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How to Do a Barbell Curl | Arm Workout

Okay, so today we are gonna go over how to
do a basic standing barbell curl. Obviously it’s to work the biceps. Now with the bar, you have different choices. There’s an easy curl bar, which is the zig
zag bar. Or you can use the straight bar. Both are just as efficient as the other. So, to start out with this exercise, what
you wanna do; always start with your base, your feet. Make sure they, your knees are nice and loose,
not locked out. And make sure that your arms are nice and
loose, not locked out. And what I mean by locked out is you never
wanna lock your elbow out, cause that could damage the joint. You always keep a soft elbow, slightly bent,
no matter what, through your entire rep, and the entire set. So during this exercise, the hard part, the
positive part; is coming up, squeeze, come back down through the negative. Always want to keep control of this exercise. You see a lot of guys with bad habits, throwing
the bar up, letting the bar drop; doing nothing for themselves. So, the more concentrated you are on the bicep,
the better results you are gonna get. So its up, squeeze. Back down. Notice my elbows are not coming all the way
forward. You don’t want to have to be picking up your
arm like this. Cause then your are taking away from the bicep
work. Its elbows remain locked in place. Bier side, come up squeeze, control back down. Control the negative. Breathing wise, when you get really taxed,
you wanna make sure that you are breathing through the, all of your exercise. So you always breath out during the hard part,
when you are working against gravity. So it’s up, breathe out. Remember to squeeze that bicep at the top. Inhale on the way down. Come up squeeze, inhale on the way down. And that’s your basic bicep exercise. Basic straight barbell curl.

Reynold King

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  1. This guy has a great body, no homo. Not too big, but not too small. Enough tone, but not too exaggerated.

  2. you should have the bar bell closer to your sides not far away for that is then working another muscle group

  3. I love your video man, just started going to the gym, and these 0 Bs videos + detail are really helpful, keep up the awesome work!

  4. He looks like a real man who puts work in and doesn't let his success get in his head. Props. I needed this. I never feel anything in my bis when I'm working on them but doing some research on proper form I'm feeling it big time now

  5. Damn, this guys body, no homo, is amazing. You can tell how much you should listen to a dude when it comes to bodybuilding when he has a body like that.

  6. There is no such word as "bicep." It's always "biceps," even when you're talking about one arm. It's a word like "scissors" or "pliers."
    You're welcome.

  7. What should I do if I’m so weak (I’m a skinny little girl lmao) that I can’t even lift the empty bar without swinging? Everybody at school swings the empty bar and they get all their reps in. I don’t swing at all but can’t get anything in. The coach doesn’t know anything about this, and he gets on me for not “going as fast” as everyone else is.

  8. This guy is doing cool
    The only problem is about Videographer, Which is not clear to see all the details!
    Hope to solve it… Cheers 🥂

  9. Very useful, no fluff at the beginning or end of the video. I really appreciated the lack of "hey dudes! You gotta subscribe!!!".
    Exercise was simply explained, and the important points emphasised. Thanks!

  10. ممكن تنزل ترجمه ؟؟

  11. Best instructions on how to do this movement. Also, I could watch him teach me how to make a sandwich, please consider making a video for that.

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