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How To Develop Self-Mastery

Self-mastery, right? People talk about it.
It’s all over t,he place it’s on the internet. People on you know, social media
talk about it. But where do you start? Because everybody makes it sound so easy
like everybody’s doing it. They’re not. Because they don’t know where to start.
Here, you’ll learn exactly the first step and what to do next. Don’t miss out. Watch
this video. So, there’s a big conversation you know
about self-mastery and if it’s worth the time, worth the energy. But really how do
you develop it? How do you develop self mastery so it really works for you? You
may be thinking of you have to take on some large program or maybe even a
3-month program or you got to hire somebody to be able to have self mastery.
Actually, you don’t have to do that. It’s really pretty simple. Self mastery can be
acquired through very simple activities. But first, what is self mastery and why
is it going to serve you well? Self mastery is the mastery over self. I know,
what people are like, “Kirk, what is self mastery mean?” It’s actually pretty simple.
Mastery over self. Meaning self sabotage or your shyness or your hesitation or
your unwillingness to expand your life. You really, you have a certain side of
you that is scared, worried, nervous, anxious, hesitating. It has all these
fears. So really self m,astery is getting over the whole library of words that
fall in the category of fear. And when you have self mastery, when you decide to
do something, you actually go do it and you get it done. You know how you admire
people who finish their projects and accomplish their goals? Well the reason
they do that is because they have self mastery. And what you’re noticing and
what you wish you had was that power to actually follow through with your ideas.
That’s what self mastery is. The power to follow through the ideas even though you
have worry, concern, anxiousness, embarrassment, fear, come up. You can still
get it done. The people who are getting things done they still have those things
come up. They just have more power over self than you do. So do you do it or do
not or don’t do it? Well, that’d be your decision but it’s going to
keep driving you nuts as you watch other people accomplish things and you’re not.
So, let’s talk about a simple technique that can help build that power inside of
you. The simple technique is called impact journaling. Meaning you’re not
just journaling just to just write down some thoughts but you’re using
journaling to understand yourself. Journaling is where you use your
computer or use an audio recorder or maybe a hand writing in a journal. But
you have a very clear intention of what it is that you’re recording. Now, you can
use different kinds of journaling to create this self mastery it depends on
your personality, depends what you like to write about. But here’s a couple
different places or different things you can write about you can be a person who
loves write down history or your experiences or problem-solving or you
like to understand yourself or capture memories. All of these different ways of
journaling work. There’s not one that’s more powerful than the other one. They
all work. The reason why they work is because you are causing yourself to be
conscious of what’s happening to you during the day. Because at the end of the
day you write down what happened. You’re writing down what you experienced and
you’re raising your consciousness like you’re paying attention to your day.
Because you know at the end of the day, you’re going to be journaling. And you know
that journaling is going to make an impact. So, the very act of journaling
raises your consciousness to pay attention to the daily activities that
you’re going through. How do you know what to change in your life if you’re
not paying attention? How do you know what to improve in your life, if you’re
not paying attention? How do you know what’s really causing problems in your
life if you’re not paying attention? So, journaling is a simple, doable, process
that raises your consciousness. So that you can pay attention to
what’s going on around you. When you Journal and you journal about history or
the experiences or your journaling to because you want to try and solve a
problem that’s going on your life or you’re searching to find a solution or
trying to get better understanding of yourself, any of these reasons why you’re
going to journal is going to raise your consciousness. When you and your
consciousness is lower. Meaning, you’re not paying attention to your
surroundings. You’re missing opportunities, you’re probably having
miscommunication. You’re less connected to people and you are unaware of the
glitches that are happening around you that you could fix in the moment. Because
we all have glitches that happen and when we don’t fix a glitch. That glitch
grows into a problem. All problems have a very small beginning and when we’re not
paying attention and conscious, well, no wonder you’ve got so many problems in
your life. So, simple journaling in any of these directions, any of these purposes
or reasons raises your consciousness which helps you pay attention to the
daily activities that you’re going through. And when you are paying
attention and you’re conscious of your daily activities because you have been
journaling, you’ll notice that you are much more quick to respond to
opportunities. You’re much more quick to respond to a glitch that’s happening
right in front of you. You’re able to fix it right in the moment. You’re also very
quick to respond to relationships and a much more clear and precise way. When I
mentor couples or individuals and their life is a mess and they don’t know
what’s going on and it’s such a challenge and things are so difficult,
it’s really clear that they don’t journal. Because they’re not paying
attention, they don’t know what to look at, they don’t know it’s a notice. But
when I have them begin to journal each day, for about 15 minutes. Not a long time
but just 15 minutes. Magically! It’s magical.
It’s just magical that they’re now able to notice what’s going on around them
and it puts them in charge of what’s going on.
And what’s really happening is their self mastery is improving because
they’re now they’re in charge. So as you… As you go to journal and as you go to
document, the information of what’s happened during to the day, whatever your
personality type is. Just write down things have been happening during the
day for 15 minutes at the end of the day. Keep it short and simple, keep it next to
your bed and have a pen next to your bed. Or if you’re going to get on your laptop
and type the information or an audio recorder. Just have those materials close
by at the end of the day. Put it in your daily schedule for 15 minutes at
the end of the day to raise your consciousness because when you can’t see
what’s going on you’re going to have extra problems. You’re going to have
extra issues because they could have been taken care of but you didn’t see it
happen. And when you’re wondering why opportunities are not coming your way or
why solutions are not coming your way, you probably just missed them. You
couldn’t see it. So today’s the day. You get yourself set up to journal and
whatever form you want. 15 minutes, write down what happened today and stay
consistent every single day. Give yourselves at least 7 days of doing this
in a row and notice how much more Intune and aware and how much more conscious
you are to your daily activities. You’re now on your way to a higher level of
self mastery. It makes such a big difference. Now, if you want to… If you
want to learn more about techniques that can make a difference in your life,
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Reynold King

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  1. I've been journaling daily. I've noticed I'm more intuitive. Such a great blessing to be aware of my surroundings to see the big picture.

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