna take it up to a 4-inch deficit. But you’re only going to go up
to that 4 inch deficit if you have perfect mobility and a perfect setup on
week 2. Rashe is going to set up on this four inch block, just like you would a
normal deadlift, and then just control it down same way, four count eccentric. All right, week four we’re still gonna be
on that 4-inch deficit, but we’re gonna drop the tempo. So you’re just gonna be
doing your normal deadlift speed for week four, and we’re going to be
increasing the weight. Week five is going to be a de-load
week. We always work de-load weeks into our programming, into any strength
cycle, especially on the deadlift, because it’s super taxing on your
central nervous system, so you’re gonna want to take some time off. So on that
fifth week we’re gonna come back down to the floor, just pull some lighter weight,
not be on a deficit, and then we’re gonna come back on week six to a two-inch
deficit. So week six now that we’re back from that de-load week, we’re gonna be
going even heavier and we’re gonna be on a two inch deficit. The last time you
pulled heavy was probably with that 4 inch deficit, now you’re on that 2 inch,
so you should start feeling really explosive off the ground on this 2 inch
deficit. So weeks 7 through 9 we’re gonna be on the floor and we’re gonna be going
up in weight every week. For week 10 we’re gonna do a de-load week again to give
your body a break, recover a little bit. Week 11 we’re gonna be going even
heavier. We’re gonna be focusing on doubles and singles. And then week 12
is gonna be your max out week. Alright guys, so that wraps it up for our 12-week
deadlift plateau-busting cycle. I hope you guys can utilize this and bust
through that deadlift plateau. If you want to get the full training cycle with all the
reps and the percentages, you can click the link that’s in our description. And
if you haven’t checked out our other plateau-busting videos you can click
right here for a benchpress plateau video, and click right here to subscribe
to our channel. Thank you.

Reynold King

15 Replies to “How to Bust Through a Deadlift Plateau | 12 Week Training Cycle”

  1. Great vid, been recoving from a stuck nerve caused by deadlifting XD but i'll try this method out just for funs when i can deadlift normally again.

    Btw those shoes are awesome, what brand are they from?

  2. Great vídeo, i Sant to ask for the number of reps 5×5 Will be rigth? And the number of days we can train….you recomended 1 or 2 days. For week?… for example i have a 350 lbs deadlift for 5 RM can i work with this weigth and increase Like u show?….. thanks

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