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How to Develop an Attractive Personality? | Personality Types | Personality Development

If I describe this personality development course as best personality course available on the internet then it will not be wrong because for the wisdom that i shared with you in all the videos i had invested heavily for learning all that I have contributed many years of my life many courses I have done and spend so much time with different people Whose time was difficult to find Or when i collected that knowledge from many sources I want you to give all that knowledge at one place Because I could not find that at one place now!!

When you learn from these videos You will become a better person If you want to repay me then there is only one way will not just listen , also adopt too Apply those fundamental techniques,tips and will become a successful person Because when you become successful person You will be an example for those people
an inspiration Because you will become an inspiration You will be able to motivate the other person and you can encourage him that he will also be able to change himself that he will be able to change his life and by this method
we can start with a revolution so!!
if you want to develop yourself and you want to start your own success
Campaign So start with our first video When You Have to Grow Yourself first you must know in which person you want to grow
might be possible that you are at a certain level, then you will upgrade to different level and then will be at next level

what are those levels When you begin to Grow Yourself you have to observe
that in which stages people right now What kind of people are there
How can they work on themselves Which quality do you have to adopt in or which to leave
and result of which you will become highly respectable person and you will convert into more confident person
and Be a person who attracts other people towards himself Do you want to be? THE ANSWER IS
so!! The ones first category is
Nice People most of people comes in this category Good people do good work,Want to make everyone happy But there are some things
that they do not pay attention
the thing is they are not dominant A little self esteem is low,
a little shy they do not take action do not move forward do good for people
but when they are not dominating
they are not able to attract others and that’s why
Someone else comes to the reality of another person you must have seen

a leader and a lot of people are with him i want , you must come in that category of leadership and
the second category is that are

JERKS jerks are
a little confident but a little egoist Mostly People Are Attracted Towards Themselves But they never do any logical talks What haappen is
when they talk always to the point and straightforward Sometime they also feel offensive to others Now
There is a category which is liked by most of the peoples And You All mayb wants to come in that category It Is Quite Possible That You got same as that of the 3rd category person that of the 3rd category person While there are some qualities that when are little bit modified and improved Which results that you will come in that category and that category is known as
ALPHA Alpha Is a category and i simply call them leaders The people that are dominating in environment and they are not effected by any other person The nice people always seek approval
How i am looking?
How its looking? How will this going to happen All will go good
if we do that way
but a dominating person the one who is ALPHA
isnt effected by any other what he is wearing how is he acting
but he is confident but he is confident reason he didnt want other’s Approval He doesn’t require other’s attention he has a game in mind and game is I AM THE LEADER I AM The Champion I am a type of person whose attention is required by everyone
not i required other’s attention So to come in ALPHA category you must follow some steps and for that steps you have to watch other videos So coming out from the category of the nice boy and coming out from the category of JERKS We ahve Final Destination as ALPHA So Will You be An ALPHA Yes definately so in next videos you will be able to learn that
how to be an alpha person And how can you increase your attractiveness How you can be more confident So Must Watch Next Video and share this series with maximum number of people so that most of the people will change them self Let’s Meet in next video

Reynold King

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  1. Apni vedio start hone se pehle apka jo entry wala shot h na sir…
    Pls use badaliye har vedio m ek hi shot apka impression km krta h

  2. negative thinking ko kaise door kare sir hr time negative thinking ate rhete hai isi liye kuch kaam nahi bantr

  3. hi.m a girl from Bangladesh. I have a issue with my family that thay don't understand me.& all tha time thay dominant me.& they ignore me.& I have no value infront of them & my opinions. always they used that m useless.& m not so much highly qualifications. that's why I have no so much knowledge of everythink.that's why day by day m just getting frustrated & mentally sick.plz hlp me out.plz plz something. for me.I need hlp of urs badly.plzz me.I wanna live respect ly.they also don't respect me.😭😭😭😭.plz hlp me out of all this thing.plz rply me.plzz plzz. o can also understand hindi.

  4. Sir aaj mera first day hai
    Main Apni personality change krna
    Chahti hu me apko follow krna start kr rhi hu let's wait and watch

  5. Sir jab m interview dene jati hu to interview clear nhi kr pati, I don't understand ki mera interview clear nhi hota . can you give me suggestions

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  7. sir apki vidoes mujko bohot assi lagi.or hum apki vidoes dekhlar life ko badalnekeliye kousis karrahiho…

  8. Hayy u are awsome , i like the way you tell and teach the things u are a very good personality developer ….i need your help "i am actually very much upset because of a girl and i am not able to forgot her can u pleaz give some tip which can help me in forgottin her and what to do when i face her.. It will be a great help from u if u can do any thing for me thank u … And i will try to implement the things u are telling us in there videos thankyou dear.

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  10. Personality development for perfect girl or house wife can you please make videos on that is use full for whole Indian house wife who works harder and they don't have respect from people specially mother in law and husband how to manage kids if they are also thinking like them then the womens whole life will destroyed

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