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How to do the Circle Glide? | Hindi Tutorial |Nishant Nair

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icon to stay notified about my latest uploads You can also turn on the english subtitles HI guys welcome to DanceFreaX I am Nishant and in this video, ill teach
you how to do the Circle Glide This is a variation of the Side Glide or Side
Walk I have already made a tutorial on that, if
you haven’t yet seen it, i have put it’s link in the description box
below this is a circular version of sidewalk, you
move in a circle instead of going in a straight line so let’s start okay. first of all, push on one side with
any one of your feet it’s the same as the side glide while sliding, point your toe outside so one, after this, turn this foot inside and continue
like this now instead of going exactly sideways, you
have to turn a bit inside on the part of an imaginary circle two, then again turn a bit from that direction three, four five, six, seven, eight lets try to divide the circle into two parts
first first : one and two while bringing your second foot, switch one, slide, and switch again we are in the starting position its just the side walk but after the first
step you got to turn then turn to the opposite direction in the
second part and switch one, two, three, four now you can increase the number of steps to
complete the circle here i have done the circle in two steps we can do it in four steps too one, two , three and four okay so you can see the detailed explanation of
the sidewalk in my sidewalk tutorial once you are comfortable doing the sidewalk,
you can easily do the circle glide so its the same thing the sidewalk has been converted into
a circle while doing the sliding and the circle, the
up down movement of your feet should be maximum the ankle movement should be maximum then it will look best if you are doing the same moves like this it wont look that effective so the up down movement has to amplified / maximised while doing both the side walk and the circle
glide that is the key to awesomeness okay
if you learnt this move then please like this video and share it with your friends subscribe to my channel and let me know your reviews in the comments and if you want to learn anything else, you
can let me know in the comments i’ll definitely reply to you and will make
the video for you so see you in my next video, till then KEEP DANCING!! 🙂

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    Please ….☺️

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  4. You know I m biggest fan of tiger shroff and I want to learn the dance like him and you are so so cute and I will try my best to learn the steps thanks

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